Campsites in Betta: description, reviews

What is Betta? One of the most secluded villages on the entire Black Sea coast. At the same time, rest here does not mean a complete rejection of the benefits of civilization. The infrastructure in this place is all right. Betta is a combination of a modern level of service and natural resources. Many tourists choose a vacation in Betta at campsites, since there are a lot of them here. We offer you an overview of the best campsites of the resort!

Auto Paradise

"Auto-Paradise" appeared in the village in 2015 and immediately gained popularity among the "savages" among lovers of rest. Why? Firstly, this campsite in Betta is extremely conveniently located - it is literally 200 meters from the entrance to the village. Secondly, the place where "Auto-Paradise" is located, is incredibly beautiful. And thirdly, a picturesque path will lead vacationers to their own pebble beach. Tourists note: from here you can quickly get to the center of the resort village, where there are grocery stores, a pharmacy, a small market and a cafe - this will take no more than 10 minutes.

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At the same time, this Betta campsite can accommodate about 100 cars, enough space for both buses and minibuses. Vacationers will be able to put up tents in the clearings in a luxurious relic forest, among perennial pines and oaks. There are outdoor showers, stationary toilets on the territory of car camping. Tourists also note the presence of a convenient barbecue area with barbecue facilities. In addition, there is daily cleaning of the entire campsite and beach.

It is worth saying that the administration of "Auto-Paradise" offers guests tents, sleeping bags, awnings, refrigerators, tables, chairs and even dishes! By the way, there is a store on the campsite around the clock.


Camping β€œOrbita” is especially popular in Betta. He offers his guests a vacation not only in tents, but also in unusual wagons, cozy cottages and standard rooms. And all this - at very affordable prices. In addition, campers can put here a trailer house that can be connected to the mains.

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The campsite is located on Podgornaya street, it is very convenient to get to the village beach from here. Not far from the "Orbit" is an entertainment town for children, canteens and cafes.

What feedback about campsite β€œOrbita” in Betta leave vacationers? First of all, they note the opportunity to enjoy wonderful moments. Just imagine: you choose any tent you like - and enjoy the sea surf, magnificent sunsets and landscapes. The team of this camping offers tourists a well-equipped tent area, where there are showers, grill areas, playgrounds for children's games.


In the forest, 500 meters from the Black Sea, Betta Camping is located. Guests are offered lovely wooden houses for two and three places, a free parking lot. There is a shared kitchen, dining room. Vacationers note the presence of a sports ground, gym, five-a-side football fields, handball, volleyball and basketball courts.

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By the way, at the request of customers, the employees of this camping organize sports games, competitions and even sightseeing trips to the most interesting places on the Black Sea coast. Not far from the camping "Betta" there are a post office, cafe, market, taxi rank. The incredible atmosphere of peace and harmony is created by the remoteness of the campsite from the highways, beautiful mountains and clean air.

This campsite in Betta is designed for 101 people, there are wooden houses without amenities, with partial amenities and just amenities. Three meals a day are organized here. From 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Betta guests are offered set meals. Tourists will definitely be given bed linen, board games, and will be offered to take accessories for a beach holiday. On the campsite there are equipped places for barbecue lovers - with comfortable tables and barbecues.


Between the resort villages of Krinitsa and Betta there is an amazing campsite. It is located in the middle of a magnificent pine forest, surrounded by Pizunda pine trees. β€œPines” is an ideal place for a relaxing family vacation. The camping team monitors the order both on the territory of Pines and on the beach - the entrance to the sea is regularly cleaned of algae. The path leading to the sea is also put in order.

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On the campsite there is a small shop, toilet and showers, electricity. Vacationers warn - ferrets and raccoons that live here can carry supplies at night!


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