How to install mosquito nets yourself

Mosquito nets are becoming increasingly popular, and this is justified. Often when installing plastic windows , customers have a question: "How to install mosquito nets?" In general, it is quite simple, if you mount it with a window, but on previously installed ones, some difficulties arise.

how to install mosquito nets
How to determine the parameters of a mosquito net? To do this, you need to measure the dimensions of the sash, where you intend to install the grid. Subtract 26 mm from the width and height from the results. This will be the preliminary calculation of the grid. Then open the window and check its entry into the wall, the frame should be no less free, even more preferably 20 mm on each side. Be sure to attach the grid to the opening, it should be on the frame on each side of 15 millimeters. If so, then you can safely get it.


How to install mosquito nets and what materials you will need - we will consider further. Basic tools:

  • upper fasteners (longer) - 2 pieces;

  • bottom hardware - 2 pieces;

  • 8 small screws (usually use shiny silver 14 mm screws) and a screwdriver.

Now let's move on to the process itself.

How to install mosquito nets in the apartment?

installation of mosquito nets
Initially try on the canvas so that there are no cracks around the perimeter. Screw one fastener from below about 3-5 cm from the corner. Next, align the grid so that it stands exactly along the entire opening. Then screw on the second lower fastener. Install the mesh in the bottom fasteners and mark the line above. To complete the installation, it remains to screw the upper fasteners. Please note that they are not screwed close to the grid itself, but higher by about a centimeter, so that later you can remove it. Overlaying them on it in 3-4 mm will be quite enough. Install the grid in the fasteners - first get the upper part, then lean it against the frame and lower it down.

How to install mosquito nets in homes?

mosquito nets Price
First you need to remove the platbands before installation, mark and make sure that the edges fall on the plastic. Check if the platband will fit into place. If not, you can just lower it down a bit and secure with ordinary (3x16) screws. Try on the net, driving it about half of the upper fastener, put a mark. In this case, the clypeus can not be removed, only slightly bent. Align and install the bottom fasteners. Then enter the grid up, push it to the frame and release.

When mosquito nets cannot be installed

  • Most old wooden windows have a protruding element at the bottom of the sash (kapnik - for water drainage). If you install a grid on it - when closing the kapnik squeezes it out onto the street.
  • Single wing recessed window with external walls. Cannot install mesh on z-mounts. There are no problems with the rest.
  • Windows with oblique or rounded outer quarters.
  • The frame is closed by a window quarter. Only the stock mesh can be installed, as it is installed inside the opening.

Mosquito nets: price

  • Standard - from 1000 rubles.
  • Stock - from 1300 rubles.
  • Sliding on guides - from 1600 rubles.
  • Single-leaf pleated grid - from 15 000 rubles.

I hope we answered the main question: "How to install mosquito nets?". Use on health.


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