How to use Yandex.Taxi: service description, reviews

Today we have to figure out how to use Yandex.Taxi. This service appeared in Russia relatively recently, but it is already very popular. What kind of organization is this? What services does she offer? How to use it? To answer all this remains to be. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems.


What is Yandex Taxi? This organization is a taxi service. She is engaged in transportation of the population. It does not conduct any other outside activities. And it is very pleasing.

how to use Yandex taxi

Using Yandex. Taxi anyone can in a few minutes order a taxi at competitive prices. The advantage of this service is that there is no need to call the dispatcher. The order is carried out through the official page of the service or by using the mobile application. A car for transporting citizens will be selected using a special program that determines the nearest taxi driver to the user. This technique reduces latency to a minimum.

Ways to order a taxi

How to use Yandex.Taxi? Every citizen can order a taxi without calling the dispatcher. This service works throughout Russia, which is very pleasing to customers. It is safe to say that the company under study is not a scam.

Order a car using Yandex. Taxi can:

  • via whatsapp;
  • by using the Yandex.Taxi mobile application;
  • through the official page of service;
  • by calling the dispatcher (an extremely rare case).

How to act? It all depends on the user's preferences. But in practice, most often people use the mobile application and the official page of the organization.

Yandex taxi phone

Via mobile

How to use Yandex.Taxi? Let's start by ordering a car through the official app. This is the safest, fastest and most universal approach to ordering a machine.

The user must:

  1. Download and install the Yandex.Taxi program on your mobile device. You can download it from the Yandex page.
  2. Launch the application. The phone must be connected to the Internet.
  3. Go through registration - indicate the mobile phone number and confirm it by SMS.
  4. Enter bank card details - they are needed to pay for taxi services. A social card will not work.
  5. In the window that appears, write the addresses - where and where to go.
  6. Indicate the features of transportation in a specially designated window (whether you need a car seat, an empty trunk, and so on).
  7. Confirm the order by clicking on the appropriate button.

That's all. You can wait until the citizen is informed that the car drove up. If you believe the leaders of the company, then the average waiting time for a taxi is 7 minutes.

Yandex taxi dispatcher

Official site

How to use Yandex.Taxi? You can order a car through the official website of the service. With it, users can order a taxi without much difficulty. It is enough to have a computer and the Internet connected to it.

To call Yandex.Taxi, you need to:

  1. Open page.
  2. In the field in the upper left corner, enter the addresses - where and where to go.
  3. Write the customer’s mobile phone number.
  4. Choose the type of car (economy - from 49 rubles, comfort - from 118 rubles, minivan - from 200 rubles).
  5. Indicate the remaining trip parameters.
  6. Click on the "Call a taxi" button.

You can wait for an SMS notification that the car has arrived. Usually, when ordering a car, the user will be informed of the average arrival time of the transport.

Yandex taxi cost


But that is not all. The fact is that the service under study allows you to order cars for transporting the population in the usual way. That is, through the phone. Yandex. Taxi has representatives in different cities. All of them are represented by the usual taxi services. Using their phones, you can use the services of the studied service.

The phone of the Yandex taxi manager in Moscow can be found on the official website and in the app.

Ordering a car is carried out in the usual way. A citizen calls, informs the dispatcher about the trip, and then waits for the car. The approximate cost of the service is announced in advance.

Promotional Codes

Now it’s clear which Yandex dispatcher’s taxi phone is offering its customers. But, as already mentioned, a similar approach to ordering a machine is rarely used in practice. Usually, users use either a special application or the official website of the service.

Many note that Yandex.Taxi has a fairly flexible discount system. More precisely, the service allows you to use special promotional codes to reduce the cost of travel. Promotional codes are issued in a variety of entertainment and shopping centers, cinemas and other public places.

The bulk of users are satisfied with such a system of discounts. With it, you can order a taxi at competitive prices. Promotional codes are usually indicated in advance in the application / website. So the driver will be able to understand how much to demand from the client.


When ordering Yandex.Taxi, the dispatcher / application / website specifies with the customer the type of machine that he needs. The cost of the trip will depend on this parameter. In total, as already noted, Yandex distinguishes 3 types of cars - economy, minivan and comfort.

The service under study receives mixed reviews for the existing taxi fleet. The fact is that the bulk of the drivers work on a personal car. Therefore, cars at Yandex.Taxi are different - both foreign cars and domestic. Their condition may also vary.

The main thing is that the bulk of the vehicles travel without identification marks. Therefore, it is quite difficult to guess what exactly this car came from Yandex.

The comfort of a taxi, as has already been emphasized, also varies. But many users say that the bulk of the cars are no different in comfort. What kind of car will come to the call? If we get lucky!

Cost of travel

How much is the cost of a trip at Yandex Taxi? For this feature, users leave mixed reviews about the service. Why?

call Yandex taxi

If you believe what the Yandex.Taxi dispatcher says, then ordering a car will cost at least 49 rubles. The exact cost of the trip depends on the parameters of the trip and the travel distance. The approximate price is reported when ordering a taxi. So a person can evaluate how profitable the use of Yandex Taxi is.

Many say that for trips through Yandex.Taxi it is difficult to predict the cost. Using promotional codes can really save you money. But regular trips are often costly. You will have to pay extra for a child car seat, baggage in the cabin and other travel features. This must be taken into account.

Some say that the service being studied is deceiving customers. For example, someone is promised a trip for 150 rubles, but in the end it costs 520 rubles. This ambiguity repels customers. But in general, Yandex.Taxi is an affordable transportation service for people. Errors in the approximate calculation of the cost of the trip happen here quite often. Therefore, it is advisable to find out the exact price of transportation directly from the driver or dispatcher after ordering the car.

Service speed

Need to use Yandex. Taxi? The phone will help with this! Through the mobile application of the same name, you can easily order a taxi at fairly competitive prices.

The speed of service of the population when using the studied service pleases. The bulk of customers claim that cars really quickly arrive at the named addresses. 5-10 minutes of waiting - and the taxi will be in place. Sometimes taxi drivers arrive at the place of order in a few minutes.

But not everything is as good as it seems. Sometimes cars travel long to the specified address with the client. And this despite the fact that in the application / on the site they call less waiting time for a taxi. Someone even complains that instead of 2 minutes a taxi driver had to wait 25-30 minutes.

Yandex taxi reviews


Now it’s clear what reviews Yandex.Taxi receives from its customers. In general, this is a good and fast taxi service. It has several advantages over other companies. For instance:

  • the ability to choose the type of car for the trip;
  • speed of service;
  • no need to call the dispatcher to order a taxi;
  • the availability of promotional codes for discounts.

The disadvantages of the service are also enough. Among them, most often distinguish:

  • lack of a personal taxi fleet;
  • unpredictable shipping rates;
  • sometimes a long wait for cars;
  • the need for surcharges for certain taxi services;
  • debiting funds from the card (1 ruble each) when trying to order a car;
  • inability to use the service during rush hour.

Is it worth using the service being studied? Yes, if you want to quickly reach your destination and not call the dispatchers to order a car. How to use Yandex.Taxi? The answer to this question will no longer be a hassle. The company under study is not a scam, despite some customer complaints.


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