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Today, the pace of life is only accelerating. This applies not only to ordinary life, but also to the activities of corporations. In particular, managers have no time to recruit staff, and they prefer to outsource this issue. This is especially true for retail. That is, large trading companies in which the staff turnover practically does not stop.

And since demand creates supply, companies are created that constantly have a talent pool and are ready to provide workers on demand. One such company is Global Staff Resource. Employee reviews confirm that there are a lot of applications, which means that the service is in demand on the market.

global staff resource employee reviews

A little bit about the company

This is not the first year on the market. This is a professional in the field of providing a wide range of services in the following areas:

  • retail;
  • production;
  • warehouse Logistics.

Today it is no longer a newcomer to the market. The company has its official representative offices in fifty cities of the Russian Federation. Moreover, high demand clearly indicates that their number will only increase.

If you need workers

This is only one of the directions of the Global Staff Resource company. Employee reviews say that the largest number of applications is received in this vein. Therefore, the company offers you the opportunity to cooperate in providing workers of various specialties. The most popular are:

  • loader;
  • picker;
  • loader driver;
  • packer;
  • packer;
  • high lift truck driver.

If you need employees on an ongoing basis, then you can fill out a one-time contract. With high turnover or a large number of objects, you can sign a contract for a year. In this case, you will be insured against labor shortages not only today.

global staff resource staff review moscow

Retail Assistance

Today, the most problematic in terms of constant labor shortages are supermarkets and other large retail outlets. This problem can be completely solved by Global Staff Resource. Employee reviews make it possible to judge that the majority of regular customers are supermarkets. Huge stores always need labor. Moreover, sometimes a large quantity of goods suddenly arrives, which is difficult to cope with.

The company provides the following services:

  • cash register service;
  • sticking stickers;
  • packing of goods;
  • inventory and accounting;
  • receipt of goods;
  • service of trading floors.

All this can be a huge help on the eve of major holidays.

global staff resource employee review spb


Those who worked in large supermarkets know very well that this is the most problematic area. If there are not enough sellers and packers, they are always easier to replace. As a last resort, call the office staff for help. But if there are not enough movers in the warehouse, then it is not so easy to solve the problem. The Global Staff Resource company is becoming a good help. Employee reviews confirm that the following services are most demanded:

  • Work on the receipt of goods directly at the warehouse.
  • Loading and unloading goods.
  • Inventory and accounting.
  • Picking orders.

It is a huge help for a large trading company to call up the staff needed at the moment without having to advertise and do a great job of selecting candidates.

Similar services are provided for various manufacturing companies, which often face a shortage of personnel for warehouse operations.

al staff resource russia employee reviews

Marketing is the engine of commerce

The scope of Global Staff Resource is not limited to the selection of personnel and their timely employment. In addition, employees are trained here. Accordingly, a person can come to the company as an ordinary packer, in parallel with work, undergo training and go to the next step. For example, do maintenance of cash registers. This gradually increases the level of competence of employees. This is how the employer solves his problems, because he has something to offer clients who turn to him. And employees get the opportunity to grow professionally.

In addition, the company offers a full range of telemarketing services. If you come across, this is a call to a large number of respondents in order to provide or collect information. Of course, it is difficult for any organization to select people for primary research. Therefore, boldly trust this work to professionals. The company provides the following list of services:

  • Extensive research and identification of customer needs.
  • Informing potential customers.
  • Conducting surveys and questionnaires.
  • Organization of business meetings between managers and potential clients.
  • Telephone sales.
    global staff resource employee reviews

How to get a job

As it has already become clear, the Global Staff Resource company is an intermediary, and not a direct employer. Nonetheless, reviews about the employer make it possible to understand that you are applying for a job in the GSR, and you perform the work at the facility where it is now required.

It turns out a very convenient scheme. You come to the nearest branch of the company, fill out the form and indicate the conditions that would suit you. Someone is looking for a side job for the weekend, for others, the shift method will be convenient. In accordance with this, you will be offered various employment options in different regions of Russia. The responses of Al Staf Resource employees are far from unambiguous, but for the most part the reviews are positive.

review of work in global staff resource

Employee Reviews

Global Staff Resource provides an opportunity for young people to begin their career path. For many, this company has become an opportunity not only to earn, but to visit other cities. The following conditions are provided here:

  • Delivery of the employee to the facility.
  • Providing a hostel.
  • Daily delivery to and from work.
  • Free meals.
  • Timely wages.

As you can see, the conditions are quite attractive. This is a significant reason to collaborate with Global Staff Resource. Employee reviews (Moscow) emphasize that this was a turning point in life. Conditions allow you to save your salary, and on weekends you can see the sights of the capital. In addition, living in a metropolis, you can find a more interesting job offer.

global staff resource employer reviews

Pros and cons

Analyzing reviews, we can note the fact that employees who were sent to facilities in large cities are most often satisfied with their work. They emphasize that the living conditions in the hostel are quite normal, the food is good. Salaries are paid on time, which plays a very important role for most people. Very attractive are the reviews of St. Petersburg employees. Global Staff Resource, according to people, fulfills all its obligations.

At the same time, you can meet on the network and opposing comments. This is especially true of objects located in the suburbs. People note that they can be sent from the office to the facility, and upon arrival it turns out that there are no free jobs. Another point is the living conditions. Often, employees complain about the cold, lack of bedding and other basic things.

How can this be explained? Apparently, the GSR company has grown so much that it can no longer control what is happening on the ground. That is, the conditions for employees directly depend on how effective the manager is in charge of a branch in a given city. But once again, most employees remain satisfied with their work.

Company branches

This information may be useful for those who plan to get a job.

  • In Moscow, this is Zelenograd, Savelkinsky passage, house 4.
  • In St. Petersburg, Borodinskaya street, 15.
  • In Ufa, Mendeleev Street, 177.

On the official website you can find information about other branches located in the immediate vicinity of your home. The company gives people the opportunity to work in a convenient schedule, and also helps those who live in small towns where it is hard to work.

Regular customers of the company

If you plan to get a job through an outsourcing company, then you are probably interested in the question of what vacancies are ready to offer you here. Let's look at regular customers, to whom the hired staff most often goes:

  • Auchan is a French corporation, one of the largest retail network operators in the world.
  • Itella is a Finnish logistics provider.
  • Metro is a German company managing the third largest retail chain.
  • "United Confectioners."
  • Leroy Merlin
  • DSV.

This is not all the companies that cooperate with GSR. If you want to build your own career in one of them, then you can leave your resume with the recruitment manager.

Instead of a conclusion

GSR is a good chance to start a professional career for young people. Especially if they do not have special education. In addition, the company grows and develops, which provides a career opportunity for recruitment managers. They become regional leaders, and their place is taken by young, initiative guys. Feedback on work at the Global Staff Resource emphasizes stability and a development perspective.

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