Pilot project program “Active Longevity” - a fun pension for Muscovites

Since the beginning of March 2018, an innovative pilot project of the mayor of the capital, called the Active Longevity program, has been launched in Moscow. Elderly Muscovites were the first in Russia to try out a plan to improve the quality of life for older people and, apparently, were satisfied.

How it all started

It is no secret that the average life expectancy has increased, and the process of its automation is taking leaps and bounds so that even middle-aged people do not always orient themselves in the changes that are taking place. Therefore, the idea came up how to help pensioners with adaptation, as well as involvement in the cultural, sports and social life of the city.

Elderly Muscovites themselves helped shape the Active Longevity program for pensioners in Moscow by enrolling in Social Service Centers (abbreviated as CSO), and leaving applications that indicated their preferences and wishes. According to social workers, in the early days, several thousand requests were submitted. Those interested came themselves, and a little later brought their friends and acquaintances.

What now

Now, thanks to the activity of the elderly residents of the capital, the program “Active Longevity” does not slow down the momentum. In each district of the city there are sports sections, language classes and creative studios. They help people of advanced age to gain new knowledge and skills (for which there was no time or money before), to strengthen health, and also to direct forces and thoughts to creative development. And just change the atmosphere and chat in a warm and friendly company of people of the same age and hobbies.

What are they doing there

Initially, an approximate list of possible types of employment was determined under the Active Longevity program for pensioners in Moscow. It included several groups:

  • creative lessons (painting, singing, dancing, theater);
  • training programs (foreign languages, computer and communication technologies);
  • physical activity (sports simulators, Nordic walking, fitness, as well as general physical training);
  • games (chess, checkers, board strategies).
Retired woman in the pool

The organizers tried to build the work of the groups so that all directions were available in each district of the capital.

Of course, not without an individual approach. So, one of the project participants volunteered to conduct classes in Chinese gymnastics, and in the north of the main throne, they organized cutting and sewing courses, and design classes.

The most popular, of course, are computer technologies, foreign languages, fitness and exercise equipment.

Senior citizen in computer courses

Courses are held twice a week. Moreover, at the bases of not only social protection centers. Schools, sports clubs, cultural and leisure centers, and even clinics responded to the mayor's initiative. There are classes in physiotherapy exercises and lectures on proper nutrition and a healthy life.

Who can become a member

Any Muscovite can become a participant in the program, age is “floating”: women from 55 years old, men from 60 years old. However, if the pensioner is “young”, that is, retired early due to seniority, or for some other reason, then his application, of course, will also be accepted. After all, as they say - what are our years? Learning, like love, all ages are submissive.

How to become a member of the project “Active Longevity”

On the official website of the Mayor of Moscow, you can find a list of free circles, sections and educational courses, choose something for your interests and not far from home. After that, you need to come to the nearest central medical center, taking with you the minimum package of documents: passport, SNILS, social. Muscovite map. By filling out the application and enrolling in a suitable circle, you can easily and simply become a member of the Active Longevity program.

Moscow Mayor's site

On the same site of the mayor, you can find a list of addresses of the closest CSOs and a hotline number, on which specialists will answer all possible questions from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. They will help you navigate the variety of courses and sections offered, find something to your liking.

Is it dangerous

Of course, some classes, such as fitness, exercise equipment, walking, may not be available to everyone, so you should think about whether there are any contraindications for health. Although, all similar physical. loads are only under the supervision of experienced trainers.

Senior citizen and trainer

And the rest, everything is absolutely safe. Nearby is always a responsible social worker, doctor. Groups are formed depending on the subject. 15-20 people are recorded in foreign languages. If a lecture is being given, then it could be a large audience of 60-100 people present.

Why is it necessary

After more than six months of operation, feedback on the Active Longevity program is mixed. It doesn’t happen that absolutely everyone is happy. There are both supporters and opponents of the initiative at different levels. However, in the majority, of course, only positive statements prevail.

The project clearly shows that the retirement age is not a sunset, but simply the next full-fledged stage of a person’s life, which can become no worse, or even much better than youth or maturity. According to estimates, there are about 3 million pensioners in Moscow, and the Active Longevity program is designed for approximately 2.6 million Muscovites (the capital’s leadership will try to use all available resources to the maximum) and the duration of participation is unlimited.

Joyful senior citizens

Every resident of the capital who can reach the advanced years can learn to sing or dance, master a computer and speak an unfamiliar language, improve health thanks to physical activity and new knowledge about healthy food. What could be better than doing everything for which there was no time in 30? After all, what are our years?

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