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MAZ-251 was first seen in Russia in 2004. The bus was brought by representatives of the Minsk Automobile Plant to an international exhibition in Moscow, although it began to be mass-produced only in 2005. By the level of modern design, the car still has no analogues among the bus models produced in Russia and the CIS countries.

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MAZ-251 is a high-floor (one and a half-floor) bus designed for intercity and international flights, capable of providing passengers with a high level of comfort.


The bus body is a carriage-type supporting structure, it is sheathed along the perimeter with fiberglass panels that are practically not subject to aggressive environmental influences. The roof cladding is an all-metal sheet welded to the frame.

Glazing is made according to the most modern technologies. Despite the fact that the glasses are quite large, the use of a seamless adhesive installation method does not reduce the overall structural strength.

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For embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, two sliding type doors are made of aluminum profile. The opening mechanism is pneumatic, rotary. The doors are equipped with a crane, which makes it possible to unlock them in the event of an accident. In addition, to ensure safety, the MAZ-251 bus is equipped with a turn-off mechanism for blocking movement if the car doors are open. They are also equipped with a device that excludes the possibility of clamping a person. The driver gets to his workplace through the front passenger door.

The Mekra mirror system provides excellent visibility on virtually the entire perimeter of the bus.

Bus salon

On the MAZ-251 there are 44 soft, upholstered fabric seats that are located in pairs along the right and left sides of the bus. For the convenience of passengers, each seat is equipped with an adjustable backrest, footrest and lifting armrests. The seats are equipped with folding tables with built-in cup holders, nets for books and magazines. In addition, above the seats there is a shelf for storing hand luggage, in the lower part of which there is a lamp, ventilation and a radio point that are individual for each chair.

MAZ 251

At the second door there is a bathroom with a toilet and a sink for washing hands. The bus also has a refrigerator and a kitchenette with a table, microwave and coffee maker.

In the front of the bus and in the middle of the cabin there are two screens for watching videos.

MAZ 251 bus

The driver’s seat with a well-designed layout (both the dashboard and the bus equipment control system) is not separated from the general cabin, which, in principle, is traditional for such buses.

The high location of the floor is due to the luggage compartment equipped underneath it with impressive dimensions, which is accessed through the side hatches.

Under the floor at the second door, the designers provided a heated resting place for the second shift driver. It is equipped with a berth, lighting and a telephone for communication with a driver who is driving a bus.

Heating and ventilation

Heated air in the cabin is due to the cooling system of the power unit. For additional heating of the driver's seat provides an independent fan heater. The driver’s seat is vented through the heater’s openings when the heating function is off, in this case the air intake is outside the bus.

The interior is heated by a system consisting of a pipeline, convectors and fan heaters. For natural ventilation, two hatches are provided. Forced ventilation is carried out by two fans mounted in the roof of the MAZ-251.

The bus is also equipped with an air conditioning system located on the roof in front of the car. After passing through it, the treated air enters the passenger seats, where the intensity of its flow can be adjusted by each passenger individually in accordance with their preferences.


Consider the technical characteristics of the MAZ-251 bus, a photo of which is presented in the article.


  • The total mass of the bus is 18 tons.
  • The maximum permissible load on the rear and middle axles is 11 tons.
  • The maximum load on the front axle is 7 tons.
  • The dimensions of the bus are 11.99 x 2.55 x 3.6 m (length, width and height).
  • The total number of seats is 47 (44 passengers + 3 additional).
  • The luggage compartment is 10.5 cubic meters. m
  • Ground clearance - 14.4 cm.
  • Extremely developed speed - 133 km / h.
  • Fuel consumption - 26 l / 100 km.
  • Turning radius - 12.5 m.
  • The maximum steepness of the overcome climb by the bus is not less than 30%.

The power unit can on the MAZ-251 can be installed in two versions:

  1. MAN D2866 LOH - 360 l / s (calculated for Euro-3 fuel).
  2. Mercedes-Benz OM 457 LA - 360 l / s (under Euro 5).

The brake system is pneumatic with ABS and ASR. The parking brake is mounted on the rear axles.

Gearbox - mechanical type with 6 steps.

MAZ-251: reviews

Drivers who have worked on the bus for about a year note that the car is generally comfortable, and not only for passengers. An adjustable driver's seat, as well as additional options make the control quite comfortable. It is noted, however, that one drawback is the lack of a window in the side window of the cabin. This is motivated by the fact that during a stop by the traffic police, the driver has to leave the bus to present documents.

Also, from minor flaws noted: creaking plastic interior, increased gaps in the details and aesthetic defects.

But in general, from TO to TO, the bus travels almost flawlessly.


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