How to paint nails: the secrets of perfect manicure

Beautiful manicure attracts attention, so it should be done perfectly. It is necessary to observe the sequence of actions, be extremely careful and do not forget about new trends in the art of manicure.

Methods of applying varnish

There are several ways to paint your nails, and each of them gives the nail a certain look. Aesthetically, any of the currently known manicure options looks advantageous. Which one suits you, you will understand after experimenting.

1 way: the varnish is applied so that the edges of the nail remain unpainted on the sides. This visually lengthens the nails.

2 way: on the sides of the nails are stained, but the lower part is left untouched. This application is suitable in the case of bright colorful varnishes and in order not to harm the cuticle.

Paint your nails evenly! Varnish, especially saturated color, can lie on the nail heterogeneous. How to avoid this? Before staining the nail, make sure that there is enough varnish on the brush (a small droplet on one side of the brush is enough to paint over the widest nail - on the thumb). Apply a layer with a brush to the center, in the direction from the cuticle to the outer end of the nail. Do not press on the brush to be able to capture the whole nail. It is better to apply two more strips on the sides (but not dipping the brush into the bottle).

French and manicure with a pattern are completely different.

How to paint nails in french? You will need: 2 varnishes (transparent and white, although today variations can be completely unpredictable) and a strip for even application on the edge of the nail.

The technology for performing manicure with a drawing (today this is a whole area - nail art) is much more complicated. It will be required: monophonic varnish, special paints with thin brushes for drawing lines on the nail (professionals use a needle and special pens), you can also buy sparkles, rhinestones, stickers. And we begin to create.

Before staining

To paint the nails correctly, with minimal harm and as beautiful as possible, you should follow the advice of the masters.

1. The final result also depends on the shape of the nail. Different types of manicure will look different on rounded nails and pointed. At the cooking stage, you just need to give the desired shape with a soft file. Not to mention the removal of burrs and cuticles.

2. Professionals necessarily degrease the nail plate. This is done for the same purpose with which we apply lipstick on the lips with a brush to paint over every millimeter. This is important for uniform application of varnish. To remove excess fat from nails at home, you can use regular soap and water: hold your hands in a bowl for 4 minutes.

3. In salons, always before applying the nails a basic transparent coating is applied (base for varnish or colorless varnish).

Now we know how to paint nails and prepare them for varnishing, it remains only to choose a unique and beautiful manicure.

It's fashionable

We pay a little attention to the latest fashion trends in manicure.

  • On each finger, the varnish is a tone lighter - very beautiful. It can even go from one color to another, it all depends on the outfit.
  • Perform the drawing on only one finger of the hand, the rest are covered with a one-color varnish of the same color as the nail with the picture. Or just at the tips of the nail plate.
  • As a pattern, it became fashionable to use abstraction, asymmetry, bright spots, light lines, and also imitate texture (for example, crocodile skin). Flowers, rhinestones and other drawings - everything should be in moderation.

And remember! More tips on how to paint your nails:

  • under the bright colors of the varnish, a layer of colorless should be applied;
  • only 2 layers of varnish will allow to show its true saturated color, and the fixative layer will complete the procedure;
  • if the manicure is performed in several layers, each should dry well (30 minutes);
  • fashionistas say that the color of lipstick and varnish can differ, but only if it harmoniously combines with another color in appearance (in clothes).


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