How to choose a crutch: types, selection options, photo

With a given disease or in the event of injury, a person may need crutches. They are special constructions of a medical type that help to carry body weight in such a way as not to involve the affected limb. However, not all models are standard.

Crutch Features

In a similar situation, you need to know how to choose the right crutches by height, depending on the weight, age and other parameters of the patient. Based on this, it is necessary to choose exclusively the right supports that will not bring inconvenience and further aggravate an already difficult situation.

What can happen if you choose the wrong crutches

If the support is selected without taking into account the individual characteristics of a person, then this is fraught with pinching of nerves, the appearance of serious scuffs, improper distribution of loads that provoke severe pain.

Before choosing a crutch, it is worth studying the recommendations of specialists. If the product is chosen incorrectly, then a person can get inflammation of the shoulder joint, he will have problems with bones and muscles. Therefore, it is best to consult your doctor who will help you choose the most optimal model. Only a specialist can correctly determine the level of damage to the musculoskeletal system and, with this in mind, advise the best crutches.

Today there are several varieties of these products: axillary and with support on the forearm. This point is also worth considering when talking about how to choose the right crutches. Products with support under the elbow are distinguished by their mobility. They can be used for quite a long time.

Walking on crutches

Axillary crutches allow you to get rid of more serious loads on the limbs and transfer the main burden to the arms or shoulders. They are distinguished by their ease of use and design. However, such models are not suitable for everyone. So, in order to use such elements, sufficient physical strength is required. Although, on the other hand, they are better fixed if the patient has weak hands. He can hang on them a little when the crutches are under the armpits. But you need to remember that such models can be used no more than 45 days. Consider the features of each variety.

Crutches under the elbow

Such models are much easier to use, so they are suitable even for older people, children and women who do not have sufficient physical strength. Crutches under the elbow are used as a rehabilitation tool that helps to get the necessary support. As a rule, after applying such designs, the patient can switch to a cane.

If we talk about the varieties of models, then, when deciding how to choose crutches, it is worth considering that they are fixed, adjustable, collapsible or road. If we talk about the features of these products, then, as a rule, the support in this case resembles a pyramid or an ordinary tip in shape. In the first case, the product is considered more optimal, since the pyramidal tips provide better stability.

Convenient support

What is important to consider when choosing

It is worth paying attention to how convenient the handle is, which will hold the human hand. In this case, it is best to give preference to anatomical or standard forms. You need to pay attention to the armrest. The cuff, which is responsible for mounting on the forearm, should be comfortable and not rub.

Before you pick up crutches and buy them, you should evaluate the model, read reviews about it and try it in action. To do this, lower the arm into the cuff and place the tip at a slight distance from the lower limb (about 20 cm). After that, you need to bend your arm slightly at the elbow at an angle of no more than 20 ยฐ. In this case, the armrest that surrounds the forearm should be approximately 6 cm above the elbow. A similar rule is most often applied to patients whose height is 170 cm.

If the patient is much higher, then in this case another advice applies. The armrest should be located above the elbow at a distance of 10 cm above it. If the height of a person is less than 150 cm, then this value decreases to 5 cm.

After choosing a model, you need to stand in an even position and lower your hands. In this case, the wrist should be on the upper border of the handle. Only in this case can we assume that the support is selected correctly. In order to grab the handle, you will not need to raise or, conversely, pull your hand down. If in order to fix the handle, you need to make an effort, then it is worth considering other models.

Crutch check

It is also worth saying a few words about how to choose crutches axillary in height. Such models are bought quite often, and sometimes people are unhappy that the products are uncomfortable to use. To avoid this, you need to consider several recommendations.

How to choose the right axillary crutches by height and other parameters

Such models help greatly reduce the load exerted on sore legs during movement. When using products of this type, the weight is transferred to the shoulder girdle. Axillary support is also suitable for the elderly. This is due to the fact that due to age, such patients are characterized by weak hands, so it is very difficult for them to lean with a brush. In addition, crutches of this type are considered optimal for people who are overweight. Such models are used immediately after injury. However, they cannot be used for too long.

If we talk about how to choose adult axillary crutches, then in this case a very simple formula works. Depending on the height of the person, it is enough to subtract 40 cm from this indicator. The resulting figure will be the optimal height of the product. However, in addition, experts recommend paying attention to the physiological characteristics of a person.

Adjustable crutch

Not always taking away 40 cm helps to choose the most optimal model. In order to select the crutch correctly, it is necessary to perform several manipulations.

Tip for choosing the best model

First of all, you need to stand up straight and try to lean on a healthy leg. Shoes are not removed at the same time. After this, the patient should relax his arms and lower his shoulders. In the next step, a crutch is placed in front of the chest. In this case, the tip should be approximately 15 cm from the patientโ€™s foot. It is necessary to evaluate the upper part of the crutch. It is usually called a roller. It should be slightly below the armpits, about 4 cm. This will be the best option.

How to choose crutches by height? You need to decide on the most suitable handle. Again, standing with a crutch, you need to lower your hand down and try to feel the hilt. If it immediately falls into the hand, then such a model is suitable.

Speaking about how to choose the right axillary crutches, you also need to make sure that not too much pressure is put on the armpits. To do this, just follow a few steps. If a person experiences very serious constraints, then this indicates that the crutch is too long, so you should try other models.

Walking stick

In some situations, the use of crutches is completely uncomfortable or not so necessary. A cane also serves as a support and may be the most convenient product. By and large, this is a stick with a handle, on which the patient rests after a trauma. However, you need to pay attention that modern canes can be equipped with not one, but several legs-supports. It turns out a kind of tripod. Thanks to this person, one does not have to make serious efforts in order to move body weight.

Steady cane

How to pick up a cane

When choosing such products, it is also worth paying attention to several details. First you need to evaluate the pen. It is necessary to grasp and make sure that the fingers are not able to close in this position into a fist. By and large, the larger its diameter, the better, since in this case it is a better support.

Handles with rubber pads are recommended. They will not be able to slip out of the palm at the most uncomfortable moment. The product should not be too high or low. As a rule, the pen should be at mid-thigh level. However, it should be borne in mind that the length of the hands of each may differ. Therefore, in this situation, it is better to use other advice. It is necessary to relax and lower the arm, after which it is slightly bent at the elbow. The handle of the cane should be next to the wrist. However, the best option is to purchase a product that can be adjusted. Perhaps at the time of purchase a person will think that he feels comfortable, but after several hours of using such products, he will begin to experience inconvenience.

In order not to worry about how to pick up a crutch or a cane, it is worth paying attention to a few more nuances.

Weight and material

Crutches should not be too heavy. The optimal weight is considered a model whose weight does not exceed 1.5 kg. If we are talking about a man who himself is distinguished by increased body weight, then, on the contrary, he is recommended to purchase reinforced models. The weight of such crutches can reach up to 4 kg.

Comfortable crutch

Supports can be made of metal or wood. The former are lighter, while metal ones last longer.


It is worth giving preference to models with such elements. Nozzles can be selected based on your preferences. Anatomical models are considered the best. Also, nozzles are for the left and right hands.


When buying crutches, you should not choose products based only on price. It is much more important that a person feels comfortable. Therefore, you must first test as many models as possible and collect information about them.


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