Manicure on the water - mastering new technologies.

Now there are many different techniques for applying manicure, but a special place among them is a manicure on water, or, as it is also called, "marble manicure." For the quality of its implementation does not matter the presence of the artist’s skills, but at the same time the nails are original and effective. Few people will guess that you created such beauty yourself at home, and did not pay a considerable amount in the cabin.

This manicure is called marble because of its similarity in the nail pattern with the natural patterns of natural minerals. Each nail is a kind of unique masterpiece, since no one has succeeded in repeating exactly the same pattern. Despite the fact that it may seem a little clumsy and colorful, such a manicure always comes out interesting and sophisticated.

How to make a manicure on the water yourself? The process of reconstructing the technique of nail art is quite simple, but it requires perseverance, patience and care.

Prepare everything you need before the procedure:

  • clear nail polish;
  • capacity (can a plastic cup);
  • oily hand cream;
  • water
  • bottles with varnish of the right colors;
  • nail polish remover;
  • paper napkins;
  • wand or toothpicks.

The first step towards creating a masterpiece is to apply a base coat. A manicure on the water, like any other manicure, will be much better kept if you prepare the nail plate and apply a transparent layer of varnish. Let the first layer dry well.

Next, we start using colored varnishes. They should be relatively liquid in consistency, otherwise it may not work. Do not dissolve them with acetone and other solvents, otherwise the varnish will simply mix with water. Do not overdo it with the number of shades, because the manicure will look like a raging rainbow.

Pour cool water into the container. Its temperature should be no more than 40 degrees, otherwise the varnish will not spread on the surface, but will curl up and apply a manicure.

Before you start to do a manicure on the water, you need to smear the skin well with a greasy cream. This is a prerequisite, because the skin will be all smeared with varnish. Try not to stain the nail plate itself, as the varnish will not stick.

Take the first bottle of varnish and drip a small drop into the water. Repeat the procedure with all other varnishes several times until it stops spreading over the surface.

With a toothpick or wand, gently make the stains in the resulting figure. Such an abstraction will become a decoration for your nails. Remember that the whole procedure should take no more than one minute.

Slowly immerse the nail in water. Then hold your finger in the water a little, collect the excess varnish from the water on a stick and carefully remove the finger so that the varnish does not bubble. Use a cotton swab to remove any remaining varnish on the skin. Manicure with water allows you to additionally decorate the nails with sequins or rhinestones, the main thing is to catch it before the varnish is completely dry. When the nail is ready, cover it with a quick-drying fixative.

Repeat all steps for each subsequent nail. Do not forget to keep the surface of the water clean: remove residual varnish.

Now that you know how to make a manicure using water, you have unlimited opportunities for creativity. For example, you can create French marble neil art. To do this, apply the base on the nail, dry thoroughly and stick strips for the jacket. Then prepare the desired pattern on the water and lower the tips of the nails into it. After you let the nails dry, fix the effect with a fixative varnish. Your manicure will amaze everyone!


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