DIY organizers from junk materials

DIY organizers
It is well known that what surrounds us affects not only mood, but also work efficiency. So, look around you. A pile of books, little things scattered throughout the room, to which "hands never reach" all the time, old newspapers, pencils, sewing and needlework devices. Something needs to be done with this. Let's try to make organizers with our own hands to say our firm β€œno” to disorder and entropy.

Not enough ideas or time? In principle, you can buy all this, for example, in the same Ikea. But it’s much more pleasant to make organizers with your own hands, for your things, according to your own projects. It all depends on the imagination, and on how much we want to spend on the product. Ideally, almost any model can be made of "waste material". We regularly buy shoes. Consequently, good sturdy cardboard boxes always remain in the house. It is enough to glue them with decorative film, insert the partitions cut out of plastic bottles or thick paper inside - and the DIY organizer is ready! Now you do not have to frantically look for a suitable bra or pair to a lonely sock. For every little thing there is a branch. And you can cut off the bottom of plastic bottles, fix them in wire rings and make a vertical organizer.

DIY organizer for mouline thread
Women often have problems with storing jewelry. To pick it up, we select it for our wardrobe, but in order to find a certain ring or chain at the right time, you must always keep them in one place and in perfect order. For this purpose, you can craft organizers with your own hands for jewelry. It is very simple to make them from a piece of foamed polyethylene. Often this material is used in packaging equipment or breakable goods. We make slots for the elastic, on which we will attach the hooks for earrings and rings. The elastic braid can be masked with a beautiful ribbon, and wire can be used for hanging. Having glued such an organizer, made by ourselves, on the inside of the cabinet door, we will always have at hand all of our jewelry.

Craftswomen who love to sew or embroider well know how sometimes the search for some little things (whether it be the right needle or a ball of thread, a spreader or a shuttle) can get you crazy. We will make an organizer for a mouline thread with our own hands. To do this, you can use the idea with a box: we punch holes in one wall, install blocks or grommets. We put the floss in skeins, and we let the ends of the threads through the holes. At any time, you can cut the desired length. It is also convenient to store satin ribbons for embroidery, wound on plastic discs.

do-it-yourself laundry organizer
Ready-made semi-finished products, for example, for decoupage decoration, are now also sold in needlework stores and on the Web. We can make wooden organizers with our own hands from such blanks. Only decoupage cards or napkins, acrylic paints and varnish are required. And you can sew wall-mounted organizers with your own hands, most conveniently when the canvas base is fixed on a regular clothes hanger. Pockets of various shapes from shreds can be fixed manually or sewn with a decorative seam. You can make them with buttons or zippers. But the coasters for small things on the desk are made from a wide variety of waste: from cans to old floppy disks. Keep up to date: do not rush to throw away empty containers or seemingly unnecessary things. With a little effort, you can give them a new life and, thus, not only take care of the environment, but also save.


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