How to get rid of collectors: the best tips

In recent years, it has become increasingly common practice when a bank that is not able to independently recover overdue debts from an unscrupulous borrower transfers his case to collection offices. However, due to gaps in the current legislation, the victims of these agencies are often honest citizens who have never obtained loans and have not acted as guarantors. Therefore, today an increasing number of people are interested in how to get rid of collectors.

Are law firms specializing in the repayment of bad loans legal?

Unfortunately, most borrowers mistakenly believe that the actions of agencies involved in collecting other people's debts are, in principle, illegal. In fact, everything is not so clear. Domestic legislation provides for the right of banks to get rid of bad debts by transferring them to third parties, which are not always credit institutions. In some cases, it is not at all necessary to sell an overdue loan, just enter into an appropriate agreement. After that, a company that has nothing to do with banking, receives the legal right to demand from the borrower to pay off the debt.

how to get rid of collectors

How to talk with collectors on the phone?

One of the main working methods of companies engaged in problem loans is to exert psychological pressure on the borrower. Therefore, many people who come across them are interested in how to get rid of collectors once and for all. First of all, it is necessary to clearly understand that such agencies do not have the right to disturb the debtor until 9 a.m. and after 20 p.m.

how to get rid of collectors once and for all
During a telephone conversation with the collectors you need to talk calmly, not allowing yourself to switch to elevated tones. One of the most common mistakes is throwing a pipe with words about refusing to pay bills. Collectors are accustomed to such behavior and certainly will not lag behind such a debtor.

Those who want to know how to get rid of collectors legally and forever need to follow a few simple recommendations. During the conversation, it is necessary to find out by points what the representatives of this agency want from you, not forgetting to clarify the name and address of the organization, as well as the name of the caller. If such information is not provided, you should end the conversation. In addition, it does not hurt to inform the interlocutor that the conversation is being recorded and will subsequently be used as part of a possible trial. As a rule, even the most persistent and impudent collectors calm down after these words. This forces them to engage in a constructive dialogue.

How to get rid of collectors?

Recently, there have become more frequent cases when representatives of such agencies come home to the debtor and begin to go around his neighbors, reporting an overdue loan. Roughly the same thing can happen to work colleagues. Borrowers who want to know how to get rid of collectors forever and by legal methods, you must not succumb to their threats. Indeed, often all their conversations about the court hearings and the prison term have no basis, since this is a rather long and expensive process. The calculation of such agencies is based on the fact that a frightened borrower will voluntarily return at least part of the money taken.

how to get rid of collector calls
Those who are thinking about how to get rid of collectors should definitely record all their illegal actions, if possible involving friends and neighbors as witnesses. Having learned about the competent behavior of the borrower, they will moderate their ardor.

One of the most effective methods of dealing with collectors is a written requirement to provide the borrower with a copy of the contract for the transfer of rights to collect debts. The document should indicate when and how much debt the bank transferred to this office.

How to get rid of collector calls?

When talking with a representative of the agency, you must inform about your desire to conduct electronic correspondence. It is also advisable to install filtering of incoming calls on your mobile phone. It is recommended to program your phone so that it accepts calls exclusively from those numbers that are listed in the contacts database.

how to get rid of collectors forever
If collectors call a landline phone, you can simply contact the appropriate authorities with a request to change the number.

Rules of conduct in a personal meeting

According to the current legislation, representatives of agencies involved in collecting bad debts do not have the right to come to his home or to work without the borrower's consent. Therefore, having seen the collectors at their doorstep, a person has every right not to let them in.

how to get rid of collectors legally and
Having met with a representative of the agency on the landing, it is necessary to demand from him any identification document, a photocopy of the contract for the transfer of rights of claim for a loan and a power of attorney issued by the director of the institution and confirming the credentials of a particular employee.

Contacting law enforcement

Having tried all the legal recommendations suggesting how to get rid of collectors, you can contact the police for help. However, you should be prepared for the fact that this campaign will not give the desired result. The best helpers in this fight will be your perseverance and knowledge of all the legal nuances.


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