Teenagers problems

Adolescence, as many adults say, is a very difficult period for children who have not yet become adults. In our country, it is generally accepted that if a child has entered a transition period, then wait for trouble. Taking this information seriously, the adolescents themselves believe that they are supposed to lead a wild life at this age, argue with parents and do everything as he wants. No one thinks that the problems of adolescents are directly dependent on us - adults, who, in theory, should help children overcome this period of life with the greatest benefit to the health and intelligence of the adolescent. However, many parents and teachers in schools believe that only prohibitions can bring up the correct behavior of a teenager, but this is far from the case. Hence, many social problems of children and adolescents appear : smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, computer addiction , etc.

Today, smoking is a huge threat to the health and development of a future generation. As a result of the early start of the smoker's experience (starting from 10-11 years) by the end of high school, 20% of children become heavy smokers who are addicted and smoke from 10 to 40 cigarettes per day. And this applies to both boys and girls. In a sociological survey of schoolchildren by the eighth grade, about 40% of students begin to smoke already, and many of them, especially girls, do not consider smoking 1-2 cigarettes a day.

Alcoholism, alcohol addiction - this is the scourge of our society! The culture of society is so low that the alcohol campaigns carried out by manufacturers are getting stronger, their profit is growing every year, and the health of young people is deteriorating. In recent years, cases of bronchial asthma, gastritis, cirrhosis, etc. have become more frequent. All this is due to early dependence on alcohol and smoking.

And who will solve the problems of adolescents in our society? The lack of intelligence and social uncertainty of adolescents does not allow them to independently understand the issues of a healthy lifestyle and social adaptation.

Recently, to all of the above problems of the younger generation has joined the problem of adolescents' passion for virtual communication. This is an all-consuming social network that keeps the mind of a teenager in voluntary captivity. Many parents are glad that their child "doesn’t hang around with anyone" and "does not drink vodka with a compass", but sits quietly at home near the computer and looks endlessly at the monitor screen. But, as doctors and psychologists point out, the influence of an electronic “friend” is no less harmful than alcohol or drug addiction. As computer addiction develops, health deteriorates, posture, vision is impaired, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract develop, but the worst is that the personality of the child changes. He becomes closed, ceases to communicate with peers, and in the end in general loses communication skills. Such adolescents become socially unadapted, in adulthood they cannot start a family, have children, take responsibility for their actions, etc. This is a huge problem of the younger generation, problems of adolescents at the state level, since the number of able-bodied people is decreasing every year, the percentage of disability is growing, the birth rate is falling.

The problems of adolescents are the problems of our society! By our example, we must show children how to develop physically and intellectually, grow in professional activity, and build interpersonal relationships. All this must be explained in an accessible language and clearly demonstrated, and not turn away and wave your hand. Because it is our future.

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