How to wash silicone from tiles and other surfaces?

The scope of use of silicone sealant is extremely wide. All thanks to its high operational, sealing and sealing qualities. However, its use may also have an unpleasant side if the application was erroneous or involuntary. Here it will be useful to know how to remove or how to wash silicone without harming the surface.

Sealant Features

The solvents in the composition give the tool special bonding properties and increased elasticity, which allows it to be used on almost all types of surfaces:

  1. Antibacterial types of sealant are best suited for use in rooms with high humidity. These are bathrooms, aquariums, pools, as well as places in contact with water.
  2. Silicone sealants are more often used in the construction and automotive industries. When applied to the surface, the substance penetrates the structure of the material and is firmly held in it. Removing it becomes quite problematic, especially if the sealant has been there for a long time.

Perhaps that is why more and more often among beginners the question arises as to how to wash silicone from clothes, tiles, glass or plastic without damaging the surface. Despite the complexity of the process, there are still ways. Consider them later in the article.

Mechanical methods

In order to avoid the question of how to wash silicone, it is recommended to paste the surface with masking tape before starting work, protecting it from this agent. If pollution could not be avoided, for cleaning you will need:

  1. Sharp knife. As a rule, before proceeding with further mashing of the sealant, it is he who is first used. The tool simply scrapes off the top layer. In this case, special care must be taken not to scratch the coating and not spoil its appearance. This method is more suitable for surfaces that are resistant to mechanical damage or in inconspicuous places.
  2. Scraper. This is a special tool for glass surfaces. It has the shape of a spatula, but its base is slightly thicker and with a pointed end resembling a kitchen knife. If there is no such device on the farm, then you can replace it with an ordinary spatula.
  3. Scraper made of wood or plastic. Surely professional builders have this special tool. If this is not available, a scraper can replace it to clean the pan from carbon deposits.
  4. A wire washcloth is useful for cleaning the joints between the bathroom and tile. At the same time, the work is done very carefully so that no scratches appear on the surface.
    cleaning equipment

Universal or simple remedy?

Unfortunately, a tool that is suitable for all types of surfaces has not yet been developed by specialists. Therefore, when searching for an answer to the question of how to wash building silicone, you will have to use combined methods.

You can try to wipe off the sealant using a simple tool - table salt. It should be noted that the method is suitable only for scratch resistant coatings.

Any sharp object needs to cut off the top layer of pollution. A clean rag is soaked in water and dipped in salt or folded in several layers and the salt is poured inside. In a circular motion with effort and small amplitude wipe off the pollution.

After silicone, a stain of fat may remain on the surface. You can remove it by wiping it with a sponge dampened in a dishwashing detergent.

How to clean the tiles?

Often, after laying the material at the joints, excess sealant remains, and the surface looks messy. Over time, it penetrates deeper into the surface, and it will be very difficult to remove it without harm to the coating. Consider how to wash silicone off the tile until it finally has eaten into the top layer of the material:

  1. White Spirit. In addition to proven folk methods, you can use chemicals that will solve the problem much faster. It is worth taking into account that the white spirit contains a solvent, so it is not suitable for use on painted surfaces. A clean cloth is moistened with the product and the contaminated area is treated. After a minute, the silicone acquires a loose texture and is easily cleaned with a sharp object. Then the surface is again wiped with the use of the product, only after that it is washed with an important rag.
  2. Another effective way to clean tiles from a layer of sealant is to use gasoline or kerosene. To begin with, the maximum thick adhesive layer is cut from the spot. Then the rag is moistened with gasoline and wiped the contaminated area. When the tool begins to act and the base becomes jelly-like, the stain is removed with a wooden spatula.
  3. Penta-840 solvent. This product is specifically designed to clean contaminants from different surfaces. You can buy it at any hardware store. It is inexpensive, but cleans quickly and efficiently. Before buying, you must familiarize yourself with the instructions, since it is not suitable for all coatings.

How to wash silicone from the tiles?

how to wash silicone from the tile

You can remove the sticky substance from this material by means available in household use:

  1. Soap solution. In the prepared mixture of laundry soap and water, a sponge is moistened and the place of contamination is treated. At the end of the procedure, the cleaned area is wiped with a dry cloth.
  2. Vinegar. A method for cleaning silicone from tiles using this substance has long been known. The liquid has a destructive effect on the components of the sealant, contributing to its rapid lag behind the coating. Before work, it is necessary to protect the skin of the hands with rubber gloves, and at the end of the manipulation, ventilate the room. Vinegar is applied to a cotton pad and soaked in impurities, kept for some time and cleaned with a sharp object. An alternative to vinegar is acetone.

Glass cleaning

Such a procedure may be necessary if, for example, window joints were closed. There is nothing easier than washing silicone from glass. It is easiest to remove traces of sealant from such a coating because it is perfectly smooth. To do this, just use a sharp knife or spatula.

how to wash silicone from glass

You can avoid scratches if you work without undue effort in one direction. If, however, it was not possible to completely remove the silicone with a sharp object, one of the methods described must be applied. Vinegar or white spirit is best for this, but gasoline can leave rainbow stains on the glass that are difficult to wash off.

Plastic cleaning

How can silicone be washed if they accidentally stained such a coating? It can be a random drop on plastic pipes or on the same window sill. It is quite simple to clear this material of contaminants with silicone. The fact is that, due to the peculiarities of the structure, it does not allow the sealant to firmly fix, therefore, after the repair is completed, the stain is easy to clean. Specialists and consultants in specialized stores will definitely recommend a tool called Dow Corning OS-2 for this case. Its composition perfectly eliminates traces of contamination without harm to the surface.

First, the thickness of the sealant is cut with a sharp object. After that, a solvent is applied to it and left for half an hour. At this time, the silicone will soften and loosen, you only need to cut it with a spatula or scraper. The remaining greasy marks are removed with detergent and then wiped with a dry cloth. If a primer was used before applying the sealant, a more concentrated solvent will be needed to clean the dirt.

Cleaning clothes and hands

It may happen that during operation the sealant enters open areas of the body and tissue. If you have a question, how to wash silicone from clothes, you can use the following methods:

how to wash silicone from clothes
  1. Remove the item and put in a plastic bag. Close it tightly by releasing air and place in the freezer for five hours. After extraction, the adhesive is manually removed.
  2. Sealant can be quickly removed with ethyl alcohol. It is copiously applied to the stain and wiped with a brush. Then the thing is washed in a machine at a temperature of 40 ° C.
  3. If the fabric allows the use of hot water, clothes can be washed at 95 ° C with detergent.
  4. Effectively dissolves a stain from silicone vinegar essence. It is wetted with dirt and scraped off with a knife ten minutes later. It is important not to cut the fabric.

It is impossible to remove silicone from thin tissues without damaging them, but bright colors after such a treatment are likely to fade.

There are frequent cases when the tool remains in the hands of the one who works with it. So that the caustic composition does not harm the skin, it must be removed as soon as possible. How to wash silicone from hands? We offer the following methods:

  1. Table vinegar is mixed with water in a 1: 1 ratio. A cotton swab is moistened in the finished solution and wiped with the skin. Do not rub it too hard so as not to irritate the epidermis.
  2. The nail polish remover is able to cope with sealant residues no less efficiently. The cotton pad is wetted with liquid and applied to a stain of silicone. After two or three minutes, they scrape it off, and wash his hands with soap.
  3. Another way to remove silicone. Pour warm water into a bowl and add three tablespoons of salt. Hands are dipped in saline for 15 minutes, after which the adhesive can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

How to wash silicone from the bath?

To remove the sticky substance from such a surface, you will need a clerical knife, coarse salt and a clean rag. Having prepared everything you need, get to work.

how to wash silicone from the bath

Excess sealant is carefully cut with a knife over the entire area of ​​contamination. Then, prying one edge of the silicone, pull it with your hand in the opposite direction. A wet rag is dipped in salt and rubbed with it where there are still traces of the substance. You can also treat the coating with a solvent or a mixture of water and vinegar.

Special chemical compounds

How effective the solvent will be is directly dependent on the components of the sealant to which it is applied. There is a special liquid silicone that is used to fill molds. Dyes and hardeners can be added to its composition. A wide range of chemicals allows you to highlight the most effective substances. Consider how to wash liquid silicone:

  1. Mixture 646. Its use is recommended during the first days after using the adhesive. She rolls the silicone, after it is easy to remove with a dry cloth.
  2. Quilosa Limpiador. Well removes fresh spots of sealant. Not used for leather products.
  3. Sili-kill. One of the best tools. Approved for use on all types of surfaces.
  4. Silicone Remover. Specially designed silicone remover. Effectively removes stains from smooth surfaces and is suitable for porous. It is often purchased to remove sealant from rubber.
    special means
  5. Penta-840. This is a product of a domestic manufacturer, well established for cleaning any surfaces. The tool is toxic, but gives an excellent result.

Precautionary measures

The sealant must be operated in accordance with safety regulations.

The skin of the hands must be protected with rubber gloves. If it’s inconvenient to work in them, masters advise soaping their hands with soap. A thin film forms on the skin that repels the adhesive and prevents it from penetrating into the deeper layers of the dermis.

precautionary measures

If joints on the ceiling are treated with sealant, it is recommended to protect the hair with a hat. You can use cellophane. It will be impossible to wash off silicone from the hairline.

If we talk about the prevention of the composition getting onto hard surfaces, then it is recommended to use masking tape, plastic film, repellent silicone solutions to protect them. Precautions will not be superfluous. If the silicone has come to the surface, it is immediately removed without waiting for it to set on the surface.

The article answers the question of how to wash silicone from various coatings, as well as from clothes and skin of hands.


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