Exercises for diction and voice

Due to the correct articulation of sounds and the ability to open your mouth, a clear pronunciation of words is widely provided. Diction, voice and speech are important components of any successful performance. If you open your mouth poorly, speech becomes slurred, quiet, sounds pass through your teeth.

Diction exercise
Diction is a distinct pronunciation of sounds with the correct articulation when pronouncing phrases and words clearly. In order to learn how to open your mouth wide and develop jaw muscle mobility, special exercises for diction have been developed. You will learn about them from the article.

The development of diction is simply necessary in order to avoid an incomprehensible moo when speaking. And pronunciation deficiencies that are not corrected in time can remain for the rest of your life.

Diction Exercises
In order for your voice to be loud, you need to breathe correctly. If you first began to develop it, then breathing exercises are the main thing you should do. Diction also depends on the development of voice.

Voice Exercises

  1. Inhale through the nose and count to three. Exhale it through your mouth. Repeat for 5 minutes.
  2. The legs are shoulder-width apart, the spine is straightened, one arm on the chest, the other on the stomach. When inhaling, push the stomach forward.
  3. Inhale the air through the mouth and exhale it gently, saying: β€œa, u, s, e, y, o”.
  4. β€œGrowl” and β€œmoo” with your mouth closed until it tickles your lips. Quiet at first, and then loudly.

Diction Exercises

- Say combinations of consonants as you exhale. First articulate sounds silently, then whisper, and at the end loudly.

  • Ba - would - bo - be - bi - bu
  • wa - you - vo - ve - vi - woo
  • yes - dy - do - de - di - do
  • pa - py - po - pe - pi - poo
  • fa - fy - pho - fe - fi - fu
  • that - you - that - te - ti - that
  • ha - gee - go - ge - gi - gu
  • ka - ki - ko - ke - ki - ku
  • ha - he - ho - he - hee - hu

- Say sounds as you exhale. At first, silently, after that - in a whisper, and at the end - distinctly and loudly (but not to the point of screaming)

  • lra - lry - lro - lre - lri - lru
  • RLA - RLI - RLO - RLE - RLEY - RLU

- Say in syllables:

  • PPA - PPI - PPO - PPE - PPI - PPU
  • BBA - BBA - BBO - BBE - BBI - BBU
  • Pubba - Beats - Pubbo - Pebbe - Pibby - Pbbu

- Say clearly the following combinations:

  • Bird - birdie - birdie - birdie - birdie - birdie
  • TPK - TPK - TPK - TPK - TPK - TPK
  • Kpta - kpti - kpto - kpte - kpti - kptu

- Say clearly and slowly the following words:

  • Anna, Asya, Alice, Albina, algebra, Anya, address, aster, author, poppy, yar, yak, poison, berry, us, ball, start, hand, pit, alt.
  • Side, guest, here, rain, sorrow, dawns, bridge, house, cat, crowbar, clods, bill, tears, salt, ice, aunt, Lenya.
  • Morning, mind, coal, bonds, tooth, prisoner, bow, club, noise, labor, write, name, iron, south, union, yule, holy fool, young man, humor, in bad weather, on Wednesday.
  • Howled, wailed, beat, rear - slime, washed - Nile, blazed - sawed. lynx - rice.
  • By - be, gee - ge, you - ve, ly - le, we - ne, we - me, py - pe, you - te, ry - re, sy - se.

- Say phrases with different intonations. Imagine that you are talking with a friend who doubts your every word. You need to calmly and convincingly defend your innocence.

Development of diction
1. Mila Mimosa bought her mother (exactly, calmly).

2. Mila Mimosa bought mom? (in intonation, highlight the first word).

1. Mila Mimosa bought mom

2. Mila Mimosa bought mom?

1. Mila Mimosa bought mom

2. Mila Mimosa bought mom?

1. Mila Mimosa bought her mother.

2. Mila Mimosa bought mom?

1. Mila Mimosa bought mom!

- Say tongue twisters that come to your mind at first soundlessly, then in a whisper, and at the end - distinctly and loudly. After that, pronounce them, chuckling, with humor, then - with the intention of reporting something terrible, and at the very end - at a very fast pace.

Perform diction exercises daily and after three months you will see the results. Do not be surprised if they begin to tell you that you have changed a lot. I hope that it will not be difficult for you to perform all the exercises for diction. Good luck!

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