DIY envelope making

An envelope is usually associated with mailing. Although communication has now largely transformed into electronic form, envelopes are still in demand. They are needed in organizations that distribute advertising, notifications, and documents. In order not to use the services of printing houses, it is easy to arrange the production of envelopes that meet postal standards, right in your office. The same applies to the manufacture of exclusive options (not postal). They are easy to create on their own.

envelope making

DIY envelope making

You can create the following options at home:

  • Envelopes of any size in accordance with postal standards.
  • Branded with a logo both for sending by mail and for personal delivery (non-standard).
  • Exclusive handmade envelopes in various techniques for wrapping gift certificates, discount cards, money.

So, the manufacture of envelopes is the creation of packaging products for letterhead, information, advertising materials.

Ways to fold envelopes

You can make from plain paper different forms of envelopes: from standard rectangular to exclusive. The simplest option is easy to make from a square sheet. To do this, do the following:

  1. Bend the opposite corners to the center of the workpiece.
  2. Bend the lower part to the center so that gluing can be done.
  3. Also point the top corner toward the middle so that the envelope is sealed or closed with a reusable clasp.

Using similar technology, envelopes are made from rectangular blanks, or you can even use the source in the shape of a heart.

DIY envelope making

Designer paper souvenir envelopes

Making envelopes in this way will allow you to create an exclusive handmade item at home. You will need the following:

  • decorative paper or cardboard with print, embossing, mother-of-pearl, metallized, varnished surface;
  • template, diagram of a standard or unusual shape;
  • a pencil, ruler, eraser or printer, if the selected template can be printed;
  • scissors, knife or office cutter;
  • glue;
  • decor (satin ribbons, lace, volumetric stickers);
  • hole punch with figured clichΓ©s for the design of corners, edges and receiving punching holes;
  • curly scissors (optional).
    making envelopes

The technology of work is as follows:

  1. On prepared paper, draw or print an envelope diagram using the printer . If the paper is intended for printing, you can find a template with photo print and complete the envelope or partial.
  2. Cut the workpiece.
  3. If the paper is thick, it is worth making grooves along the fold lines, drawing guides along the ruler, a spoke, or a non-writing core from the handle. This will fold the envelope neatly and evenly.
  4. Perform folds.
  5. Glue the elements together.
  6. Make a suitable decor from narrow ribbons, decorate the edges of the details of the envelope with a hole punch or cut the edges with curly scissors in the form of a wave, stick a label with the inscription (to whom and for what reason the envelope will be awarded).

All is ready!

making envelopes with logo

Design options can be very many. It is good to combine different grades of paper, choose interesting forms of envelopes. The main thing is that the size of the product received corresponds to the enclosed gift.

Decorative envelopes made of fabric

Unusual and very beautiful envelopes are easy to make not only from paper and cardboard. For these purposes, felt is perfect. This material is soft to the touch, easy to cut and does not require edge treatment. To make it, you need the following:

  • felt of different colors corresponding to the subject of the envelope (New Year's, spring);
  • ruler;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • scissors;
  • threads of contrasting color to the base;
  • needle;
  • glue or thermal gun (so as not to sew decor, but to stick);
  • jewelry (beads, sequins, buttons, ribbons, braid).

The execution technology is as follows:

  1. Lay out the felt intended for the base.
  2. Draw a chalk pattern on a gift template, for example, a discount card. Do not forget about seam allowances. Parts will be stapled on the front side.
  3. Cut the workpiece.
  4. Fold the part in the form of an envelope.
  5. Sew the right sides on the front side, making decorative stitches at the same distance.
  6. Glue the decor of felt contrasting to the background colors in accordance with the theme of the envelope.
  7. Make a fastener to close the envelope (button with a buttonhole, Velcro, ties from ribbons, braid or decorative cord ;
  8. Glue beads, beads, beautiful buttons in the form of a pattern and other elements.

All is ready!

Printing Mail Envelopes

If you need a lot of envelopes for mailing, you can easily make them right at the office. All that is required is a computer with a printer and a specialized program. Making envelopes with it becomes very simple, convenient and fast even for lay people.

envelope making program

The work goes like this:

  1. Choose the size of the envelope from the standard.
  2. Choose a layout template for text blocks.
  3. Download the information you need to fill in the appropriate fields.
  4. Save your template.
  5. Send to print.

The advantage of such programs is the ability to work with databases of recipients, as well as full compliance of the received products with all postal standards.

Making envelopes with a logo

If you have your own brand, an organization that has a developed corporate identity, colors, then all elements of the printed matter should be performed in the same design and color scheme.

You can order the production of mail envelopes at the printing house, while professional designers will develop the look of the envelope for you. Printing services and work will cost a lot, so you can execute the layout yourself.

The program for developing envelopes allows you to choose not only text blocks, but also design templates: both standard, included in the library of blanks, and individual options. Therefore, you do not have to use printing equipment for making envelopes, just office equipment is enough. In this case, the result will be no worse than professional performance.

As you can see, making envelopes, both postal for mass mailing and exclusive souvenir, is not such a difficult task if you use the capabilities of modern technologies and materials.


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