Sew a bag with your own hands: simple savings or something more?

Returning to the topic of accessories, it is impossible to ignore such a universally recognized ladies' fetish as bags. We girls treat them with special trepidation, and, give us free rein, or rather money, and we would buy a bag for each one, and preferably two. And not only for outfits, but simply because they are so ... such ... In general, the situation with bags is even sadder than with shoes: shoes have a large area of ​​practical application, wear out faster, which means that the need to purchase a new pair of shoes much more often. Handbags for many of us are more a luxury than an urgent need - we love and buy quality things, and they tend to remain in excellent condition for a long time, preventing their moral owners from spending another ton of money on an optional purchase.

But we would not be women if we could not find a solution in any situation. For example, why not try to sew a bag with your own hands? It is difficult only at first glance, but in reality it is no more complicated than sewing, for example, a dress or pants: after all, the patterns of the bag with your own hands are pretty simple for the most part, and the style and mood of any bag are not at all incredible the complexity of decoration, and decoration and fittings. So, in order to sew a bag with your own hands, the first thing you need to carefully consider its design, decorative and functional solutions and in accordance with your idea to find a suitable pattern. You can, of course, and vice versa, first choose a pattern, and then think about options for its design, but most of us get bags based on their style and materials, and only then pay attention to the design features - what's the difference, how to sew a bag with your own hands or buy? After all, there is only one result - a new thing that we should really like.

So, we can imagine in general terms what result we want to achieve: we need a convenient, practical, but most importantly, a beautiful bag. Whatever weakness we may have for the skin, we can do leather bags with our own hands only for those who have specialized sewing machines. Otherwise, you should not try - to sew a bag with your own hands out of leather without resorting to a sewing machine is impossible: you get terrible handicraft. This means that we have little choice - sports and summer bags: they are usually sewn of fabric. The option of a summer handbag is especially attractive: after all, it is time for an active life outside the home, since in fine weather it is very difficult to force yourself to be in four walls - the more reasons to demonstrate a new thing. Moreover, it is the onset of the warm season that makes us wait for changes and fresh impressions, to be bold in our fantasies, and to gain new experience, and in addition to it and a new handbag, fits this mood in the best way. In addition, the patterns of a hand-made bag designed for the summer season are distinguished by the simplicity of design and the simplicity of execution - ideal for the first experience. For summer bags, it is best to use dense fabrics of artificial origin - they are the most durable. Naturally, summer is the time for bright colors, so we give preference to the most cheerful colors. Do not forget about accessories: for example, for bright beach bags with an expressive floral pattern, fittings made of warm natural materials are perfect, wood and bamboo are especially popular.

And so, the idea of ​​sewing a bag captured us entirely: we already imagine a new little thing in all its details, looked at more than one website in search of the necessary accessories, went around all the shops of the city, examining fabrics and noticing which one would be suitable for sewing a bag, but at the same time and to that dress in peas. Everything converges, so it's time to start. We download a suitable pattern, purchase everything we need and proceed to the process of creativity, although, if in a good way, it started a long time ago - because when we were just fantasizing about new clothes, we were already creating, just not on a material level. But after all, our future handbag was born just then, and now we are just helping her to realize it. Quite a bit of patience and accuracy - and we are ready to fully meet the new summer season: we have an exclusive little thing, a copy of which we definitely will not meet anywhere in the summer cafe or, not by night, be told in our own office. And what trivial purchase of a new bag for regular money can compare with this unforgettable creative process, especially, leading to such a breathtaking result?


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