DIY interior door painting

The interior door is an important element of the interior. The picture of the entire interior space and the first impression of the owners depends on how it looks. Therefore, you need to ensure that all interior details look neat, combined with each other.

Over time, the door may lose its appearance. In this case, it can be quickly put in order at home. One of the best options is painting. This is a simple procedure that does not require deep knowledge and serious skills from the master. If you follow the instructions, painting the interior doors will be done quickly and correctly.

How to paint interior doors

Before you start work, you need to choose a tool with which you can cover the wood. Painting interior doors (photo below) is carried out using various compositions.

Painting interior doors

They consist of several components. The master must decide whether to emphasize the natural pattern of the wood or paint it completely with paint. Depending on taste preferences, you can choose the following compounds:

  1. Opaque enamels and coloring agents.
  2. Oil impregnation and colorless varnishes.

Professional repairmen advise you to purchase the following products for painting wood at home:

  • Alkyd paintwork products. It is able to repel moisture, contributing to the long life of the door.
  • Acrylic dyes. The composition of the product includes water. These are the safest means for human health.

Acrylic paints can be considered the most suitable option. With their help, it is possible to process not only interior, but also external doors.

Description of work

Painting interior doors with their own hands takes place in several stages. Sometimes two different compositions are used. First you must always use a primer, and only then it is worth applying a decorative coating. It is important to choose such compounds that will blend well with each other.

DIY interior door painting

For example, stain must be used before applying varnish. If it is necessary to update the parallel parts of the doorway and the color of the canvas itself with the help of impregnation or stain, one layer will not be enough. For everything to work out perfectly, you need to paint the surface until, according to the master, the required shade of wood is achieved.

The painting process and its sequence

Painting interior doors made of MDF, natural wood and other materials involves processing not only the canvas itself, but also jambs with a lintel. Otherwise, they will be unnaturally different from the door. Starting work, it is necessary to remove the canvas from the hinges. It is placed on a special table with a flat surface. If the master plans to use a mixture with a very strong smell, it is best to carry out finishing manipulations in the courtyard of a residential building or on the balcony.

Before removing the door, you must first lock it with wedges. This is necessary so that the sash could not close during operation. The most correct option is to remove the canvas, but if this is not at all possible, then the second option is also suitable. He is much more complicated.

Before starting work, it is required to remove all accessories. If it cannot be removed, the door handles, locks and sang should be sealed with tape or wrapped with paper. There is a special food cellophane. It fits snugly to the object, preventing the penetration of liquids and other substances inside. For the castle, tape or duct tape is best.

Wood surface preparation

Painting interior doors under a pine, larch, as well as other decor requires some effort from the master. First, prepare all the elements for processing. There is a certain scheme by which it is recommended to act.

Painting wooden interior wooden doors

Care must be taken to remove absolutely all layers of paint and other materials that cover the layer of wood. To do this, you can use a special grinding machine. This procedure leaves a lot of debris and dust. Therefore, it is also recommended to conduct it outdoors.

Putty and grinding

Painting of wooden interior doors, wooden jambs and lintels is done on a prepared basis. After preparatory work, it is necessary to grind the surface. Thanks to it, all unseemly dents and scratches can disappear. Of course, it is best to do this with a special machine. However, sandpaper is also suitable.

Painting interior doors under a pine

After grinding, the surface is puttyed. For this, special formulations are used. In this case, a putty designed for wood is suitable. Any other mixture will be ineffective. Especially if you intend to cover the product with a colorless composition, for example, oil or stain.

Completion of the basics

Painting interior doors can be done independently. The result will be high. However, for this, the process of preparing the foundation needs to be given great attention. When the putty hardens (time is indicated in the manual for the use of the product), it is necessary to sand the surface a second time with sandpaper.

Painting interior doors from solid wood

After the door leaf has been processed and cleaned, you need to wipe it with a damp rag, dry it, vacuum it. No debris, dust should remain on the canvas. This will significantly spoil the appearance of the door after staining.

After making the necessary preparatory steps, you can begin to apply the decorative layer.

Door painting

Restoration and painting of interior doors is carried out in accordance with the established instructions. To evenly apply the product on the surface, you need to determine what type of structure it belongs to.

The panel door will require staining in three steps. For a better application of the product, use a roller. Thanks to him, the color is smooth and beautiful. He does not leave hairs. You need to start painting from the left corner of the canvas from above. With smooth movements, the paint is gradually applied to the surface, approaching the bottom. After processing, you need to quality dry the canvas.

Painting interior doors photo

The panel door at the initial stage must be painted with a brush. Then it will be possible to complete the processing roller.

Paint stain door

Painting interior doors from an array most often involves the use of stains. Before painting, slightly moisten the surface with water. Then the remedy can lie flat. To paint the door with a stain is first along, and only then across the wood fibers. It is advisable to apply the product from below.

Restoration and painting of interior doors

After the surface is treated with stain, the wood fibers begin to gradually straighten. They should definitely be polished. You need to do this with the help of a zero-skin. The procedure is carried out only after the first layer has dried.

Then, after cleaning, the next layer is applied. Stain on alcohol does not stimulate the process of straightening fibers. It can dry within half an hour, and the door does not have to be sanded. However, it should be noted that water-based formulations are considered much safer. In such a stain there are no toxic substances. That is why such a composition is popular among professional installers.

Wood imitation

Almost any material can be used to create a tree picture, even if white interior doors are painted. To perform a similar procedure at home, you will need a specific brush. It is sold in any hardware store. She needs to treat the surface before painting. After that, a tool of any color is applied to the prepared texture.

Since the surface structure has already changed, a tree-like pattern appears. It will not need to be specially drawn. Grinding is worth it after the composition has completely dried. All work can be done independently at home. Possible flaws in this case will be insignificant.

If there is still some fear of spoiling the interior door, it is better to try processing for the first time on the wrong side of the product. In some cases, it is better to practice a little before creating the texture of natural wood. So you can transform not only the door, but also cabinets, other products.

Pine doors

Many people like pine doors. The price is especially attractive in such products. Compared to other doors, similar products are much cheaper. They also have many advantages. The door from natural pine is environmentally friendly, does not emit harmful components into the environment. It is also a very beautiful element of the interior. Compared to wood products, they are more durable and more reliable.

Painting of interior doors made of natural pine will take place in the same way as described above. It is necessary to pay a little more attention to the process of preparation and surface treatment.

If the owner of the house does not restore the door from pine, but wants to create a surface for this type of wood, you should use a special textured brush. It is used in exactly the same way as described above. When buying, give preference to equipment that repeats the texture of pine.

Recommendations of specialists

Wooden doors are reliability and high quality. Compared to other varieties of paintings, natural materials are many times better. In nature, trees give people oxygen, which is so necessary for good lung function. No wonder many wealthy people prefer to settle in wooden houses.

Now you will not surprise anyone with products made of plastic and plastic. The interior, decorated with natural materials, will look original and stylish.

Wooden doors have been used by mankind for many decades. However, this material never loses its popularity. Wood looks interesting in the design of a house or apartment. Such products create warmth and comfort. Doors do not let cold air in and have good sound insulation. If the owners of the house will talk in the next room, they can not worry that their conversation will be heard.

Performance, characteristics of the presented element of the interior are completely dependent on the type of wood and its processing. For example, a very strong and reliable oak does not let moisture pass. Pine, on the contrary, is softer. The choice depends on the personal preferences and financial capabilities of the owners of the house.

Having considered how the interior doors are painted, you can do all the work yourself. Restoration will be successful if you adhere to the advice of experienced craftsmen.


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