DNS error what does it mean?

If a DNS error appears when using a computer or the Internet, remember that there is a malfunction in the settings. If this problem is not solved, the user will not be able to visit the desired website.

What is a DNS?

For the domain, DNS will be the name of the service and help in gaining access to resources on the Internet. The goal is to translate the address entered by the user in the browser. Translation is carried out from the used language into the computer language. This procedure helps the computer read and understand the address in order to open access to the site passing through the server.

dns error

What is a DNS error?

The error of this type for a particular website is mainly the lack of an active network connection. It also means that the equipment does not have an Internet connection in order to convert the entered address. For this reason, the computer is not able to visit the selected site.

Errors are received for certain reasons, and most often they are quite simple to eliminate. Sometimes the device shows them only for certain resources. In this case, the address may be entered incorrectly or there is no record of it on the network.

What should I pay attention to first of all?

If the server is not found due to a DNS lookup error, there may not be a problem with the computer. For this reason, attention should be paid to the recommendations presented and to use them.

  • It is worth checking if there is difficulty when trying to access one site or all. In the first case, the resource may undergo some changes or encounter problems in operation. The user should wait or clear the DNS cache using the ipconfig / flushdns command in a special line on behalf of the administrator.
  • If possible, you should check: a DNS error appears on one used device or on others as well. If all devices are exposed to it, then the provider may have a problem. In this case, wait until the problem is resolved.
  • When making a connection using a Wi-Fi router, it must be completely turned off and restarted. The next time you try to access the site, the DNS server error will most likely disappear.
  • When connecting to the Internet without using a Wi-Fi router, it is recommended to go to the list of connections on the computer. Next, you need to disconnect the local network and re-enable it.

It should be understood that after the ongoing manipulations, the DNS error may remain. In such a situation, it is worth using other methods to correct it.

dns error

Using Google Public DNS

It is recommended to use the following instructions if the error persists:

  • You must go to the device connection list. An easy way to do this is to press Win + R and enter ncpa.cpl.
  • It is worth choosing the connection used to gain access to the Internet. This is a high-speed PPPoE, L2TP, or LAN connection. The required item is selected and the "Properties" item is clicked.
  • The TCP / IPv4 protocol is selected among the components used by the connection.
  • If the server was not found due to a DNS lookup error, it is important to check what settings are in the DNS server settings. When you receive an address in automatic mode, it’s worth moving on to entering addresses. Then the values ​​ and are indicated. Otherwise, you must first set automatic retrieval.
  • After saving the settings, you should run the command line as administrator and run ipconfig / flushdns.

Next, make an attempt to go to the site and make sure that the DNS server error is missing.

server dns error

Browser Troubleshooting

Checking DNS connections is possible using a different browser. To do this, download any web browser. At the moment, there are a large number of them, and mainly they are provided free of charge. After the browser is open, you need to connect to the Internet. If the service is not found again due to a DNS lookup error, then there are no errors in the browser. This means a problem with other computer settings.

In the complete absence of difficulties, the user must carry out troubleshooting in the old browser. Quite often they arise due to proxy settings. Accordingly, it is necessary to change them.

Cleaning and changing DNS

First of all, if a DNS error appears, it is worthwhile to clear the cache manually, since the configuration becomes obsolete over time. This can be done from the command line. This procedure is simple, but it can be inactive. If the DNS connection error persists, you should change the service.

The user has the ability to independently enter an alternative DNS server to make a connection. To do this, go to the ncpa.cpl section and select the active connection, and then go to Properties. You need to find the TCP / IPv4 network protocol entry, which is located in the Network tab. Then select the properties and the option to go to the server address. In the Preferred DNS server field, the user must enter Then, in the Alternate DNS server field, enter Newly created DNS servers will be open source.

Slow server response when using Google

In this case, a DNS server search error means that Googlebot is unable to contact it. This is because it does not work, or there are problems with DNS routing for the user's domain. Most warnings and errors do not affect the functioning of the robot. Their occurrence can also be explained by a long reaction, which is an unpleasant moment for users.

Initially, you should make sure that Google crawls the site. To do this, use the tool for the main resource page. Google will have access to the site if the user returns the content without flaws. The DNS service may be provided by a web hosting provider or another company. It is worth contacting if a DNS probe finished or other error code appears.

not found due to dns search error

The server can be configured for the site using wildcards so that it begins to respond to requests for subdomains. This approach will be successful if the content of the resource can be created by users, and at the same time, a separate domain is provided for each personal page. It is worth noting that in some situations this can lead to duplication of content on hosts with different names. In most cases, this becomes an obstacle to crawling a resource using the Googlebot robot.

Performing a computer scan for viruses

The methods discussed earlier may not help. If the DNS error still appears on the screen, and it is not caused by factors that externally affect the computer, then you should check it for viruses. A user can already have an antivirus installed on the device. It is recommended to use Kaspersky, and its free trial version is suitable. Also a great option would be Bitdefender in a similar performance.

The level of detection and the ability to effectively eliminate viruses, while restoring system parameters, is quite high in these antiviruses than their counterparts. It is worth using a full system scan. Using this method can be really useful if you can’t get rid of the problem in the browser itself.

Antivirus Failure

At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the antivirus itself in some cases can cause problems with connecting to the Internet. This is also a real fix. For the procedure, β€œSafe Mode” is used. In this case, the computer restarts, at which only the files necessary for the operating system will be downloaded. This will help determine if the cause of the difficulty is an antivirus or other program. To verify this, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

  • First of all, turn off the antivirus. If there is no connection error, you should uninstall the antivirus and install a new one.
  • Next, you need to restart the device. At the time of loading, hold down the F8 key.
  • You should select "Safe Mode with Network Support" among the proposed options.
  • Then the connection check is checked. With a successful connection to the network, we can conclude that the problem lies in the program that is running on the computer at a particular moment.

It is necessary to carefully study the startup files and disable the program until the malfunction is found.

server not found due to dns search error


If the server is not found due to a DNS lookup error, it is worth taking up the router again. Rebooting it in this case may not help. In some situations, the settings are corrupted. The most correct and quick solution is to reset the device to the default settings. As a result, the wireless settings will be reset. Together with them, the information that is transmitted through the port will disappear.

To perform the procedure, press and hold the Reset button, which is located on the rear panel of the device. In this case, you may need a pointed object, such as a paper clip. Then you need to reconfigure the router. After resetting the device, you should change the wireless network settings, if used by the user. This will reset all administrator accounts and passwords. Making settings is a simple procedure, but it requires attention and the correctness of the action. If the problem was in the router, then after the work it should be completely resolved.

In addition, there is a possibility that the router is completely defective. If it does not go out, reset it and reinstall it, you should contact your Internet service provider. In this case, it will be possible to determine the reason for the difficulty in connecting to the network. In addition, the procedure will be performed by a specialist.

dns probe finished error code

The need to specify the DNS of your hosting in the domain record

The name server is designed to assist in finding information about a particular site. When filling out an entry in his domain, the user will inform the Internet audience about the right direction, which will lead to the right place.

If you leave the data of the previous provider in the domain records, the user will go to a server on which there is no longer a site. At the same time, access to the site will be impossible, as the provider deleted the resource record from DNS. Correct implementation is important enough, and non-compliance with recommendations can lead to difficulties.

server dns search error

Follow the steps in the material if the server is not found due to a DNS error. The tips presented will be useful, because they help determine the cause of the problem and eliminate it in a timely manner. The information above will become relevant for Internet users, as many of them face the described difficulty. In addition, you can turn to specialists if you can’t get rid of the problem with gaining access to sites with your own hands. This will be the most correct solution in this case.

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