Threw the guy: how to survive the breakup?

In life, in addition to happiness, there is a lot of pain and injustice. It can be difficult to explain to a young girl who was abandoned by a guy that her life did not end. She feels depressed, unnecessary and rejected. Dissatisfaction with life, self-doubt and disappointment are growing in it . Many deal with such situations themselves, but there are those who need help, support.

Threw a guy
or just friendly advice.

Let's try to figure out how to get out of a painful condition. Psychologists say that it is not the situation itself that brings suffering, but thoughts about it. Some even take sedative pills. But this is not the way to go. It is ineffective, and the consequences are sometimes much worse than suppressed suffering.

To get rid of negative feelings and dull the pain when the guy quit, many girls also drink alcohol. Separation from a loved one can cause severe stress, which, in turn, leads to the development of a number of diseases. Alcohol only exacerbates the disease state, and metabolic processes in the body are disrupted.

Do not allow yourself to be manipulated

Even if the guy left, you must continue to live. First of all, it is important not to allow yourself to be manipulated. There are couples in which breaks occur constantly. They converge, diverge and constantly sort things out. Sometimes you just need to pull yourself together and put an end to it.

If the guy quit
Yes, it’s difficult, but an outside view of yourself helps. Or maybe it’s for the best that the guy has left, and the girl will finally take care of herself? Women falling in love often dissolve in their soul mates; they live by their interests, forgetting about themselves. A man leaves, but what remains?

Let go

It is necessary to develop our internal energy, then no one will ever be able to hurt. You must let go of the man who left. It would be nice to say something like this: β€œYes, the guy left me, but I let him go and forgive. All goes to good". In no case should one hold a grudge and be angry with a man. Time will pass, and everything will certainly improve. The main thing is that you need to be at work all the time, to establish the regime of the day and nutrition.

I was abandoned by a guy

Keep yourself busy

It is good when a girl has a favorite job or hobby. Romantic girls that the guy abandoned begin to write stories, poems, pouring their pain on paper, draw. Some women, emerging from critical conditions, begin to engage in running, yoga, cycling, windsurfing, and parachuting. In fact, sports very well help and temper in such situations. Of course, in a depressed state, getting yourself involved in physical education is very difficult. Psychologists say that after only 15 days of regular sports, the depressed state begins to recede.

Change priorities

It is necessary to live every day and enjoy every moment. There are so many beautiful things around, and nobody can take it away. And the most important wealth of any woman is herself, because the second one simply does not exist, she is unique. When the girl that the guy abandoned will understand, everything will change. Her inner energy and strength will sparkle with such colors that in life there will certainly be changes for the better, and true love will come .


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