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Relatively recently, anti-plagiarism has become a headache for students: now all coursework, diploma works of students are tested in universities for uniqueness. In the past, resourceful young people could simply “copy-paste” pages of text from sources to fill their document with them - as they say, one or two is done! Now it’s necessary either to draw up the work on the basis of what you’ve read, only occasionally allowing quoting, or to take a little trick to circumvent the system checking the uniqueness of the texts. One of the assistants in this matter is Antiplagiarism Fox. How it works, how effective it is, how users respond about it, we will consider it.

What is it?

"Anti-plagiarism Fox" is a service that allows you to increase the uniqueness of a diploma, course and even a dissertation up to 85-100%. As the creators of the resource say, the trick works at the code level, so the text remains the same - there is no permutation of words, deletion of phrases. They have been providing their services to students since 2009.

anti plagiarism fox reviews

Helps Antiplagiarism Fox increase its uniqueness when checking on services:

  • Antiplagiat. University.
  • ETX Antiplagiarism.
  • Rukontekst.

Today, if you believe the statistics on the main page of the resource, he has already contributed to more than 70 thousand students.

Why choose this service?

Antiplagiarism Fox stands out against its competitors in several respects:

  • The largest number of processed texts among similar resources.
  • 24 hour work every day.
  • The result is immediately after payment.
  • Preservation of the original content of the text.
  • Free adjustment of the desired level of percentage of uniqueness of the document.
  • The guarantee of complete anonymity - the work is not laid out on the network, the names of the users of the resource are not advertised.
  • Free consultations and support until the completion of the work.
  • Full refund in case of default.

antiplagiarism fox

How is uniqueness enhanced?

Improving the uniqueness of a document - how does it work? Antiplagiarism Fox does not reveal its cards.

The only thing the creators say is that their service changes the document at the code level, invisible to the eye, but used by text verification resources. This helps to keep the content of the thesis, term paper the same, not replace words and whole phrases, but at the same time achieve a greater level of uniqueness.

How to work with the service?

The reviews on the Anti-Plagiarism Fox website indicate that working with the resource is quite simple. We bring to your attention the interaction algorithm:

  1. Download the necessary document (through the buttons "Increase uniqueness" already on the main page).
  2. In the next window, specify the percentage of uniqueness of the text that you would be happy with.
  3. Choose a system with which they will check your coursework or diploma. Each of the services uses its own algorithm, therefore, Anti-Plagiarism Fox needs to be sharpened under it. If you do not know the name of the system, then you can stop at the item "For Everyone".
  4. At this stage, you pay for the service (we will return to prices and tariffs in the next subheading).
  5. After Anti-Plagiarism Fox receives a reward for services, the finished document will be sent to your email inbox. According to the creators, its appearance will not change at all: all sentences, words, individual symbols will be in place. It will not glow red in Word, the system will not change Russian letters to Latin.

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Rates for today

As you noticed, the service is not free. But to get acquainted with the work of "Anti-Plagiarism Fox" it is possible to check one page of the document for free - the result will also come to your email.

Today, the tariffs are as follows:

  • File processing for uniqueness verification systems:
    • Up to 30 pages - 5 rubles / page
    • From 31 pages - 4 rubles / page
  • Manual word processing (rewrite) for all systems: 60 rubles per page.

antiplagiarism fox reviews about the site

How to pay for the work?

Judging by the reviews of Antiplagiarism Fox, it can be judged that the payment for services is organized quite conveniently. You can transfer money in the following ways:

  • With the help of bank cards "Visa", "Master Card".
  • Through payment terminals.
  • In the branches of "The Messenger", MTS, "Megaphone", "Euroset".
  • In the offices of banks.
  • Through the Qiwi.
  • Using the systems "Web Money", "Yandex. Money" and so on.

Positive feedback about "Antiplagiarism Fox"

You can get acquainted directly with the reviews of students who were able to increase the uniqueness of their work using this service on his website and in the VKontakte group.

In this subtitle, we will quote excerpts from those responses whose authors were satisfied with the result:

  • The service allows many times to increase the uniqueness of a diploma or a term paper. Perhaps, for example, from 20% to 80%.
  • Quick order processing: depending on the volume, within 2-10 minutes.
  • When downloading texts of large volumes, an individual discount on the service is provided.
  • If, during the first processing, the student set incorrect figures for the percentage of uniqueness, then when repeated, he can independently and free of charge change this indicator three times. To do this, you need to return to the letter with the document from the service and click on the "Edit" link.
  • If difficulties arise, in particular, when it is not possible the first time to reach the desired level of uniqueness of the text, technical support comes to the aid of the user.
  • Possibility of instant payment using Sberbank Online or the balance of your mobile number.
  • The uniqueness of the document is maintained over time. The creators guarantee that the minimum is 6 months. Some mark a period of even more than a year.
  • To more secure yourself from detection, you can use the "enhanced masking" function.
  • In the processed document, it is possible to edit the data, which will not bring together uniqueness indicators. However, for this you need to put the raw text into a file that passed through the Anti-Plagiarism Fox, and not vice versa.
  • It is possible to process a document in the system in parts.
  • Work with texts not only in Russian, but also in Ukrainian.

antiplagiarism fox how it works

Negative service reviews

Not without negative reviews about the "Antiplagiarism". Let's see what students didn’t like:

  • The uniqueness of the text does not increase to the level specified by the user. The percentage is not always lower, it happens that it is much higher, which also raises suspicions among the university's inspection committee. In this case, the creators of the service recommend starting the document for reprocessing, indicating, depending on the case, the level of uniqueness somewhat more or less necessary.
  • In some systems, for example, ETXT, the performed "fraud" sometimes pops up - the system reports that extra characters have been added. Administration of Antiplagiarism Fox says that there shouldn’t be such a problem: the reason is that the user did not choose the processing for the required uniqueness check service.
  • Sometimes the text after the procedure changes in design: paragraphs, words are shifted, the number of pages increases. The root of the problem may be that the document is not opened in the program where it was created, but in a third-party one.
  • If the text from the processed file is copied to another document, then in the last "Word" it will be highlighted in red. Therefore, it is possible to check at a university without problems only the file that has been processed by Antiplagiarism Fox.
  • Some universities are already aware of the tricks that this resource and the like use. If the document is also checked for conversion, it will become known that the text passed through it.

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Reviews about the "Anti-plagiarism Fox" are generally positive: the system of testing for uniqueness in universities do not notice the completed processing. There is also a share of negative reviews. But I must say, technical support does not ignore a single case and helps students solve the problem.


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