Order levels: manufacturing and types

Everyone knows that for certain merits, the state has the right to award any person with an order or a medal. After receiving such awards, it is permitted to wear either the orders themselves or the ribbons that replace them.


The order strap is a rectangular-shaped substrate that is intended to be worn on it various orders ribbons. To date, there are only two varieties of this device. These two types differ in design features. The first category of plank is presented in the form of a flexible basis of fabric, and the second is a solid metal base.

It is also worth noting that there are rules for wearing order straps. According to these rules, if a person has more than one, then they should all be worn together, but not separately. It can be added that all awards should be located on one common basis. It is worth noting that the location of the awards on the bar is also regulated by the rules. A series of awards should begin with the highest status and, accordingly, end with the lowest.



If we talk about the sash and the block of soft fabric, then it can be made of various colors. In such a situation, the choice of color depends on the color of the form on which the part will be mounted.

If the device is made of metal, it is very often put on in a plastic protective case to increase the service life and to maintain a pleasant appearance of the strap as long as possible. Fastening of substrates with a metal base is carried out using a pin, which is located on the back side. If the order strap is made of soft fabric, then it is sewn to the uniform or shirt in which the person will go out.

Currently, there are only two standard sizes for such trims. The first has dimensions of 24 x 8 mm and is intended for active military personnel. The second standard size is 24 x 12, which is intended for veterans of past wars.

making sash


It is important to understand that the manufacture of order straps is a purely individual operation. The reason for this was that each person who has any awards has their own personal set, and therefore it is impossible to create a common bar that suits all awarded people.

sash decoding

Currently, fabric foundations are becoming less and less practical and have already lost much in their popularity. Most often, people began to submit requests for the manufacture of strips on a pin. Mounting it is much easier, as well as taking care of it.

Quite often, a transparent film is applied to such planks from the front to protect against unpleasant environmental influences. And the most significant argument that forces people to apply for the manufacture of order straps of this type is their long service life.

Moire fabric

The most practical orders are those that are made of moire fabric. This material is characterized by high strength and a high degree of wear resistance. A strap made of this fabric together with a collet mount will ensure a long service life. One of the nice things about this strap is that it doesn't spoil clothes. Magnetic fastening method, which is considered one of the best at the present time, will also serve to increase the service life.

sash and pads

It is important to add that the fabric from which the bar is made can be matched in color to the appropriate types of troops. However, this is not very convenient in that in order to wash the thing, you have to constantly rip them off, and then sew again. In addition, this kind of substrate itself will become quite quickly contaminated.

Decoding of the sash

In order to decipher the order plate, on which there are many ribbons, for example, you need to know for what merits these or those awards give out.

A red moire ribbon with a width of 20 mm indicates that a person was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and the Medal of Sickle and Hammer,
Hero of Socialist Labor. The Order of Suvorov, for example, has three degrees, and therefore the tape can be made in three styles. If the attribute is made of moire ribbon with one longitudinal strip of orange in color 5 mm, then this is 1 degree of the order. Accordingly, the second degree is characterized by two orange stripes 3 mm wide, and the third degree is characterized by 3 stripes 2 mm thick each. The width of the tape itself is 24 mm.

How to wear trims

The Charter of the Armed Forces provides for the wearing of order straps exclusively on the left side. They must be manufactured and completed strictly individually. If these rules are violated, penalties are imposed, which will be applied to the holder of award attributes.

It is also important to note that the wearing of order straps is a mandatory part of the uniform of any person who is an officer of the Russian army. It is best that the strips themselves are of high quality, as they will reflect the merits of a person to the state.

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