How to apply shellac at home?

Shellac varnish - a compound that is a mixture of ordinary varnish and professional gel for building and modeling nails. The technology of applying shellac is quite simple. That is why it is available to absolutely any girl who reverently cares for her nails and monitors their condition. However, many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity do not know how to apply shellac at home.

how to apply shellac
The benefits of gel polish

The most important advantage of this coating for nails is the fact that it lasts for three weeks, while not chipping or scratching. Also, shellac allows not only to give the nails a well-groomed and neat look, but also helps to strengthen natural nails. The entire application process takes about 30 minutes. It is worth noting that only the correct technique for applying shellac will not allow the gel to tighten, will not allow the varnish to rise or crack. On the day of shellac application, you should not do a manicure using various essential oils.

How to apply shellac?

The whole process of coating nails consists of the following steps:

1. The first coat is applied.

2. The base is covered with a color coating. Each layer is dried in a UV lamp. In order to obtain a translucent color, the coating should be applied in one layer, for a more saturated shade, two layers will be required.

3. Application of the final layer - finish.

How to apply shellac - step-by-step instructions

shellac application technology
1. First of all, it is necessary to prepare the nails. To do this, do a dry manicure. Carefully push the cuticle away with the tip of a wooden scapula, remove the keratinized part with an “hatchet”.

2. Using the nail file to give the desired shape to the nails.

3. To file the nail polish, sand the surface of the nail plate. This procedure contributes to better adhesion of the surface of the nail and gel. In the area of ​​the cuticle, the nail should be sanded with a nail file. The purpose of grinding is to remove gloss from the plate.

4. Use a manicure brush to brush off the dust after grinding.

5. Before applying the base, the nails must be degreased. This can be done using ordinary ethyl alcohol.

6. In order for the coating to be applied smoothly and held for as long as possible, apply a primer to the entire surface of the nail and wait for it to completely dry.

shellac application technique

7. Application of a base coat or base. The method of application is no different from coating the nails with ordinary varnish. Dry the applied layer in a UV lamp.

8. Apply a thin layer of color coating, then place your hand in an ultraviolet lamp. Apply the next coat (if necessary).

9. We cover the color layer with a finish coating. It must be remembered that this layer should be slightly thicker than the previous ones. The finish should lie on the surface of the nail with smooth gloss. The edge of the nail also needs to be smeared. Thus, the nail is “sealed”.

10. The upper sticky layer is easily removed with alcohol.

11. The cuticle can be greased with aromatic essential oil.

Now you know how to apply shellac at home. The step-by-step implementation of the above steps will allow you to do the perfect manicure yourself.


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