How to make a windowsill on a balcony with your own hands?

When installing the windowsill on the balcony with your own hands, you need to check whether the installation of the window itself is done correctly. And only after that we proceed to the process itself. The operating life of this design will depend on how correctly and efficiently the window sill is built on the balcony with its own hands and its strengthening is assembled. Initially, it must be protected from sudden changes in humidity and temperature. Compliance with these rules will avoid freezing the structure, and subsequently it will not crack and collapse.


Window sills can be concrete, wood, plastic and marble. There is a peculiar approach to each of them. You can do absolutely any kind of installation of the windowsill on the balcony with your own hands. It is only necessary to comply with the main requirements for a quality and reliable installation.

Marble, ceramic window sills are endowed with lower thermal conductivity, compared with wooden. Their advantages are ease of use and long service life.

Wooden window sills are well suited for living quarters. They give the room additional comfort, a beautiful view, and most importantly, they retain heat in the room. For a long service life, these window sills need to be protected against moisture. They must be treated with water-repellent varnish or paint.
How to install a window sill on a balcony

To do the installation of this design with your own hands is elementary, you only need to adhere to the following rules:

  • At the bottom of the window opening, you need to install the window sill. Its length should correspond to the width of the opening, to which 40 centimeters must be added to seal the edges into the slopes of the wall.
  • The thickness of the wooden window sill should not be less than 60 cm. A gutter with a depth of 8 mm is made in it from the side of the room to join individual elements. This action should be performed carefully.
  • When constructing the windowsill on the balcony with your own hands, you should clear the furrow when fastening the window sill, and you also need to adjust this material in size. Then comprehensively upholstered with felt and after the next verification of the accuracy of measurements, you can safely proceed to consolidation. The closing of the grooves between the board and the wall is carried out using gypsum. If the window is larger than 1600 mm, then it is necessary to install wooden or metal consoles in the wall, on which the specified material will be supported.
  • When installing the windowsill on the balcony with your own hands, do not forget about the ebbs, they play a significant role. They are mounted upon completion of the installation of the window.
  • When setting the tide, it should be remembered that it must be made of galvanized steel roofing. It is attached to the frame box on the outside of the building.
  • Then you need to join the ebb sheets by the method of a recumbent double fold. The upper edge is bent 30-40 mm and nailed to the window frame at a distance of 160 to 200 millimeters.
  • The fixture of the tide to the external cemented lower slope is carried out using wooden choppers or plastic dowels.

In the design of the window, the windowsill will allow you to create a winter mini-garden, a convenient shelf for books or a countertop. People for a long time use these designs for various purposes, the main thing is that the material used is strong and reliable.


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