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Well-known to all of us hairdressers have long passed away from our lives, and in few places you can find such a sign. They were replaced by beauty salons, where most of the services have always been designed for women. For men, the men's room remained at best, and usually the client was content with a standard haircut created by the hands of a universal hairdresser. And so the country's megacities, followed by small towns, were literally flooded with barbershops, that is, hairdressers for men. Let’s figure out what is special behind the word “barbershop”.

What is it

This word has appeared quite recently in our vocabulary. In the traditional sense, a barbershop is a hairdresser for men or a barber, as they said earlier. In fact, this is a men's club, where a rather brutal or hipster interior is often created. While you are waiting for your turn, you can be offered coffee or a stronger drink, and you can pass the time not for a fashion magazine, as in a regular hairdresser, but for a game console or table football.

barbershop what is it

The set of services here is also typically masculine; no barbershop will offer you any nail extensions or makeup. What this means is that the services are rendered exactly what the stronger sex needs, but it is professional care from the ends of the hair to the ends of the nails. Another feature of the barbershop that distinguishes it from a beauty salon is its simple and friendly atmosphere, the masters don’t care about your style or appearance, income level or fashionable clothes. The main thing is the love of the client and the master for a good haircut.

Barbershop History

Barbershop appeared in America in its southern states, whose locals have always been distinguished by a steep disposition and special courage. They didn’t like to go to women's hairdressers to cut their hair, so barbers with a bar and billiards were opened especially for men, where customers were exclusively served by men. Soon, similar men's clubs appeared in Europe.

Barbershop Moscow

Hairdressers shaved visitors with a dangerous razor, cut their hair and trimmed their beards. Along the way, you could skip a glass in the company of friends, discuss the latest news and relax. Later, the tradition of such establishments became a thing of the past, since electric razors first appeared on sale, and the need for a dangerous blade and skill to operate them disappeared. And then the war began, and the men did not have time for gatherings in the club. They cut their hair where necessary, but shaved themselves hastily right at home.

Tradition today

The resumption of interest in barbershops in the modern world began in England, where, as you know, people love and honor traditions. Luxurious Victorian establishments began to open in London with expensive leather armchairs and natural wood trim. Women were ordered here. Only men were allowed to cut men. Once again, shaving with a dangerous razor returned to everyday life, and along with the fashion for wearing a beard, the art of caring for it also returned.

In Russia, though more in the capital, the barbershop format has been popular for several years. What is this in the regions so far only to find out, but there are always a lot of customers at new institutions.

smart barbershop

Barber profession

Barber, that is, a hairdresser and a barber, is usually a man. Of course, there are female barbers, but for the client it is not just a hairdresser, a barbershop is a men's club where the master is akin to the bartender from old American films. He not only cuts his beard or evens his mustache, he is both a psychologist and your best friend. He knows your preferences and remembers your interests, which makes him come to this barbershop more than once. The addresses where such professionals work are passed from hand to hand with the best recommendations.

Such a master does not only men's haircuts, but also designs beards, because it is worth remembering that barb from English is a “beard”, and it was with this care that this profession began. To do this, the master must have extensive experience, confident hands and perfect ease of movement. Beard, unlike hair cutting, does not tolerate negligence and inexperience.

One of the “chips” of the profession is the ability to wield a dangerous razor, and this must be learned. There are special barber schools where professionals teach this skill.

barber shop


Today, in any barbershop, customers will be offered not only hair cutting and trimming of temples, hair coloring and gray hair camouflage, as well as facial hair removal with wax, and other cosmetic technologies. They also make manicures for clients, because a modern man is attractive and respectable just as much as he is well-groomed and takes care of himself.

barbershop addresses

Beard, as one of the main male trends of recent years, is also not in last place in the list of barbershop services. Here, the beard and mustache will be trimmed or trimmed, trimmed, and if you don’t know what style suits your face, a good barber will help you choose the right look.

One of the interesting procedures is the royal shave, which today offers almost every good barbershop. What is it - the so-called facial hair removal with a dangerous razor. But do not think that this is just a tribute to traditions or a tickling nerves attraction. They often don’t shave their faces completely with a dangerous razor, they trim their beard and mustache, give them shape and clear lines. Professionals assure that without a dangerous razor it is simply impossible to create a really beautiful and accurate result.

As for haircuts, this is not the Soviet uniformity, which offered only “boxing” or “semi-boxing”. The most popular haircuts now that will be made in any decent barbershop are “Fade”, or as it is also called “Aviator”, and “Undercut”. Both involve a clipper and a transition from shaved parts of the head (whiskey and nape) to longer hair (crown and bangs).


In general, the cost of services for men in an ordinary beauty salon is about the same as that offered by a barbershop. Moscow, for example, offers a haircut from 1,500 thousand rubles, the same cost is shaving with a dangerous razor. Haircut mustache and beard - 600-800 rubles, but modeling the same beard is 2 times more expensive - 1200-1600. For camouflage gray hair will have to pay about 1000 rubles.

Barbershop in Moscow

In the third largest city in Russia, Novosibirsk, services are slightly cheaper - they will take 1000 rubles for a haircut or a royal shave, 600 for a beard and mustache. The same order of prices is in Yekaterinburg and other cities with a population of over one million.

The best barbershops of the country

Undoubtedly, the most advanced barbershops in Moscow, however, many of them sell franchises, according to which excellent places open in the regions. Thus, the firma barbershop network has grown to 3 dozen cities - from Sochi to Ussuriysk, and even to Kazakhstan and Belarus. Everything has been done honestly - our own technologists have carefully selected and trained the best craftsmen. All procedures are performed as they should, for example, they do royal shaving according to all the rules of the last century - before shaving, the skin is heated with hot towels, and then cooled with cold towels. For all visitors, unlimited drinks - juice or something stronger. And most importantly - the unique atmosphere of “their” place.

barbershop what is it

Frant is also especially popular - the barbershop, which owns several branches in Russia and in Astana. Only experienced craftsmen trained to international standards shave with a razor. Haircuts here, both the most fashionable and classic, and the atmosphere is friendly and pleasant.

If previous networks have just begun to conquer neighboring countries, then OldBoy barbershops came to us from the USA, simultaneously covering 5 countries. This is a cult place where many celebrities are cut and turned their necks under a dangerous razor.

But the Black Ice barbershop departed from the main idea of ​​this institution, and only girls work here as Berbers. The rest is everything here, as in the best traditions of this concept - professionalism, intimate conversations, excellent coffee beans for each client, free parking and recording right on the current day, and not a month in advance.


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