Marshmallows: composition and benefits. What is the calorie content of white marshmallows (1 pc.)?

Marshmallows are a favorite treat from childhood. But is it good for our health? What is the calorie content of white marshmallows (1 pc.)? These questions have long worried many sweet tooth.

It turns out that this delicacy is able to maintain the vitality of the body and charge it with positive energy. In addition, nutritionists recommend that they be included in the diet menu.

What is marshmallow? Types of sweets

This delicacy is very tasty and extremely healthy. Interestingly, marshmallows do not contribute to tooth decay and tooth decay; they are allowed to be given to children and used in dietetics.

Russia is the birthplace of this wonderful treat. It was here that for the first time a certain marshmallow was made based on mashed apples and sugar. But time passed, and the process of production of marshmallows changed a little: proteins and other ingredients began to be added to it.

French confectioners experimented a little with Russian pastila and offered a new culinary masterpiece - an airy marshmallow dainty, which means “easy breakfast”.

There are many types of sweets. It depends on the raw materials that are used to produce the above goodies. Pear, chocolate, raspberry, cherry, lemon, apple and creamy marshmallows are known. Also, this delicacy can be industrial or home production.

Marshmallow: calories, composition and benefits

calorie white marshmallow 1 pc
This delicacy is prepared on the basis of mashed fruit, egg white, granulated sugar and thickeners. As the latter, one of the following three gelling agents is used: pectin, gelatin and agar. The beneficial properties of marshmallows depend on exactly which thickener was used in the production. How many calories in 1 piece of marshmallows will be in this case? This indicator does not change. The calorie content of marshmallows from changing ingredients does not change.

Specialists in dietetics note that marshmallows are extremely beneficial for the human body. What is its value?

It turns out that agar and pectin, which are part of marshmallows, have many useful properties. For example, pectin is produced from sugar beets , apples or watermelon. It well removes various toxins and heavy metals from the body. Therefore, it is recommended to use marshmallows for people who live in environmental hazardous areas or are often exposed to radiation.

In addition, pectin has an antiulcer and antiviral effect, and can even help lower blood cholesterol. Due to the latter property, it is recommended to use marshmallows in compliance with the dietary method of nutrition.

Agar is made from algae. It is characterized by a high content of calcium, iron and iodine.

Gelatin is made from the skeletal system of animals. Therefore, it is recommended to use marshmallows for problems with the musculoskeletal system (bone cracks, fractures).

The above delicacies lack fats and vitamins. The latter are destroyed during the process under the influence of high temperatures.

Marshmallow also includes glucose. Its main property is improving brain function. Therefore, it is recommended to use marshmallows for people who are subjected to severe mental stress, and children. Experts recommend eating this delicacy after 16.00, because it is at this time that the blood glucose levels decrease, as a result of which the person's mental performance decreases .

In 100 gr. the above product, made on gelatin, contains approximately 321-324 kcal. What is the calorie content of white marshmallows? 1 PC. This sweets weighs about 33 grams. That is 100 gr. The product includes three little things. We divide 321-324 calories by 3. It turns out that the calorie content of white marshmallows (1 pc.) Is about 107 or 108 kcal. These figures are for treats that are made with the addition of a gelatin thickener.

Calorie Marshmallow White and Marshmallow in Chocolate: Comparison

marshmallow calorie composition and benefits
The above goodies differ significantly in calorie content . The calorie content of marshmallows, depending on its composition, can be as follows:

  • in 100 gr. this sweet with fillings and white chocolate contains more than 500 kcal;
  • in 100 gr. delicacies in icing made from dark chocolate - contains 396 kcal.

That is, in 1 piece of this sweetness in chocolate, experts found approximately 132 kcal. The calorie content of white marshmallows (1 pc.), Which is produced on agar, is only 100 kcal, since 100 gr. This product contains 300 kcal.

Diet and Marshmallows

calorie marshmallows depending on its composition
This delicacy is great for diet food. It is very convenient for them to replace cakes and pastries.

Benefits of using marshmallows in diets:

  • lack of fat in its composition;
  • reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood;
  • charges the body with additional energy and supports its vitality;
  • promotes mental performance.

In addition, the above sweetness is quite tasty and is in no way inferior to other goodies in this indicator.

Only with the consumption of marshmallows do not need to overdo it. When dieting are allowed no more than two pieces of goodies per day.

Marshmallow Harm

how many calories in 1 pc marshmallows
This delicacy in excessive quantities adversely affects the human body:

  • due to its high sugar content, marshmallows can contribute to obesity;
  • It is not recommended to buy multi-colored delicacies, as they contain such chemical components as artificial colors
  • marshmallows with coconut or chocolate icing can cause allergies in children, in addition, it has a high calorie content.

Contraindications to the use of marshmallows

calorie marshmallows white and marshmallows in chocolate
The above sweetness is not indicated for use by people with such diseases:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • allergy;
  • problems with the heart and its system (due to the high content of carbohydrates);
  • obesity.

For maximum benefit, the body is ideally suited marshmallows of a yellow or white hue, since harmful food colors are not added to it.

The calorie content of marshmallows depends on its composition. The delicacy, which is made on the basis of the agar thickener, has the lowest calorie content - only 100 kcal in 1 piece. The sweetness in the glaze of dark chocolate has a slightly higher calorie content - 132 kcal in 1 piece. All other types of marshmallows with additional fillings are distinguished by a high calorie content and not quite useful for the human body.


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