Testosterone boosters: reviews, rating. How to take a testosterone booster?

The theme of sports nutrition is becoming more popular every year. And therefore, everyone who intends to find a beautiful body should pay attention to such an element of sports nutrition as testosterone boosters.

Hormone testosterone

This name is used to identify the male hormone, which is the most powerful androgen. Its active production in the body begins during puberty and lasts until the moment when the reproductive system is finally formed.

testosterone boosters

If we consider the indicators of testosterone production against the background of physical exertion, it is worth noting that the level of this hormone in the blood increases by 37% when training in the gym using weights. It is high levels of testosterone concentration that are one of the conditions for effective and rapid muscle building.

Thanks to modern technology, various accelerators of the male hormone have been developed to help make the process of muscle growth even faster. These sports supplements are called "testosterone boosters."

How to determine the fact of lowering the hormone

If we talk about conditions that are ideal for the use of sports supplements that have anabolic effects, it makes sense to pay attention to those periods when the level of testosterone is significantly reduced.

You can determine the low concentration of the hormone in the blood by the following signs:

- erectile disfunction;

- low metabolism and weight gain;

- lack of attention and memory loss;

- irritability;

- low sex drive;

- loss of muscle mass or tangible difficulties with its set;

- fatigue.

Testosterone boosters

This is a certain group of drugs related to sports nutrition, which is used to improve endurance, stimulate muscle growth and increase libido, which is facilitated by the increasing concentration of male hormone in the blood.

testosterone boosters reviews

You should not be afraid of harm from the use of such additives, since their composition does not include any dangerous elements, but only plant components, vitamins, minerals and synthetic substances (extremely rare) that contribute to the growth of lean muscle mass.

But there are still some limitations. Use testosterone boosters not recommended for those who have not yet reached the age of 20. In some cases, such funds should be discarded up to 25 years. This recommendation is explained by the fact that the hormonal system of the young body is quite unstable and can be disturbed with tangible intervention. Moreover, at the age of 20, young people, as a rule, have a naturally high level of the hormone and do not need additional stimulation.

The effect that testosterone boosters produce lasts throughout their intake. As soon as the course ends, the artificial stimulation of muscle growth also stops.

Types and benefits of boosters

This type of drug is presented on the sports nutrition market in several forms. We are talking about dietary supplements and pharmacological agents. In fact, these are effective and harmless medicines. They also have no side effects, unlike steroid drugs. The effect of boosters is only to increase the natural hormone testosterone.

testosterone boosters rating

As for the advantages that are worth paying attention to, the following types of impact can be attributed to them:

- help to overcome recoil syndrome with PCT;

- contribute to the rapid recruitment of lean muscle mass ;

- β€œdisperse” their own testosterone;

- improve libido;

- enhance potency.

Application principles

In order to get the expected effect, it is important to understand how to take a testosterone booster. This information is very important, since with an overdose such a tool can also have a negative effect.

As described above, the use of boosters eliminates side effects. The only condition under which they become possible is an overdose. Therefore, those who decided on such measures for the sake of gaining muscle mass should carefully study the instructions and strictly adhere to it. As a rule, take boosters after meals 3 times a day. At the same time, daily training should be present.

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It is important to remember that you can not use sports nutrition for a long time. Testosterone boosters are no exception. If you neglect this principle and get carried away by this tool, you can encounter such a problem as a decrease in the production of your own male hormone in vivo, without the effects of sports pharmacology.

Thus, after a short-term use of sports nutrition and achieving the desired results, supplements should be discarded.

As for contraindications, testosterone boosters are prohibited for use by those people who have kidney or heart problems, and also suffer from high blood pressure.

Most Popular Boosters

Since there are tons of offers on the market related to male hormone enhancing supplements, key positions need to be identified. If we consider the popular testosterone boosters, the rating will be approximately as follows:

- Tribulus Terrestris. At the moment, this is one of the most effective and popular supplements on the Russian market of sports nutrition. It has exclusively plant origin. The content of active saponins in this booster exceeds the mark of 70%, while most products can only boast of a level of 40-60%.

sports nutrition testosterone boosters

- Universal Animal Test. A manufacturer like Animal has been recognized by many athletes, and this testosterone booster was no exception. In the composition of this tool there is yohimbine, significantly enhancing libido. Such an addition will be very relevant after a course of anabolic steroids.

- 6-OXO. Trying to determine the best testosterone boosters, you should pay attention to this tool. This chemical drug reduces estrogen secretion and increases testosterone levels by slowing the secretion of artomatase. This enzyme is responsible for converting the male hormone into estrogens (female sex hormones), which are part of body fat and have a negative effect on the process of gaining lean mass.

- D-aspartic acid. In this case, we are talking about endogenous acid, which is present in the body. If we consider various testosterone boosters, reviews will often testify in favor of this supplement. It is important to note the fact that to obtain a really noticeable effect, it is worth using means in which the D-form of the acid is present, and not L.


Obviously, testosterone boosters are a fairly effective means of increasing male hormone.

how to take a testosterone booster

At the same time, such supplements are perfectly combined with other elements of sports nutrition, namely creatine, BCAA amino acids, protein and vitamin complexes. If such funds are used comprehensively, then the desired result can be achieved in a shorter period.

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