How to pump pectoral muscles at home: exercises and recommendations

If you decide to change the parameters of your body for the better, then first of all it is better to pay attention to the transformation of large muscle groups. You can start with a detailed study of the chest, because this is a rather responsive part of the body that reacts very quickly to various types of stress, and, therefore, the result will not be long in coming. But how to pump pectoral muscles? Can I do it at home? Let's try to figure it out!

Is it possible to pump up the pectoral muscles at home?

chest muscles

There are many ardent opponents of home training, because people believe that there is no working atmosphere at home, not enough training equipment and quite a few distractions. On the one hand, these are fairly fair comments, but each person chooses the type of occupation based on their preferences and capabilities. Some are ready to train anywhere, just do not know how to do it. You can pump pectoral muscles both in the gym and in your own apartment, and if there is a playground or a school stadium nearby, then home training will not yield to efficiency. If you have a goal, then this is already a big victory over yourself, and there will always be ways to implement it.

Training area equipment: sports equipment for breast pumping

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase sports equipment, this is not a reason for frustration. Since you can pump the pectoral muscles with ordinary push-ups from the floor, and this does not require anything. However, you can significantly diversify your home workouts, if you add exercises that use simple sports equipment. Ideally, for effective training of the pectoral muscles you need to have:

  • Collapsible dumbbells of 40-50 kg each. However, if you are only at the beginning of the training path, then 15-20 kg is enough. Girls can generally perform exercises using bottles of water or sand.
  • Hinged horizontal bar or horizontal bar in the doorway. But here you can do with improvised means, for example, pull yourself on the door.
  • Folding bars. In general, this is the best simulator for pumping the breast, but if you do not have the opportunity to purchase it, then you can get out with the help of chairs.
  • Gliders are special sliding plates that are placed under the arms or legs to perform various physical exercises. Training with gliders combines a static and dynamic type of load.

Using all these simple devices you can develop a good training complex for the chest, which will combine heavy basic training and effective isolating exercises.

Ageless classic: push ups

conventional push ups

If the exercise is simple, this does not mean that it is ineffective. Sometimes, the more understandable the biomechanics of training, the better the target muscles are included in the work. To accurately swing the pectoral muscles at home, it is enough to perform various types of push-ups. The main thing is not to violate the technique of exercise.

  • So that the load does not go into triceps, you need to spread your arms as far as possible, but everything should be in moderation. If the arms are too wide, this will significantly reduce the trajectory of movement, which means that the muscles will not receive proper stretching.
  • To increase the amplitude of the movement, you can perform push-ups from the stands; for this, special plinths or ordinary stacks of books are suitable. When you achieve some success in this exercise, you can move on to push-ups from stools.
  • In order to diversify the training, you can include push-ups with the most narrow setting of hands in the program. In addition to triceps, in this exercise the internal parts of the chest are worked out perfectly.
  • To train explosive strength, you can perform push-ups with the palms off the floor or cotton. But do not get too carried away with such types of training, the load on the hands and elbow joints is too great.
  • In order for muscle fibers to respond faster to development and respond with muscle growth, be sure to shock them with a static load. To do this, always pause at both the upper and lower points of the trajectory.

We take the training to a new level: push-ups from chairs

If we pump the pectoral muscles in the gym, then we can always use various simulators and devices to perform exercises. And what to do for those who study at home? Naturally, do with improvised means and build a simulator of simulators from room furniture. The main thing is to observe safety precautions, because often home training ends with serious injuries. Another great way to expand your chest is by push-ups on the uneven bars. At home, they can be replaced by push-ups from the backs of chairs, the main thing is to fix the furniture well in place. Try to spread your arms as wide as possible, in the case of chairs it is quite simple to implement. Here everything is the same as in classical push-ups: the narrower the setting of the hands, the more the triceps are included in the work. However, in this way it is much easier to perform the exercise. If your strengths are far from ideal, then gradually increase the distance between your hands. The more you train, the stronger your pectoral muscles, which means that working weights will also grow rapidly.

Basic training for the development of the chest: pull-ups with a wide grip

wide pull-ups

Pullups are a universal basic type of training. In fact, this exercise is unique in its properties, because with it you can pump antagonist muscles. In this case, it is the back and chest. How to pump chest muscles with pull-ups? Very simple! To do this, you do not even need to invent a separate technique, just do the exercise with a wide grip and try to pull the bar to the chest. True, there is a small technical nuance: in pull-ups on the back, you usually tilt the body back and hold the body perpendicular to the floor. This does not need to be done to work out the breast, you can safely stay in a natural position, because this is how the pectoral muscles are maximally included in the work. And of course, do not forget that the narrower the grip, the more load the triceps β€œsteal”.

Alternative training for beginners: pull-ups on a towel

pull-ups on a towel

If we pump the pectoral muscles in the hall, then this exercise can be performed on the crossbar. At home, you can use an ordinary door! Yes, yes, you heard right. This is a great way to work out the pectoral muscles, especially for beginners, because this exercise uses the most narrow grip, which means that even girls can do it. Since this is a rather unusual type of training, it’s worthwhile to dwell on the technique.

  • Take a not very thick, but rather long towel and wrap the loops of the hands, as if you used special straps for heavy exercises.
  • Throw the towel over the corner of the door and hold it firmly with both hands. The door must first be locked.
  • Make the most of your effort and try to pull yourself up as high as you can to see how dusty you have the end of the door and plan a spring cleaning. Try to lift the body precisely by contraction of the pectoral muscles, and not by hand. Although the triceps muscle is very actively involved in this exercise, most of the load still goes to the internal parts of the chest.

Aim pumping of the pectoral muscles: dumbbell bench press from the floor

bench press

And how to pump pectoral muscles with dumbbells? Of course, with the classic bench press, we’ll only perform it not from a special bench, but from the floor. Yes, this is very inconvenient, and the amplitude of the exercise decently decreases. But this training has its advantages.

  • In this way, we aimly swing the upper pectoral muscles, and this is the most voluminous part of this anatomical group.
  • Due to the absence of a negative phase of the exercise, you will have more strength to complete as many approaches as possible.
  • Since the legs will be at the same level with the back, this will exclude the deflection of the lower back, which means that the back will not "help" squeeze the weight. Thus, the entire load will fall on the target muscles.

We complicate the task: push-ups with gliders

glider push ups

If we pump the pectoral muscles at home, this does not mean that there are significant restrictions on the choice of exercises. There are many different devices that can significantly diversify your training program. For example, gliders are special sliding plates. Just put them under your arms and do push-ups with them. To do this, bring and spread your arms, while not taking them off the floor. This is an excellent alternative to classical training, such variations of the technique will allow you to load your chest muscles in a new way and involve as many fibers as possible.

Static Muscle Strength: Isometric Breast Training

isometric training

Even with static types of load, you pump your pectoral muscles. Girls will definitely like this exercise, because it does not require much physical effort. Just squeeze your hands into the lock, while the elbows should be straight. Press your palms in the center and try to stay in this state for as long as possible. The more often you perform this exercise, the stronger the effect.

So the list of exercises for breast pumping at home has come to an end. Try to give these muscles at least a couple of workouts per week and then you can notice significant improvements after 4-5 months.


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