Decent frame: how to make a frame with your own hands

There are many things for which framing is perhaps as important as the content. From this article you will learn how to make a frame for a photograph or a mirror, picture or application so that it emphasizes all the advantages of the subject and gives it a neat, finished look.

How to make a frame for a baby photo

We will need either a ready-made wide frame from plywood, or material for its creation and a jigsaw. Instead of plywood, you can use thick packaging cardboard, it is easy to cut with scissors.

First, the surface must be primed or coated in several layers with white paint. After the frame dries, it is decorated using the fashionable decoupage technique today , using soft drawings of children's themes. Place one picture in the lower left and the other in the upper right corner. On the bottom and right sides, gently stick together the details of the puzzle mosaic, some of which are at a loss.

This is just one option. To decorate the workpiece, you can use buttons, tree leaves, seeds and cereals, even pasta of various shapes, painted in bright colors. You can tinker with the child, sometimes itโ€™s the most interesting and bright ideas that come to the kidโ€™s head.

How to make a frame in the style of "romantic"

For wedding photos or pictures together with a loved one, frames in the form of hearts are traditionally used. Do not want to be commonplace? Decorate the frame in a style that matters to you. For example, if a couple met on vacation, you can use a marine theme: a blue background, shells, pebbles and paths of colored sand will remind you of the happy days of the first meetings. If the lovers work together, various trifles used in their professional activities are suitable for decoration.

You can glue several dried flowers, ears, a couple of beautiful feathers to one of the corners of the frame.

How to make an egg shell frame

The shell is an interesting material, both in work and in the finished product. Usually use the shell of eggs, dyeing it in different colors, and then breaking off pieces of the desired size and configuration and making up patterns from them. To begin with, the drawing is laid out on any flat surface, and then transferred to a frame covered with a layer of a mixture of PVA glue and gypsum. The consistency of the mixture should be such that, on the one hand, it does not spread, and on the other, pieces of the mosaic could be drowned into it a little.

How to make a frame yourself from paper tubes

The tubes are twisted from newspaper or magazine sheets and glued together a few pieces (in length) until a canvas of the required size is obtained. Having created 4 such canvases, you can connect them with the ends in a rectangle, rhombus or square - and the frame is ready!

A more difficult option is weaving. Weaving can be done in different patterns, depending on what suits the picture or photograph itself.

How to make a frame for a mirror

Such a frame should be more durable, because it has high requirements. She not only decorates, but also fixes a fragile mirror, which, in no case should fall and break. Seven years of misfortune, of course, can not be expected, but such an incident is quite capable of spoiling the mood.

Therefore, for such a case, it is better not to use paper or corrugated cardboard, but to give preference to wood. You can decorate it with each of the above methods, and even the mirrors are sometimes decorated in a very original way: with glass painting. The frame in this case can be the simplest, and patterns are applied to the mirror itself along the edge with special compositions or stained glass paints. Most of them are washed off without leaving any traces, so this decoration can be changed from occasion to occasion or just for the mood.

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