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Every girl knows that taking care of yourself requires a lot of effort and time. Modern cosmetic products make this important activity easier. But how to choose the best means for yourself among such a huge variety? This difficult choice also applies to nail care products. Mavala is a company that managed to win the hearts of many fashionistas. It will be discussed in this article.

mavala for nails

Philosophy of Care and Beauty

This justified slogan was chosen by the company. Mavala for nails produces in Switzerland a whole series of quality products. In addition, in other countries there are laboratories of this company, which are developing various lines of tools. The company produces shampoos, body oils, creams, gels for hands and feet, soothing salts, talcum powder and lotions. All products include about a thousand different kinds of cosmetic medical products. The company was established in 1958, but appeared on the Russian market only in 1997. All this time Mavala grew and developed. Today, this company produces cosmetics for European manicure. Its characteristic features are the use of gentle nail care products and the rejection of tools that can damage the skin. The company has opened many beauty schools and branches around the world. The very first product Mavala released for nails was Scientifique. It can be found on store shelves in our time. This is a revolutionary product that strengthens and maintains the firmness of nails.

Nail Care Line

Everyone knows that the age of a woman can be determined by her hands, but this statement does not apply to those who use Mavala products. For nails and skin, this company produces a lot of medical products that can not only make a delightful manicure, but also take care of the condition of the nail plate. The entire line of nail care can be divided into two categories: beauty and care.

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The first includes cosmetics such as varnish, bleaching pencil, protective coating, base coat, thinner, correction pencil and stencils for French manicure. The second category includes nail care products, such as serums, firming pencils, creams and oils. All products are developed on the basis of natural components, which explains its high cost.

Manicure Pencil Corrector

To paint nails and not to stain the cuticle is not an easy task, especially if the girl is in a hurry or does it in poor lighting. As a rule, in order to remove defects, use a cotton swab dipped in acetone. The disadvantage of this method is that such manipulations spread and do not erase the varnish. In addition, in some hard-to-reach places, this procedure is almost impossible. For such purposes, Mavala produces a special corrector pencil. It looks like a regular colorless marker. Its tip is made of felt, and inside is a special nail polish remover that does not contain acetone.

pencil corrector

In such correction pencils that are produced by other companies, there is one common problem: the tip very quickly becomes unusable and does not allow you to accurately remove excess varnish. The pencil produced by Mavala has three replacement tips to extend its life. Many girls who have bought this cosmetic product claim that it is much better than analogues of other companies. Reviews about Mavala are almost all positive. Girls note that the skin in places where the product is used does not become dry or irritated.

Nail whitening pencil

Another innovation Mavala pleases consumers with is a special pencil for French manicure. Who does not like this color scheme! Many girls prefer regular French manicures to the lurid arts. Performing it at home is extremely difficult, but thanks to the Mavala company, an elegant design can be done very quickly, and you donโ€™t even need to pick up a varnish. A whitening nail pencil looks like plain white. A special sharpening is provided on its cap, which removes dirt and dust from under the nails. The pencil itself makes the nail on the inside completely white. This manipulation eliminates the use of white varnish.

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How to use a whitening pencil

Before starting a manicure, you need to remove the dirt under the nails. Further, the stylus of this product needs to be slightly softened in water. Now you need to hold a whitening pencil under the nail. You should not press too hard, but you need to achieve absolute whitening of the inside of the nail. Now that the nails look beautiful and well-groomed, they can be coated with colorless varnish or left as is. Mavala reviews are mixed about this tool, since its drawback is that when it comes in contact with water, the white pencil is washed off. Despite this, some girls claim that after prolonged use, the nail plate still begins to turn white.

Mavala Lucky

This company produces many different beauty products, among them there are nail polishes, the palette of which contains more than 100 different items. Mavala varnishes dry very quickly and hold on the nail plate for no more than 3 days. They are easy enough to apply in several layers. They fit well on the surface of the nail. In addition, the manufacturer claims that they do not contain harmful substances, such as formaldehydes. Mavala varnishes have a small volume, which allows you to always carry them with you. The girls who have already used them argue that the products are equipped with convenient brushes and coating is easy enough, even if there are no special skills. In addition, there are several lines for French manicure: Kit French Manicure White, Kit French Manicure Pink, Kit French Manicure Ice Cube. These sets already include the necessary varnish colors for this type of manicure. They differ in color schemes. For example, the White set includes three varnishes: โ€œWhite 49โ€, โ€œRenault 91โ€ and a Minute Quick-Finish nail dryer. In the Pink kit, the contrasting Renault 91 is replaced by the Riga 56 varnish. It creates a soft pink sparkling effect. Kit French Manicure Ice Cube includes Lotus 399, Iceberg 324 and Minute Quick-Finish, a high-speed varnish dryer.

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Summing up, we can say that this fairly young company in the Russian market has already managed to establish itself well. Reviews about her are very positive. The only drawback, according to buyers, is a bit overpriced, but it is due to the high quality of the products.


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