Family Tree of the Romanov Dynasty: Basic Facts

family tree of the Romanov dynasty
The ruling Romanov dynasty gave the country many brilliant kings and emperors. It is interesting that this surname does not belong to all of its representatives; the nobles Koshkina, Kobylina, Miloslavskaya, Naryshkin met in the family. The family tree of the Romanov dynasty shows us that the history of this family originates in 1596. You can learn more about it from this article.

Family Tree of the Romanov Dynasty: Beginning

The ancestor of the family is the son of the boyar Fedor Romanov and the boyar Ksenia Ivanovna, Mikhail Fedorovich. The first king of the dynasty. He was a cousin of the last emperor from the Moscow family branch of the Rurikovich - Fedor the First Ioannovich. February 7, 1613 he was elected to the reign of Zemsky Cathedral. On July 21 of that year, a rite for reign was performed. This moment was the beginning of the reign of the great Romanov dynasty.

Outstanding Personalities - Romanov Dynasty

The family tree includes about 80 people. In this article we will not touch upon all, but only the reigning persons and their families.

family tree romanov scheme
Family Tree of the Romanov Dynasty

Mikhail Fedorovich and his wife Evdokia had one son - Alexei. He headed the throne from 1645 to 1676. He was twice married. The first wife is Maria Miloslavskaya, from this marriage the king had three children: Fedor - the eldest son, Ivan the Fifth, and daughter Sophia. From the marriage with Natalia Naryshkina, Mikhail had one son - Peter the Great, who later became a great reformer. Ivan married Praskovya Saltykova, from this marriage they had two daughters - Anna Ioannovna and Catherine. Peter had two marriages - with Evdokia Lopukhina and Catherine the First. From the first marriage, the son of Alexei was born to the king, who later married Sophia Charlotte. Peter II was born from this marriage .

Family Tree of the Romanov Dynasty: Peter the Great and Catherine the Great

Three children were born from the marriage - Elizabeth, Anna and Peter. Anna married Karl Friedrich, and they had a son, Peter the Third, who married Catherine the Second. She, in turn, took the crown from her husband. But Catherine had a son - Paul the First, who married Maria Fedorovna. From this marriage the emperor Nicholas I was born, who in the future married Alexander Fedorovna. From this marriage, Alexander II was born. He had two marriages - with Maria Alexandrovna and Ekaterina Dolgorukova. The future heir to the throne - Alexander the Third - was born from his first marriage. He, in turn, married Maria Fedorovna. The son from this union became the last emperor of Russia: we are talking about Nicholas the Second.

dynasty dynasty family tree
Family Tree of the Romanov Dynasty: Miloslavsky Branch

Ivan the Fourth and Praskovya Saltykova had two daughters - Catherine and Anna. Catherine married Karl Leopold. From this marriage was born Anna Leopoldovna, who married Anton Ulrich. The spouses had a son, known to us as Ivan the Fourth.

Such, in brief, is the family tree of the Romanovs. The scheme includes all the wives and children of the rulers of the Russian Empire. Relatives of the second order are not considered. Undoubtedly, the Romanovs are the brightest and most powerful dynasty that ruled Russia.


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