Delicate manicure for long nails: features, ideas and photos

Manicure is an important detail in the image of every girl. In addition to beautiful clothes, make-up, styling and perfume, nails certainly attract attention. The absence of burrs, the coating without chips give elegance and grooming to the fair sex. When a girl thinks about manicure, the question inevitably arises: "How exactly to make out nails?" Masters offer a huge number of designs: from the classic jacket, to rhinestones and stickers. Too bright manicure is not always appropriate. At work or at school, he can be distracting, and this is not always permitted by management or is suitable for a dress code. Nude, light shades and unobtrusive designs will be a great solution for every day. A manicure in gentle tones on long nails will look especially beneficial.

Rules to help nail polish stay as long as possible.

Whatever ideas for manicure you choose, so that the coating remains on your nails for as long as possible, you need to follow a few simple recommendations.

  1. Degreasing and dehydration of the nail plate. It is carried out at the preparatory stage by a degreaser and a dehydrator.
  2. Primer with a sticky layer. On it, the coating will last longer and better.
  3. Sealing the end of the nail. This procedure will protect the varnish from chips.
  4. Drawing a top on top of a color coating.

Follow these simple instructions if you do manicure yourself, or pay attention to the work of your master, if you go to the salon.

Manicure: process

As for the ideas of decorating nails, there are countless them. Delicate colors and designs have many advantages. Such a manicure will suit any image - both everyday and evening. It looks stylish and shows the presence of a girl’s taste. Manicure on long nails in delicate colors does not make them vulgar and defiant, but emphasizes the natural beauty of female hands and fingers. This design requires a certain shape of the nail. Best of all, a gentle manicure for long nails looks on the forms: square, soft square, oval and almonds. But the stylet, ballerina and beveled nail are more suitable for bright or dark colors and custom designs.

The most suitable for delicate execution will be such design options as a jacket, holes, ombre, floral art, plain coating.

Classic French

Despite the name, this type of nail design came to us from the United States of America. It is a beige or light pink coating and a white nail tip, which is drawn with a stencil or independently (if you have the necessary experience and accuracy). Such a manicure is always appropriate, looks neat, gives the image of tenderness and romance and emphasizes the length of the nails. Most often, the service jacket is made on such shapes as a square or soft square, but can also be found on the amygdala and oval.

French manicure

Manicure masters offer various variations of the French manicure. In addition to the classic, you can find a double, colored, decorative (for example, the tip of the nail is decorated with rhinestones or rubbing), Hollywood (varnish is applied in the form of a "smile").

Plain coating

The easiest quick option. White, beige, blue or pale pink manicure for long nails is feminine and not particularly catchy, so it will be appropriate at work, study, meeting friends or a date. By choosing this coverage, you will not be distracted by it from important matters and events. If you want to diversify a manicure, you can somehow single out one nail, for example, cover it with a different color, make a hole or an unobtrusive drawing.

To diversify a monophonic covering

The palettes of many companies offer a huge number of delicate colors, so you can not complain about the monotony.


Another gentle manicure for long nails. Appeared in 1920. It got its name because in the idea of ​​manicure is the selection of a hole (staining with a different color or a transparent top - depending on the idea). A stencil or brush is also used. Differs in accuracy and conciseness. When such a manicure is made in soft bed colors, it will come to the image of lightness and romance. Often, the holes are combined with French, highlighting the crescent at the base of the nail, and the tip.

Lunar and French manicure

Among the "star" lovers of such a manicure include such media personalities as Dita von Teese, Beyonce Knowles, Fergie, Rihanna.

Ombre or gradient

This is a relatively new solution in nail art. A gentle manicure for long nails, made in such a technique, will certainly attract attention. This option is a smooth transition from one color to another. It is usually carried out with the help of air -uffing, airbrushing or a special wide flat brush. The most popular vertical gradient, but you can find horizontal. Such a coating in delicate colors (for example, the transition from beige to white or from light pink to pastel gray) looks romantic and at the same time original and unusual. If such a manicure seems to you too non-standard, you can perform the ombre technique on only one or two fingers, leaving the remaining nails plain.

Ombre Option

Gentle Nail Art Ideas

Art does not always look elaborate and catchy. A small drawing on a light background favorably emphasizes the beauty and grace of a female hand. In summer and spring, floristry (floral drawings) will look advantageous, and in winter - a snowflake or painting "under a sweater" using velvet sand. Peas, twigs and stripes also make a good impression. It looks very feminine and elegant on long nails and a lace pattern. This design is well suited for a romantic date, wedding or holiday party.

Lace pattern

If you want to add a little luxury and shine for a gentle manicure on long nails, use a mother-of-pearl rub, small rhinestones, sculpting in the design.

If you can not decide on the design yourself, use the Internet. Search engines are full of photos of gentle manicure on long nails. You can take your favorite idea and supplement it with something of your own (for example, change the color of the coating). You should also consult with the master, maybe he will find fresh and creative ideas for gentle manicure.


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