How to update 'Navitel Navigator' on your mobile device? Practical tips for users

Nowadays, more and more mobile devices have on their "board" many additional features. Often there is a GPS navigator among them, which is still considered one of the most interesting and at the same time “complex” additions to modern gadgets. This article will tell you how to update Navitel, one of the most popular map packages for many different devices, from a mobile phone to a car navigator.

Before you start the upgrade, you need to decide on a few details. Firstly, you need to know exactly what you want to update - the utility for working with cards or the card package itself. Next, you need to visit the official site of the Navitel Navigator developer and select the update you are interested in for the platform of your device. This site contains files for all operating systems that this software works with, starting from Windows Mobile and ending with the popular Android OS.

Let's see how to update Navitel (in this case, we do not mean the cards, but the software itself) on devices running different operating systems.

Update for Windows Mobile

Before starting this procedure, you need to copy “NaviTel Activation Key.txt” to the root directory of the device’s memory card or to a computer. Then we completely remove the Navitel program and check that there are no files left with it using the Explorer. The next step is to go to the official website of the program, enter your username and password (or register) and download the new software version from the "Available Updates" section. After the file is downloaded, it must be installed, and then copy the license information (they are stored in the “NaviTel Activation Key.txt” saved by us) to the appropriate program folder. It should not be forgotten that when connecting to the Internet, Navitel can independently offer updates available on the site, upon installation of which you will update the program version to the latest.

Update for Symbian OS

How to update Navitel for this operating system? It is enough to repeat all the steps described above exactly, but instead of * exe or * cab files, you need to download the * sys file, which is the installation file for smartphones running on “symbian”. It should be noted that on this OS the program from time to time will check for updates on the site on its own. When such updates are found, Navitel will offer to download them and thereby update themselves.

Update for Android OS

If you have not yet figured out how to update Navitel on this OS, then you will need to follow the same steps as for other operating systems, except that you need to install the * .apk file, which is the installation file, from the official site for this "OS". If you installed this application using the Google Play service, then you can update your “navigator” with it. To do this, just start this service, find in the "Downloads" line "Navitel Navigator" and click "Update."

Update for Apple devices

To update the software on an iPhone or other Apple technology, you need to use the iTunes service, through which the update is downloaded.

After the program itself is updated, you can also update the Navitel map. This is done all from the same official site of the program. Do not forget that to download any files you will need access to the Internet, and preferably high-speed. In the meantime, updates will be downloaded and installed, you can read on this resource how to use the Navitel navigator, that is, get acquainted with a huge number of its functions. On this topic on the site you can find both text files and video instructions.

After you learn how to update Navitel and maps to it, you can safely go on any trip and not be afraid to get lost!


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