Why does not sleep on the full moon: causes of sleep disturbance and the effect of the phases of the moon on the human body

In the article, we will understand why it does not sleep on the full moon.

For many decades, scientists have been arguing about the effects of the Earth's satellite on people's well-being. Some argue that the moon directly affects a person, while others, on the contrary, consider the connection between the night luminary and people as a common prejudice. The statement that it is impossible to sleep under the moonlight, they regard as fiction, and sleep disturbance in the full moon is associated with the individual characteristics of the body. But, no matter how skeptics persist, Swedish professors are convinced that there is still a connection between man and the moon.

why the full moon does not sleep well

So why does the full moon sleep poorly?

Evidence of the relationship of the phases of the moon and sleep

Employees of the University of Basel with their colleagues from Zurich conducted a study on sleep deficiency and the causes of the development of chronic lack of sleep in modern man. During such observations, scientists discovered changes in the usual sleep routine in the full moon. Additional tests showed that in this period:

  • the body decreases the level of melatonin, which regulates the wake-sleep cycles;
  • the total duration of sleep is reduced by about 20-25 minutes;
  • the time it takes to fall asleep is extended by 10-15 minutes, in some cases even more than that;
  • sleep becomes sensitive, a person can wake up from the slightest rustle;
  • the duration of the deep sleep phase is shortened by 25-30%.

Scientists also came to the conclusion that lunar cycles and phases of the moon act on a person, regardless of whether he knows about them or not.

why does not sleep on the full moon what to do

Allegations of psychiatrists on the subject

In addition to somnologists and numerous scientists, the phases of the moon also interested psychiatrists. According to them, during the full moon, attacks of somnambulism are more often observed, various mental illnesses are aggravated, people become more prone to manic and obsessive states.

Why does not sleep on the full moon, many are interested.

The reasons for the lunar influence on man and his sleep

The British sleep expert Neil Stanley during his speeches noted that the effect of the full moon on a person is the superstition of many cultures of the world, which has been confirmed in various fields of medicine and science. And after all, in fact, for many years scientists have not been able to reach a consensus on how and why the full moon affects a person’s sleep in such a way. Today, there are several assumptions and theories on this subject. These include:

sleep badly on the full moon
  1. Historical. Scientists believe that people do not sleep with the moon because they have preserved genetic memory. Primitive ancestors were awake on the full moon, because in bright light they could become a victim of predatory animals.
  2. Bioenergy factor of insomnia. With the growing Moon, from the new moon to the full moon, the luminary increases the flow of energy to the Earth. Therefore, people can notice in themselves an increase in working capacity, activity, emotional outbursts, etc.
  3. Magnetic radiation. Some scientists believe that the magnetic field in the full moon is increasing, which can cause people to sleep and sleeplessly.
  4. The physical component of sleep disturbances. This is another interesting version, and it is due to the physical impact of the moon on our planet. It is known that the ebbs and flows of the oceans and seas are controlled by the Moon, therefore it is possible that the gravitational fields of the satellite in a certain way affect a person who consists of 80% water.

Who is exposed to the full moon?

Why can't some people sleep on the full moon? After all, not everyone suffers from such an ailment.

One can object to scientists, claiming that a person sleeps equally on the full moon and the new moon, since not all people suffer from insomnia. Specialists identify several groups of the planet's population that are most susceptible to such forces of nature. These people include:

  • weather dependent persons;
  • people with a fine mental organization;
  • creative natures;
  • newborn babies;
  • people with mental health problems;
  • elderly people.

Why can't I sleep on the full moon? Esoteric will help to understand this issue.

not sleeping on the full moon

What does esotericism say about this?

Esotericism is a peculiar set of knowledge, inaccessible to people uninitiated, ignorant of mystical teachings, specific methods of perception of reality. Specialists in this field argue that the full moon greatly affects a person’s sleep. Not without reason since ancient times people have been wary of this period, prescribing mystical properties to it, and were sure that it was a special, witching and dark time.

It was believed that on the full moon an unclean force is activated, and people who have no connection with the other world can feel its revelry only in this way - in the form of insomnia, and they can not find the reasons for this state. Esoteric sciences are largely inclined to prescribe the full moon's magical properties and explain sleep disturbances in this context.

Why doesn’t sleep on the full moon and what to do?

What to do with such a pathology?

Asomnia, triggered by the full moon, usually disappears with a change in the lunar phase. If there is no improvement at the same time, you should not disregard an unhealthy dream. Chronic lack of sleep can lead to numerous somatic disorders, which subsequently will be much more difficult to deal with. In addition, a person may experience a state of apathy and depressive disorders, as well as excessive irritability and aggressiveness.

why esoteric does not sleep on the full moon

If you do not sleep well on the full moon, taking sleeping pills medications, chosen independently or on the advice of friends, is strictly contraindicated. Such an initiative can lead to an aggravation of the pathological situation and to poor health in general.

Herbal Soothing

If you do not sleep well at the full moon, first you need to try to take a sedative of plant origin, of which there are a lot of pharmacies on the shelves at the moment. Such funds do not affect the structure of the nervous system, do not inhibit mental activity, do not affect performance and concentration. They are the safest for independent use and practically have no contraindications. Such herbal preparations should be taken shortly before the full moon and some time after it, and the best option would be to drink the herbal remedy in a course - from one month.

How to provide yourself with normal sleep?

When you can’t sleep on the full moon, experts recommend that you follow some simple tips:

sleep badly
  • avoid stressful situations;
  • observe the sleep mode - get up and go to bed every day at the same time;
  • abandon activities that violate the established sleep mode;
  • replace entertainment with calmer, calming ones;
  • properly organize a place to sleep - a hard bed, blackout curtains that do not let the moon in, light temperature and regular airing of the bedroom;
  • refuse to watch action films, since it is very harmful not only for impressionable people, but also for those affected by the full moon;
  • refuse a hearty dinner.

Through the above measures, you can quickly normalize sleep, and the full moon will not be the cause of its violation, even if it affects the person in some way.

We examined why he does not sleep on the full moon.

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