How to fill out a migration card: step-by-step instructions, forms, filling rules and examples

Every day traveling around the world becomes more accessible, therefore, to maintain the order of entry and exit, the migration system of each state has its own requirements. In this article, you will learn how to fill out a migration card, the features of its design, and you can also study in detail the submitted samples of this document.

What is a migration card?

In order not to apply for a visa in advance to visit a certain country, you can already, being at the border, fill out a migration card, which is a form in which you indicate personal information, your approximate travel plans, length of stay, and also descriptions of some things which you intend to import into the country for the purpose of trade (if any). After filling in this form, the border guard must put a stamp that will indicate the legal crossing of the country's border.

The relevant protocol is drawn up by an authorized state body on migration issues. The management database stores all information about foreign citizens who enter the territory of a particular state. Do I need to fill out a migration card? Definitely yes.

Flying a plane

Who issues a migration card?

In order to know exactly whether it is necessary to fill out this document in a particular situation, you should familiarize yourself with the list of people who issue the form and where they fill out the migration card:

  • workers of an air, sea and river crew (before boarding / arrival);
  • bus drivers (for irregular transportation);
  • train conductors (when crossing the border by rail);
  • border crossing officers (on foot crossing the border).

These employees are authorized to issue the aforementioned form to foreign individuals in a timely manner.

The crew of the ship

Procedure for filling out a migration card

In order to deal with the question of how to correctly fill out a migration card, you should carefully study the structure of this form. It consists of several elements, which are coupons A and B, for immigration and emigration (entry and exit from the country). Border guards retain the first part for themselves to enter information into the database, and the second with a stamp is given to an alien. It is necessary to fill out the migration card of Russia in Russian using the Cyrillic alphabet. If the migrant does not know the language, then he has the right to write in Latin letters.

It is worth noting that children are also required to issue a migration card. If they are not able to do this, parents or proxies can help them.

Form Instruction

In order to understand the question of how to fill out a migration card, you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions below. When entering another state on the proposed form, you should indicate:

  • Name, date and place of birth, your citizenship;
  • series and number of a foreign passport;
  • the purpose of the visit and, if available, the personal data of the inviter

You must also fill out both coupons and sign it. It is important to know that migration cards with errors and blots are not accepted by border guards.

Filling out the migration card

Purpose of visit of a foreign citizen

The migration control system of Russia closely monitors and analyzes one of the main points when crossing the border, namely the purpose of the visit. As a rule, tourist trips and entrances to the country by invitation do not cause much suspicion and do not need strict control. Also in such cases, a foreign citizen is not required to provide additional information.

Upon entering the country in order to receive a Russian education, border inspectors can check for an invitation from a particular university and only after receiving it allow an alien to enter the territory of the state. If the purpose of the trip is indicated as โ€œworkโ€, the migrant will most likely be denied admission to the country, as this requires certain documents, such as an invitation from the employer and permission to work in Russia. In the absence of this information, the alien will be denied crossing the border.

Legal work

Likely sanctions

If you indicated the fake purpose of crossing the Russian border in the migration card, and the relevant authorities found out about this fact, most likely you will be fined up to 6,000 rubles, and also with a high probability you will be deported from the country.

Before the trip, you need to know exactly how to fill out a migration card, as well as the design features of this document, so as not to get into trouble at the border.

Document Validity Period

The card has a fixed period of use - 3 months, but any foreigner legally located in the territory of the Russian Federation has the right to extend the validity of this document for the desired time period. In case of prolongation of labor contact, the employer may personally extend the validity period of the card.

There are two options for how to legally increase the time spent in the state:

  1. Departure from the country and secondary entry. In this case, you will simply be given a new migration form, which you will need to re-fill.
  2. Contact your nearest migration department and legally extend your stay in Russia at no extra cost.

In the second case, the relevant authorities are entitled to deal with your application if you:

  • applying for Russian citizenship;
  • Have an employment contract
  • applied for political asylum;
  • study at a Russian state university.

If your situation is described by one of the above cases, then the card will be extended.

Purpose of the trip

Loss of alien migration card

If unforeseen circumstances have occurred in life and the issued form has been lost, damaged or stolen, you should immediately contact the competent migration authorities. After the necessary verification of the personal data of an alien, a department employee is required to issue a new form. Next, you must re-fill the migration card.

It is also worth noting that a foreigner is entitled to a pecuniary penalty for late appeal to a competent authority.

Sample completed migration card

Before the planned trip, you should familiarize yourself with the form of this document in more detail in order to correctly fill in all the lines presented.

Sample migration card

The migration card is used not only in Russia, but also in many developed countries of the world. The procedure for filling out this document is simple, but nonetheless helps the state to keep statistics on migration and ensure security for all citizens in the territory of a particular country.


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