How is a do-it-yourself mower going?

Landowners will agree that grass mowing with the use of equipment is much easier than manually performing this process. In the store, such a device costs a lot. The way out in this situation is to make this device with your own hands. A mowing machine will be much cheaper, and it will function the same.

Types of devices according to the principle of action

There are several varieties of devices for mowing grass. According to their design and principle of operation, they are divided into three types:

  1. Rotary (most popular).
  2. Segmented.
  3. Mower wagon.

Homemade mowing machine can be of any kind.

DIY mowing machine

Method for using mowers

Depending on the method of use, the following types are distinguished:

  • Mounted, which are aggregated with equipment. The power of this device will directly depend on the power of the equipment.
  • Self-propelled. Such mowers resemble children's cars. Only they have knives attached to the bottom, which cut grass during movement.
  • Manual mowing machine, which is characterized by ease of operation and lower cost, in comparison with previous options. But its use is possible only in small areas, since this unit has a small capacity.

The last option is like an electric mowing machine, and gasoline.

Rotary mower

The device of this mechanism is the simplest. For its manufacture it is necessary:

  • Choose a reliable frame. It is made of a metal corner 4 x 4 cm.
  • Seeder discs.
  • 4 wheels with equal size.
  • Metal pipe.
  • Nuts, bolts for fastening knives.

A metal sheet is cut to fit the size of the wagon. Then the bottom is cut from an arbitrary barrel. A casing is also cut, the size of which should be slightly larger than the diameter of the disk. Knives are attached to the disk itself. To get acquainted with how they are attached, a drawing of a mowing machine can help, which can be seen in the picture below. Elements are interconnected by welding.

manual mowing machine

A homemade mower works according to the following principle. Knives are able to rotate 360 ​​degrees. The disk rotates, which creates centrifugal forces. Under their action, the knives begin to straighten.

Separate elements of the device can be taken from an old chainsaw.

Segment Mower

The segment type mower is more complex in its design. But it can also be made with your own hands. This type of mower is assembled as follows:

  1. You will need a metal profile with dimensions of 15 x 50 x 120 mm.
  2. It makes 12 holes, the diameter of which will be suitable for the M8 bolt.
  3. Knives are attached to the profile through the prepared holes. To do this, use the bolts of the above size. Moreover, the knives should be fixed on both sides.
  4. Together with the extreme knives, runners and clamps are attached.
  5. Next, the wheels are installed. Perfectly fit from an old baby stroller.

electric mowing machine

The mowing machine works as follows. The knives are driven by a special mechanism that transmits rotational movements from the walk-behind tractor using a shaft. It is worth noting that the knives move in rotational and reverse-translational movements. Due to this, even tall grass is mowed without much difficulty.

A feature is the fact that the grass is cut, but not chopped.

Cart Mower

This option is also more complex than a rotary mower. But he can also be made with his own hands. The mowing machine allows you to clean plants with a thick stem, as it mows the plants with great force. This design option can easily be converted into a snowplow.

  1. The frame is made by welding metal corners. Wheels are attached to it (it is possible from a baby carriage). It is recommended to make a frame 40 cm wide and 80 cm long. But there may be other sizes.
  2. A sheet of metal or plywood is laid on it.
  3. Next to the frame are mounted 2 drums that rotate. You can make them from cans. To do this, cut the bottom and top of the can, and then replace them with wooden circles. Another option for the drum is a disc made of steel sheet. In total, 4 cans with a diameter on the outside of 20 cm and another 4 cans with a diameter of 17 cm are needed.
  4. Connect two banks with different sizes to each other, using bolts. Knives are attached to the disks (4 pcs each). The distance between the knives should be the same. A gap of about 1-2 mm is left between the knife and the blade. This will facilitate the rotation process.
  5. At the corners of the drums, grooves of approximately 13 cm are made. A transport line will rotate along them.

homemade mowing machine

Mower connection to machinery

A do-it-yourself mowing machine can work only after connecting it to equipment (walk-behind tractor, mini tractor). And you need to do this accurately and accurately. Even the slightest deviation from the level is dangerous due to the high speed of rotation.

When connecting a home-made mower device to a walk-behind tractor, it is necessary to turn on the reverse mode. Coupling with the power take-off shaft is done by connecting the assembly of the manufactured mowing machine and the coupling jack of the equipment.

During operation, safety precautions must be observed. Before starting work, you should carefully check whether all the bolts are tightened, whether the parts are fixed. Do not work near unauthorized persons, wear wide clothing for the duration of the work.

mowing machine drawing

Thus, a self-assembled mowing machine is ready for use. Depending on the materials available and the required capacity, the device may have several design types. But in any case, the mowing machine will allow you to clean the grass quickly and without much effort.


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