How to send photos by email, letters and documents

The postal service allows you to exchange photos, files, write letters. To answer the question of how to send photos by e-mail, you need to know some nuances. Before using the mail service, you must create a mailbox on one of the Internet portals and find out the email addresses of those with whom you plan to correspond. These addresses have two parts: one of them is your personal name, the other is the name of the mail server.

how to send photo by email
To send a letter by mail, you must enter your email inbox, click on the "Write" button, select a recipient from the address book, mark the subject in the appropriate field and write the text. The message can be formatted depending on the purpose of the letter. In the text input field there are corresponding settings: changing the font size and name, inserting graphic images and so on.

How to send documents by email

The file saved on the computer can be sent from one electronic mailbox to another. Enter the mail, click "Write", select the recipient, define a subject in the appropriate field. Then you need to select the file you want to send, write a comment to it, click the submit button, and after a certain time the file will be delivered to the recipient.

how to send documents by email

How to send a photo by email

This is done in the same way as file transfer. However, it is suitable only when the amount of information sent is possible for this mail service. If the size of your email account is limited to a certain number of megabytes, then the images must be optimized for transmission. This does not affect the quality and actual size of the photos stored on the computer, but significantly reduces their "weight". How to send a photo by e-mail in large quantities? When there are many images, their transfer is possible only in a certain format. You can deliver images to the recipient using the archive. To create it, select the photos you want to send and, right-clicking, select the β€œAdd to Archive” function. In the window that appears, specify a name, parameters, and click OK. Note that you can close the created file directory with a password to protect it from being viewed by third parties. To send the created image archive, you need to open the mailbox, select the "Write" function, fill in the "Recipient" field, indicate the subject, place the accompaniment in the form of text or comment and attach it. When all the necessary is completed, you can send.

send mail by mail

How to send photos by email using Windows Live? Images are sent here as follows:

  • Select the photo you want to send and open it using the photo album of this program.
  • In the window that opens, select the "Email" button. The registration form of the mail service will open, in which you will have to fill in all the necessary fields.
  • Once the setup of the Windows Live mail service is complete, you can send images.


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