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In general, the assortment of minivans in the Russian market is not very rich - suitable cars can be listed on the fingers. One of these cars is considered to be the Japanese Toyota Alphard. It appeared on the domestic market more than ten years ago, so it is very difficult to call it a novelty. A few years after their debut, the Japanese developed the second generation of minivans, and then, in anticipation of a drop in sales, they released a restyled version. It happened in 2011. Well, let's look at how successful Toyota Alfard's car updates were.

Toyota Alphard

Reviews and review of the appearance

Ahead of the novelty looks a bit heavy, but at the same time there are features of solidity in the design. In front, the car shows us huge trapezoidal main headlights, a "predatory" air intake and foglights integrated into the bumper. The small hood is originally lit against the background of a large windshield. On the side of the body line are more like some kind of bus, although here the designers did not forget about the highlight. So, the restyled Toyota Alphard is interesting for its high lateral line and swollen wheel arches. The shape of the frames of the passenger doors is also not without originality. In the upper part of the body there is a small spoiler, which in combination with a new front bumper minimizes the drag coefficient.


Inside, the novelty impresses with its free space. The salon is able to comfortably accommodate even the tallest passenger. Light colors and leather trim create both the effect of solidity and homeliness. But the main feature is not at all in this, but in the quality and quantity of seats. Let's start with the driver. A chair is provided for him with automatic adjustment in eight directions.

toyota alphard reviews
The passenger sitting on the side can adjust his seat in 6 ranges. At the same time, do not forget about the function of the horizontal back. Second-row passengers are also not without comfort. For them, the manufacturer has provided OTTOMAN chairs with 4-band adjustment of the back and the possibility of horizontal arrangement. They have a special footrest. The last, third row of seats is less equipped, but this is no less comfortable.


In Russia, Toyota Alphard will be presented with a stripped-down line of engines. To be more precise, there is nothing left for domestic buyers except one V-shaped unit with a capacity of 275 horsepower and with a displacement of 3.5 liters. At the same time, in spite of such characteristics, the minivan is fine with the โ€œappetiteโ€. For 100 km, Toyota Alphard spends only 11 liters of fuel. The dynamics of the "Japanese" is no less striking. Acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour is just over 8 seconds, while the peak speed freezes at around 200 km / h.

Toyota Alphard Price

Toyota Alphard: price

At the moment, in Russia there is only one complete set available (โ€œtop-endโ€), which costs about 2 million 485 thousand rubles. In addition, buyers can paint the body in metallic color for 58 thousand rubles or in pearl, but it will cost 87 thousand.

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