What vitamins do you drink for hair loss? Trichologist's advice

Hair is one of the most important benefits of a woman. Beautiful, thick hair attracts attention in the first place, as it is visible from afar. It is only later that you manage to examine your eyes and facial features when you come closer, but it is gorgeous hair that makes you want to get closer.

What vitamins do you drink for hair loss?

However, what if they start to fall out? Today we will consider what vitamins are consumed during hair loss, and how to restore their density. And first, let's talk about your health.

Causes of hair loss

If you have problems with the thyroid gland, then this can be the cause of hair loss. Therefore, first of all, you need to be examined by a doctor. This will have to be done in any case, since if the reason is a simple lack of vitamins in the body, it is still better to make up for their loss on the recommendation of a doctor, according to the analyzes.

So, if your hair falls out too much, then first try to do a head massage yourself for a rush of blood to the scalp during the week. If no improvement appears, then go to the doctor.

What vitamins do you drink for hair loss?

Recall that the loss of about 60 hairs daily is a feature of our body, so if you have such indicators, then there is no reason for concern, you can just drink a complex of vitamins for beauty every six months for prevention and add food rich in these microelements to your diet.

What Vitamins for Hair Loss

Otherwise, most likely, your follicles die off due to the lack of trace elements that nourish the roots and improve blood circulation. Remember that ordinary hair masks and special shampoos alone will not cope with hair loss.

You need to review your diet, include vitamins A, B, C, E, F in it and do regular head massages.

What vitamins for hair loss are needed in case of emergency

For optimal hair growth, you will need vitamins B3, B5 and D, as well as iron and zinc. Naturally, they must be taken in combination with those microelements that we mentioned above.

What vitamins are consumed during hair loss in the morning and which in the evening

There are special subtleties in taking vitamin complexes or individual microelements. If you are taking a group of different beauty vitamins, then it is better to do this in the morning, as they give energy.

If you decide to take, for example, only B vitamins, then it is better to do this in the evening because of their sedative effect.

All vitamins are taken during or immediately after a meal.

Hair loss vitamins reviews
Trichologist will tell you which vitamins to drink with hair loss

As we mentioned earlier, a trichologist can help solve hair problems. The fact is that each organism is unique, and self-medication can lead to hypovitaminosis, and this can cause the opposite effect or other health problems.

A trichologist will examine the scalp on special diagnostic devices, take the necessary tests, prescribe a course of vitamins and additional procedures.

It is with the help of a specialist that you can most quickly solve your problem with hair loss.

For example, if you already have bald patches or you have lost too much hair, then the help of a trichologist will correct this aesthetic problem, because not only vitamins from hair loss will be needed here. Reviews of patients of the trichologist’s office indicate that it is not necessary to suffer from a depressing look in the mirror, you just need to be more attentive to yourself and not consider bald head an incorrigible problem.

However, our advice to you is to do prevention. It will cost you less and relieve stress.

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