Muradymovskoe gorge. Chalet "Forest Fairy Tale"

Bashkortostan is an amazing republic, rich in historical buildings, archaeological sites, centuries-old cultural heritage and pristine landscape. The natural resources of the region are truly amazing: there are about 800 clear lakes, 600 rivers, more than three hundred caves, as well as many archipelagos and several national reserves. Among them, the Muradymov Gorge, a unique creation of nature itself, occupies a place of honor.

Muradymov Gorge

Today it is also a protected park, which received official status in 1998. Relict plants grow on a vast territory (23 thousand hectares) and rare species of animals live. Specialists call this place a real miracle, since ancient karst-speleological sites were found here. The Muradymovskoye gorge is still being investigated and thoroughly studied. Travelers regularly come here to personally witness unique structures. Of course, the tourism industry has not yet reached a high level, but still ahead.

Interesting information

The Muradymovskoye Gorge Natural Park is located in the Kugarchinsky district (Southern Urals), along the picturesque Bolshoi Ik river, not far from the small village of Muradymovo. In honor of this village, the gorge got its name. The mountainous relief was formed due to the centuries-old tectonic process. As a result, the soil strata that were eroded by water moved and changed their height. Recesses of various lengths appeared in their place.

Muradymovskoye gorge where is located

In total, according to official sources, there are 46 such caves in the region. Each is unique in its own way. The Staromuradymovskaya cave with a depth of 210 m is especially popular among the guests of the republic. It is noteworthy for its cave paintings, which are already about 8 thousand years old. The descent is carried out with the help of an insurance rope. This is the most smoked cave, its walls are abundantly covered with a thick layer of wet soot.

No less interesting is the Dove Grotto (Blue). Its width is 18 square meters. m. In it are nesting rock pigeons. Flint products from the Mesolithic era are also found here. The floor is densely covered with limestone and clay formations.

The most beautiful and deepest cave is Novomuradymovskaya, 1850 m long. It is attractive with calcite streaks. You can get into it through the canyon to the left of the Big Ik River. For tourists, it is open in the summer and winter months. In the off-season, visiting it is life-threatening, as it is very filled with water due to heavy snowmelt and intense rain.

The Muradymov Gorge is famous not only for its numerous caves. The park grows ancient plants and age trees that have biological value for the Southern Urals. Speleological research is constantly carried out here, archaeologists and scientists are organizing more and more new excavations, lurking a lot of mysteries and surprises.

natural park Muradymovskoe gorge

Climatic conditions

In the conservation area, a temperate continental climate is observed. In winter, frosty temperature reigns, a lot of rainfall. Ample snow cover covers the gorge in early December and lasts until mid-May. Almost until the end of June there is heavy rain. In summer, the climate is very dry. Autumn comes early - in early September.

Muradymovskoe gorge rest


The flora on this earth is diverse and rich. In the area there are moisture-loving herbs and shrubs growing in the taiga region. Flora is represented by steppe, meadow, forest and meadow-steppe plants.

The pride of the reserve is rare plants - Russian hazel grouse, feathery feather grass, fine-leaved hard-leaved, slipper venereum, rank and many others (no less than 63 species). Well here useful medicinal herbs adapt, which are widely used in official and traditional medicine. Decorate the area and decorative species of plants that are forbidden to tear.

There are a lot of poisonous and even dangerous plants in the park for humans - a wolf snout, a raven eye, a spiky Voronets, and Cossack juniper. Their appearance is quite attractive, but this is just a disguise. When visiting the Muradymov Gorge, be especially careful and attentive.


More than 40 species of mammals and 122 subspecies of birds are found in the forest. Brown bears, wild boars, wolves, lynxes, foxes, ermines, elks, water rats, hares and roe deer live and live here. Among the inhabitants of the park there are bats who prefer to live in caves. Some species of animals are listed in the Red Book (golden eagle, peregrine falcon, partridge, hawk owl, otter, otter, etc.).

Muradymovskoe gorge "Forest Tale"

In the river valley, a fast lizard, an adder and so on feel great. There is also a gray toad, newt, frogs and common garlic. In the waters of the Bolshoi Ik River there are pike, gudgeon, ruff, perch, minnow, European grayling and dace. Purity, pristine nature and rare animals conquers the Muradymov Gorge. Holidays in this region will be remembered for a long time.

How to get there

By car: we leave from Ufa towards Salavat, Sterlitamak. Near Meleuz, you should turn onto the village of Mrakovo at the Baymak road sign. Then we go to Muradymovo - about 25 km. The landmark will be a barrier with a guard booth. There you need to register, pay an admission - and you can follow to the park.

If you use public transport, then according to the schedule the bus Ufa - Meleuz runs (with a change in Mrakovo). Find out the exact time of departure in advance.

Where to stay when arriving in the Muradymovskoye gorge?

The cottage "Forest Fairy Tale" is a real oasis of silence, tranquility and heavenly pacification. This place is located directly near the nature reserve, not far from the picturesque river. 30 km from the complex is located the village of Mrakovo. In this unique place of Bashkortostan, comfortable conditions are created for a productive and truly relaxing holiday.

Almost in the bosom of wildlife, away from dusty and noisy megacities, you will be able to improve your psycho-emotional state, gain strength and vivid impressions. Most people come here for harmony, carelessness and relaxation. You will be able to visit daily a unique creation of nature - the Muradymovskoye Gorge.

Muradymov Gorge Camp "Forest Fairy Tale"

The Forest Fairy Tale camp site welcomes guests at any time of the year. This is a unique place - everyone will like it here, regardless of age and status. In this corner of paradise and breathes differently. Many tourists who visited the complex feel a surge of vitality and get a lot of positive impressions. In addition to this, friendly staff work here and quality services are provided. Pleasantly surprised by the price. You can call at the base without prior reservation - on weekdays there are good discounts.


On the green area built five-seater wooden cottages with gazebos. The interior of the houses is decorated in wood. Villas are equipped with everything necessary for living.


To plunge into the world of miracles and beauty offers the Muradymovsky gorge. "Forest Tale" will turn dreams into reality. In winter, ski excursions, snowboarding, ATVs and ice skating are organized. Horse, bike and hiking tours are available in summer. You can swim in the hole, sunbathe, take a steam bath and explore the local surroundings. There are playgrounds for active games on the territory. Spacious rooms are available for events.

camp site "Forest Tale"

If you are madly in love with nature, you want to escape from the maelstrom of urban everyday life, dirty curbs and traffic jams for a while, then come to the Muradymovskoye Gorge. Where is the national protected reserve described above. Travel light and in good spirits.


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