The story of successful people in the world

Many people want to succeed in any kind of activity, but are absolutely sure that they will not succeed. In fact, everything is possible if you believe in yourself and work on your knowledge and skills. The motivational stories of successful people are one way to boost morale and set yourself up for victory. Each of them started small, gradually striving more and more for victory, for his goal. To make sure that you have the opportunity to achieve the desired result in any business, read the life stories of successful people who, like you, did not know whether they will succeed in achieving the goal.

Incredible people live all over the world. In Russia there are a huge number of them, much more than anywhere else. Therefore, do not justify the fact that you do not live in a promising country. So, read the stories of successful people in Russia, who at first had nothing. But we will not forget about other countries.

Andrey Krylkov

Andrei Krylkov is a person whose story begins with a terrible diagnosis. The boy lived with cerebral palsy since childhood. When it came time to go to school, he was assigned to a special orphanage in which children with disabilities studied. Among these children, Andrei stood out with his mind, quick wit and resourcefulness. Being in his position, the boy never lost hope of recovery.

Once, Andrei heard from the next doctor in charge that, if desired, he could heal himself on his own. So, the guy begins to read medical literature, actively engage in sports. Andrey’s family began to seriously worry about his state of mind, so the boy wanted to get on his feet.

The guy’s first simulator was a homemade bar. Studying sports literature, the young man trained at home. Over time, his arms and legs began to obey him. He was very struck by the medical board when he came to the examination on his own.

Today, Andrei Krylkov is a successful bodybuilder, although he still cannot do finer work, such as screwing in nuts or repairing small items. But the guy does not lose hope. He has a bright head, a great desire to act and an unbreakable faith in himself, so no one doubts that Andrei will soon defeat his diagnosis at all. And therefore, this incredible biography often reveals all the stories of successful people in Russia.

The story of successful people

David Smith

Today, many people, especially the fair sex, dream of getting rid of the hated fat folds, but can not find the motivation for this. David Smith is a man who, without special methods, was able to lose as much as 186 kilograms.

The story of this guy begins with the fact that he could not move without assistance. His weight was 268 kilograms, and he decided that it was time to change his life.

Surely you will take an interest in how a young man of 26 years brought himself to such a state. The fact is that the guy from childhood suffered from a tendency to be overweight. When his mother died, to whom he was very attached, he tried to fight despair with food. In less than a year, the guy no longer knew how to get rid of the fat layer.

With the help of sports and proper nutrition, David got in shape, but he had to turn to professional surgeons, as his skin was sagging heavily.

Now a young man, happy with his result, lives a full life and is not going to stop there.

Ingeborg Mootz

Surely you are interested in the stories of financially successful people. If so, then you will enjoy the biography of Ingeborga Mootz, who is already 83 years old. She, like any old woman of her age, lives in a small private house, which is lined with old-fashioned furniture. Ingeborga keeps photographs of friends and relatives and leads a normal lifestyle. It would seem that there is nothing surprising in this phenomenon. But Ingeborg stands out by being a successful stock exchange speculator in Germany.

Once, when her husband died, the old woman realized that she simply had nothing to live on. The starting capital of a woman was shares previously purchased by her husband. Not missing her chance, Ingeborg began to play on the stock exchange. In a short time, a woman was able to earn 500 thousand euros. Moreover, her relatives trust her with their capital so that she multiplies them.

To date, the pensioner is not going to stop there, she wants to earn a million and is actively pursuing her goal. Moreover, Ingeborga gives practical advice to everyone, helps poor people and provides courses for people who want to play on the stock exchange.

As the old woman herself says, her success is due to the fact that she is not fixated on money. For her, playing the stock market is a simple hobby, the knowledge of which she is ready to share with the whole world.

Stories of successful people in business

Mark Goffeny

No story of successful people begins with pleasant circumstances. So the biography of Mark Goffeny is interesting because the guy wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but he was hindered by one difficult circumstance. The young man is disabled, he does not have both hands.

Any story of successful people in the world fades when it becomes known that the guy has become a skilled guitar player, and he plays his favorite instrument with his feet. His music is filled with a special charm, so Mark already has thousands of fans around the world. The guy gives guitar lessons, enjoys life and is not going to stop there, improving his skills and continuing to work on himself.

Zhang Yin

The success story of successful people necessarily has its own oddities. So, Zhang Yin, the owner of a small company that only a few people knew about, was able to earn a fortune by studying US dumps. Having bought most of them, she delivered waste paper to China, where the raw materials were recycled and supplied to America already in the form of packing boxes.

Zhang Yin is the first lady of China. Any incredible story of successful people begins with the fact that a person does not imagine that he is able to achieve great results. But in the case of Zhang Yin, everything is much more serious. In China, a woman is assigned the role of a housewife and a minor person. It is unthinkable that a woman, having no education, start-up capital and family ties, takes on a leadership position and becomes the first business woman in the country.

This biography motivates and inspires a large number of people around the world. The main lesson that Zhang Yin gives is that profit can be made from everything, even from garbage, and everything can be achieved if there was a desire. Today, the queen of landfills is very popular, she is not going to stop, she plans to develop her business in order to reach an even larger scale.

Stories of successful people of Russia who at first had nothing

Serikbol Kuldeybaev

All the stories of successful people in business begin with the fact that they dream of making a certain amount of money. So, Serikbol Kuldeybaev, who is an invalid of the first group since childhood, dreamed of becoming a millionaire. It would seem that his desire is impracticable. But the guy proved to the whole world that nothing is impossible.

After graduating from school in an orphanage for the disabled, the guy learned sewing. In this area, he worked for seven years, putting aside small amounts of money. Later, he decided that repairing shoes was not an occupation for him, but on deferred finances he opened six shoe points. But this was only the first step of Serikball as a businessman.

A guy throughout the city located points where you could buy soda, later he decided to open his own barbecue. Since he did not want to buy expensive meat from private entrepreneurs, he bought his own farm. So Sericball for the first time earned a million.

But there were difficulties in the life of a successful entrepreneur associated with the transfer of the capital in which he lived to another city. A man with his family decided to try himself in a new place. Serikbola had to experience a lot of difficulties in order to open a business in a new city, a lot of books to read and meet with a lot of people. But the result quickly made itself felt.

Today, a man lives in abundance, but the desire for new achievements did not leave him. He assures that nothing would have happened if good and helpful people who had helped him in his endeavors did not come across his path.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

The stories of wealthy successful people are always interesting. Now it is very difficult to find a person who would not hear such a name as Jean Claude Van Damme. Indeed, this is a world famous actor, but few people know that his path to success was extremely difficult.

Jean begins his development with admission to the ballet school. Thanks to his talent, efficiency, self-confidence and a strong desire to succeed, the guy quickly conquers the world of sports and becomes his star. But the dream of an actor’s career haunts him.

At the age of 20, leaving everything behind, Jean goes to Hollywood. The first few years were very difficult, because the guy had to work in the worst jobs in order to somehow earn a living.

Fate decided on Jean's life so that one day he met with Chuck Norris, who helped the guy get a small role in his first film. The talent of the young man was noticed immediately, so they began to invite him to auditions, to give the main roles. Soon, Jean became a Hollywood star, which he always dreamed of. Such a biography once again proves that giving up when there is at least a small chance of victory is categorically impossible.

Motivational stories of successful people

Susan Boyle

The stories of the most successful people in the world are connected not only with business. Susan Boyle most recently was an ordinary woman of 47 years, who did not stand out from the crowd. She does not have a bright appearance and does not seek to win the love and attention of all the people of the world. She just has a dream, which is to become a singer. With this in mind, the woman decided to go to the British talent show.

When Susan took the stage, the audience and the jury perceived her appearance with a somewhat skeptical attitude. Everyone was amazed, looking at the appearance of the woman, that she really wants to become a singer. But after a grand performance by Susan, amazed spectators and jury members redeemed her in a standing ovation.

Literally an hour after the broadcast was broadcast, millions of Internet users watched the video with the woman’s speech. To date, the number of Suzanne fans is growing exponentially, and the woman is happy that she was able to gain courage and fulfill the dream of her whole life.

Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch is a person who teaches that the life stories of successful people do not have to end on a positive note. A man is not known for his incredible wealth, a successful career in cinema or a phenomenal talent in the field of music. All people know him as the author of the so-called “last lecture”.

At the age of 45, Randy learned of a fatal diagnosis. A person who was well versed in philosophy and computer science, who sought to gain knowledge and apply it to improve the world, had no more than 2 months to live.

Usually in this situation, people despair, go into themselves and stop hoping for the best. But this is not about Randy. Before his death, he gave a lecture on life, on how important it is to value every moment, how to live in such a way as not to regret things that were not done. This story has touched and motivated millions of people around the world. The guy left a mark in history that will never be erased.

The biography of Randy Pausch proves that it is not necessary to be full of strength and energy, it is not necessary to look far into the future in order to achieve success and do good to people around.

Life stories of successful people

Tatyana Bakalchuk

The stories of successful people in business go on. This time we will talk about Tatyana Bakalchuk. This woman is the owner of one of the largest online stores.

The story of Tatiana begins with the fact that she was on maternity leave. At this time, the woman decided to open a virtual clothing store. The warehouse was right in her apartment. Since 2004, Tatyana managed to promote her business, multiplying her capital several times. To date, Tatiana’s fortune is 380 million US dollars.

An example of this woman shows that even while on maternity leave you should not sit back. Perhaps fate will meet you, and you will become one of the richest people in the world. After all, Tatyana had no connections and big start-up capital, she only had a desire to work, ingenuity and the ability to feel the needs of customers.

Eduard Tiktinsky

Eduard Tiktinsky is a model businessman. From a young age, he was sure that he wanted to become an entrepreneur. His dream came true, but for its realization Edward had to work hard. His biography continues the stories of successful people in Russia.

Since the guy was born in a poor family, his career began with the position of assistant to one of the leaders of a real estate company. Soon, Edward’s talent was noticed and he became the marketing manager of one of the leading companies, and after that he founded his own holding.

The man assures that the only one way to achieve success in business simply does not exist. To achieve the desired result in the work, you need to enjoy it. Therefore, go to your dream, translate what you wish into reality, without thinking that something might not work out.

Stories of wealthy successful people

Vadim Kulubekov

Vadim Kulubekov is a guy who managed to create his own company at the age of 21, while having 100,000 rubles in his pocket, which became his starting capital.

The history of this man, like most biographies of successful people, began with a tragic event. When Vadim was 19 years old, his father died, who always and in every way supported the guy. Then he realized that in this life there was no one else to hope for.

Having a strong character, Vadim did not want to work for a stranger, while receiving a penny. After thinking about his future fate, the guy decided to become an entrepreneur. He found a small room where the employees of his company lived at the same time and the office of this company was located. Thanks to his abilities and love for his work, Vadim managed to expand production and become one of the most promising entrepreneurs of his time.

Albert Einstein

Who today does not know Einstein? This is the most outstanding scientist of the last century, it would seem that his life should have been filled with successful discoveries. But this is far from the case.

When little Albert was born, no one knew even close that he expected a phenomenal success. The boy began to speak only at 4 years old, and when his peers were already able to write, he could hardly read. Parents and other adults considered Albert a mentally retarded child; teachers and him put a cross on it a long time ago.

But in fact, the younger man was just thinking differently than other people. He stood out from the crowd. And soon, Einstein received the Nobel Prize in Physics. Then he made discovery after discovery, gradually becoming the greatest scientist of the century. Already no one dared to say that Albert is an inferior person, since he left a visible mark in the history of science.

The stories of the most successful people

Walt Disney

What is the story of successful people without the creator of Disneyland and our beloved childhood cartoons? Walt Disney, starting his career, failed after failure. Due to the lack of creative ideas, he was fired from the newspaper and his animation studio went bankrupt.

To get funding for the creation of Disneyland, Walt had to work hard. 302 times he was refused, after which he was still given this chance.

The most famous animator of his time suffered as many failures as not a single person striving for success would have dared to endure. Perhaps that is why he achieved his goal. This story proves once again that one must not give up in order to gain recognition.

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg was expelled from two schools, which did not particularly upset the young man. He tried to enter the film school three times, but all these attempts failed miserably. The members of the selection committee answered the guy that he was talentless and could not achieve anything.

However, Stephen was able to get into one of the popular universities. He studied hard, trying to be as close to his dream as possible. His efforts were not in vain, since Spielberg became the director of the most significant films in the history of cinema. Without much difficulty, he managed to get 3 Oscars. By the way, the film school, to which he never managed to enter in his youth, awarded the adult and successful Spielberg an honorary degree.

Many more awards are in the man’s collection, and he managed to earn more than one billion US dollars, but for him this is not a priority. His main goal was to achieve his dream of mastering his favorite profession and become successful, which he achieved by overcoming all obstacles.

Marilyn Monroe

It's hard to believe, but Marilyn Monroe, the most famous blonde of all time, a sex symbol of many generations and just a successful actress, suffered many setbacks on her way to her goal. So, the girl decided to try her luck in Hollywood, but one of the companies refused her, citing the fact that she is not attractive and can not adequately play a movie.

The young woman did not give up, continuing the struggle for her happiness. Many trials fell to her both in her career and in her personal life. Rumor has it that Marilyn was not a happy person because she tried to commit suicide several times.

Nevertheless, the girl is the most popular blonde of our time, the ideal of beauty and the standard of femininity. So think a few times. If you were denied, perhaps fate gives you a chance to try your hand at another, more successful place for you.

Thus, these motivating stories make you think that it is not necessary to be an ideal of beauty or the most intelligent person in your environment to achieve phenomenal success. It is enough to love what you do and do it with the soul, skillfully avoiding all obstacles. Believe in your strength, then success will be knocked at your door. Do not stop there, but do not become a slave to what you do. Most likely, you will be haunted by setbacks, possibly in large numbers. But this means only one thing: fate is testing you for strength in order to present the success that you so dreamed about and which you have been striving for so much time.


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