How to install a door closer on your own door: installation instructions

Increasingly, door closers of various designs are installed on the entrance and interior doors. This is a very useful device. It allows you to control the time and power of closing the door. This makes it possible to avoid the appearance of drafts, rapid heat loss in the room. In addition to the listed functions, the door closer reduces the load on the entire system. This is especially important for loops. They are used longer if the mechanism is presented. Closing is quick and smooth.

How to install a door closer? The advice of experienced craftsmen will help you. Even doing such work for the first time, almost anyone can do it well. In this case, be guided by the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions. In this case, mounting the system on the door and adjusting it is not difficult.

Device principle

A special type of design allows you to perform all the functions that modern door closers have. On plastic doors or metal, wooden versions of them most often set on-off mechanisms.

how to install a door closer

The system has a spring inside, which is compressed when the sash is opened. This allows her to accumulate enough energy for subsequent closure.

The second important element is the oil filler. He is responsible for the smooth movement of the sash. Oil flows through a special duct system from one chamber to another. The smoothness of closure depends on its viscosity.

The presented characteristics can be adjusted. Therefore, installing a door closer requires certain knowledge.

Top Closer Type

In total there are 3 main types of closers. The most famous of these is the top (or invoice) mechanism. It is he most often installed on a variety of types of doors.

door closers on a plastic door

The lever system transfers force to the spring. This is the most affordable and easy to install door closer. Its price is quite small. Therefore, such a mechanism is very popular.

This group includes closers with gear and sliding traction. In the first case, the force is transmitted to the lever by a gear with a font or a piston. They are most often installed on the door. Closers with sliding traction have not yet received the proper distribution. They are used in a fairly limited area.

Floor varieties

If interior design is given great attention, then most often the choice falls on the floor types of closers. They are designed at the stage of repair planning. Installing a door closer of this type is a little more complicated.

The fact is that this mechanism cannot be installed on a door with hinges. The closer in this case is itself a system on which the web is installed. A recess is made on the floor into which the closer is mounted. At the same level, the second part of the mechanism is fixed on the ceiling.

Such door closers are planned to be installed when arranging doors without a box. Most often they can be found in shopping centers. Floor closers limit the weight of the door. They are not intended for a web that weighs more than 300 kg. Their installation requires certain skills. If the lower and upper loops are not at the same level, the mechanism will very quickly fail.

Hidden closers

Another variety of mechanisms presented are hidden closers. They can be in hinges or crash into the door leaf. In the first case, the installation does not differ from the installation of canopies. But in the second approach, the procedure will be somewhat more complicated.

closer installation

Studying how to install a door closer, you need to consider in more detail the installation of such a system. It is quite possible to do it yourself. To do this, select the place to insert 2 grooves. One of them is most often located on the upper end of the canvas. The second groove cuts into the top of the door frame.

Installation is carried out using a drill. When choosing this kind of mechanism, one should take into account the width of the full door opening. The presented varieties are also in demand.

Closer selection

In order for the installation and configuration of the mechanism to be performed correctly, it is necessary to carefully consider the process of choosing a closer class. There are 7 types of mechanisms in total. This approach takes into account the weight of the door. The heavier it is, the higher class of the device you need to purchase. For example, a door closer that weighs 105 kg should be in grade 6. The device of the 5th group simply can not withstand such a load. But to take the mechanism with a margin is also not worth it. To open such a door will have to make great efforts.

door closer Price

Also, the class of the mechanism depends on the size of the canvas. For example, if the sash in both doors weighs the same, but they differ in width, and this must be taken into account. For a larger canvas requires upscale door closers. On a plastic door, the mechanism most often is chosen taking into account this indicator. After all, they can weigh a little, but have significant dimensions.

Installation Recommendations

Studying the question of how to install a door closer on your own door, you need to listen to the advice of experienced craftsmen. They recommend that you do not install floor and hidden types of mechanisms without having at least minimal experience in performing such work. It requires certain accuracy.

how to adjust the closer

Therefore, overhead models of mechanisms are most often installed on their own. Today, you can pick up a closer of this variety on almost any door.

Experts recommend paying attention to fasteners. They often come in the box. It is better to purchase them separately. Be sure to study the manufacturer's instructions. It schematically shows the installation process and explains the installation and operation of the device.

Step-by-step installation instructions

Having chosen the correct class of the closer and the place of its installation (depending on opening and type of shutters), it is possible to start installation.

To understand how to install a door closer, you need to read the instructions. A life-size circuit is applied to the door and the jamb. The following are designated locations for drilling. Material features are taken into account.

Using special equipment, holes are drilled with a diameter corresponding to the fasteners. Further, with their help, the lever elements are attached to the canvas and the jamb.

how to install a door closer on a door with your own hands

Then the system is connected together. The knee of the lever should be at an angle of 90ΒΊ. If this is not the case, the elements of the mechanism are adjusted.


How to adjust the closer, the instruction will help to understand. Overhead models usually have 2 screws. The first of them controls the closing speed, and the second - the power of the catch.

Turn the screws carefully, literally no more than half a turn. If you unscrew them, the device will fail. Turning the screw clockwise slows down the movement, and in the opposite direction - speeds up.

door closer

Some models have additional screws. They are used if the mechanism has more than one function. Adjust the door closers periodically. If it is mounted on a street door, this is required to be done 2 times a year. Indoors, the frequency of this action depends on the operation of the door.

When using such a system, it is necessary to fulfill all the requirements of the manufacturer. The durability of the device depends on this.

Closers reviews

Today, almost everyone can choose the best door closer. The price of such devices varies significantly. Cheap, but rather high-quality models are produced by a domestic manufacturer together with Chinese partners under the Apecs brand. These are simple overhead closers, the cost of which ranges from 500 to 1,500 rubles.

German movements of Deze, Dorma, the Italian manufacturer Cisa are very popular. Their cost is higher. The simplest models will cost at least 900 rubles. Improved mechanisms with additional functions reach a price of 10 thousand rubles. These are durable and practical devices. Their system is carefully thought out and able to withstand even improper operation.

Having familiarized yourself with the method of how to install a door closer, you can independently perform all the steps. The result will be good regardless of the installation experience. If you follow the rules of the instructions and recommendations of the expert, the closer will last a long time and effectively.


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