Pilates: benefits and harms

Fitness programs combining the principles of several sports directions and various types of loads are very popular today. One such system is Pilates. The benefits of practicing this technique are colossal, according to the promises of its author. What about safety and contraindications? We will try to understand this issue in detail.

The only kind of fitness that suits everyone!

Pilates is positioned as a type of gymnastics that does not have restrictions on gender, age and level of physical fitness. It sounds quite tempting, given that the author of the system promises all his followers recovery, muscle development in the shortest possible time and even getting rid of extra pounds. Pilates is recommended for those who have never played sports, and professional athletes as a complement to the main training program. You can enroll in a group of this type of fitness at any age. Many sports clubs have programs for children from 3 years old and older people. Speaking of sparing training systems and physical development, fitness instructors often advise their clients specifically Pilates. The benefits of doing this gymnastics will be for the whole organism, while there are practically no risks.

Pilates benefit

Pilates is the easiest way to find the perfect figure

Most women who enroll in a fitness center for the first time ask themselves: is it true that the chosen direction will help you lose weight and not lead to too noticeable muscle gain? There is no risk of "pumping" when doing Pilates. This gymnastics is aimed at the harmonious development of the body. With regular training, you can achieve a noticeable result. The body becomes more flexible and fit, excess subcutaneous fat gradually disappear. If you follow a diet along with classes, the process will accelerate. Curiously, Pilates is often recommended for obesity. The usefulness of this system is obvious: classes allow you to gradually gain control over your own body and develop it. Moreover, in Pilates, cardio and power loads are almost completely absent. After proper training, there is no physical fatigue. On the contrary, many practitioners call this type of fitness very pleasant and relaxing.

Pilates benefits for women

Breath and stamina

When performing Pilates gymnastics exercises, you must carefully monitor your own breathing. It is worth noting that the author of this fitness discipline himself suffered from respiratory diseases in childhood. For this reason, in his system of development and recovery of the human body, he pays special attention to respiration and the development of lung function. Pilates can help you learn how to breathe and get rid of shortness of breath. Another feature of this type of fitness is the effective training of deep muscles, which are usually not involved in other types of exercise. This development of the body allows you to become stronger physically and hardy. At the same time, muscle growth is almost imperceptible visually. The figure just becomes more toned and elastic.

Natural healing through gymnastics

The benefits of Pilates for women is the integrated development of the capabilities of the body. Many representatives of the fair sex notice that with the beginning of training, complexion and overall health improve. Exercising regularly, you can become calmer and learn how to easily cope with stress and bad mood. Pilates is often praised as a rejuvenating gymnastics. This effect cannot be disputed, since the uniform development of all the muscles of the body in combination with stretching makes the figure ideal. At the same time, as noted above, Pilates increases the overall stamina of the body. And this means that those involved in this gymnastics better tolerate any physical activity than a person without sports training.

Pilates benefit and harm

Are you experiencing regular pain in your back, lower back, and neck? Pilates will help you! The benefit of this type of fitness lies in the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Grace and perfect posture

Pilates is often chosen by professional actors, models, and dancers. This technique allows for moderate loads to achieve improved flexibility. The program includes a lot of stretching exercises and entire complexes for the back muscles supporting the spine. Pilates can improve posture and straighten your shoulders. After a couple of months of regular training, the movements become more plastic. Noticeable changes in gait, it becomes truly flying and spectacular. It is for these reasons that Pilates is often called a predominantly female form of fitness. But in fact, men can do it.

Pilates exercises benefit

Pilates: the benefits and harms for women at home

Pilates classes do not require any special equipment and inventory. Thanks to this, this type of gymnastics is accessible to everyone. If you wish, you can do it yourself at home. A significant part of the exercises is simple, it is simply impossible to perform them incorrectly. Many sports clubs also offer Pilates classes. The benefits and harms for women of this type of fitness directly depend on the quality of the exercises. If home workouts do not bring joy and cause discomfort, stop exercising and consult a fitness instructor. It is possible that you are doing something wrong or misunderstood the description of the set of exercises.

Pilates Health Benefits

Forget everything that was told to you in training using other methods!

For some beginners, Pilates exercises seem ineffective, because after them there is no feeling of fatigue or muscle pain. Indeed, since childhood, they inspire us that pain after intense sports training is normal. But in Pilates, any discomfort signals that you are training incorrectly. It is unacceptable to increase the number of repetitions of exercises. Health benefits of Pilates are moderate, but at the same time quite effective loads. Non-compliance with the recommendations of the trainer may be accompanied by the appearance of pain in the muscles and their damage.

Absolute contraindications for pilates

Pilates is suitable for young children, pregnant women and the elderly. Very often this type of fitness is advertised as having no contraindications. But this is not true. Patients with a diagnosis of osteoporosis are strictly prohibited from practicing Pilates. The benefits of this gymnastics are undeniable in the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. If there are any chronic diseases of bones and joints, it is necessary to consult a doctor individually. Pilates is not recommended for people with chronic mental illness.

Pilates benefit and harm for women

Gymnastics can help cure depression or get rid of a bad mood. But with serious pathologies, such sports training is unacceptable. Another limitation is pain. In the presence of such a diagnosis, the decision on the admissibility of fitness should be made by a sports doctor. These are all contraindications for Pilates gymnastics. The benefits and harms of this type of fitness are now known to you, it remains only to decide when to start training.

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