Smolninsky baths: institution features and customer reviews

Smolninskiye Bani is a complex located on Krasnoye Tekstilshchik Street in St. Petersburg. The institution has premises of various price categories. Here guests are given the opportunity to spend time in the company of friends and relatives, watch the match on TV or just chat over a cup of fragrant tea in a relaxed atmosphere after relaxing procedures.

Complex Features

The Smolninskiye Bani Institution is located at the address: city of St. Petersburg, Krasnoye Tekstilshchika Street, 7.

The institution has the following types of premises and services:

  • General departments (for male and female visitors).
  • Russian sauna.
  • Turkish hammam.
  • Luxury rooms designed for women.
  • Premises (for recreation of male clients).
  • Font.
  • Buckets with ice water.
  • Pool.
pool in the complex
  • A café inviting you to try the signature dishes prepared by the chef.
  • Sports class "Zenith" (for male visitors).

The Smolninskiye Baths complex in St. Petersburg is open on weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) from ten in the morning until 22:00. On Saturdays and Sundays, the doors of the establishment are open for customers from 9:00 to 10:00.

Visitor Services

The bath complex was built in 1991.

"Smolninsky baths", Petersburg

However, in 2012, repair work was carried out in this institution, thanks to which its interior was significantly transformed. Modern equipment and additional facilities have appeared here, which allow customers to get the most out of procedures and relaxation.

The common areas are equipped with lockers where you can store valuables and clothing. Luxury rooms have personal locker rooms and armchairs. There is also television, which provides Smolninsky Baths customers with the opportunity to watch matches of the Zenit St. Petersburg football team. Visitors are also invited to relax in the lobby, equipped with bar counters. The cafe sells drinks, snacks, hot dishes, tea, coffee, pastries.

Prices for the services of the complex are determined by the category of room chosen by the client.

the territory of the bath complex

The cost of rest varies from 330 to 1500 rubles in sixty minutes.

Cafe on site

Visitors to the Smolninsky Baths have the opportunity to enjoy not only pleasant procedures, but also delicious drinks and dishes. The menu offered to customers includes the following:

  1. Different types of salads.
  2. Snacks (hot and cold).
  3. The first dishes (chicken soup, fish soup, hodgepodge, borsch).
  4. Dishes made from fish.
  5. Hot dishes from pulp of pork, lamb, beef, poultry.
  6. Side dishes of vegetables, rice groats.
  7. Drinks (kvass, juices, mineral water, fruit drinks, sparkling water, various types of coffee and tea).
  8. Pancakes with toppings (sour cream, jam, condensed milk, honey).
  9. Alcohol (bottled and draft beer).
  10. Sweets for tea (chocolate, cookies, oriental desserts).

The assortment and quality of food and drinks in a cafe located on the territory of the Smolninskiye Bani complex is one of the institution's positive qualities.

Customer Opinions

Judging by the reviews of Internet users, visitors evaluate the level of service in this institution is ambiguous. Some guests claim that they are completely satisfied with the quality of services and professional qualities of the institution's employees. They say that the organization’s staff always keeps the room clean.

one of the premises of the complex

Here you can relax, enjoy the pleasant procedures, relax your muscles after tiring workouts in the gym. Customers, in general, are satisfied with the work of the cafe on the territory of the Smolninsky Baths, the quality of food and drinks. Guests who liked the level of service at the restaurant claim that the staff here is polite and attentive, and does a good job.

However, according to other Internet users who have visited this complex, some employees (administrators, cleaners) are rude and ignore their responsibilities. Reviews about Smolninskiye Baths also contain negative comments about the situation on the organization’s territory (lack of hooks for clothes in the locker room, lack of light bulbs and sewage). There are guests who believe that the staff does not pay due attention to cleanliness of the premises. Some customers believe that the level of service in the institution is not worth the money.


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