Game 'Munchkin': rules

We all know how exciting board games can be. In Russia, the first place in popularity is played by the board game Monopoly. In second place is the board game Munchkin, which people of all ages enjoy playing. For those who first hear about this game: it consists of chip cards and a cube. There are 168 cards in the game and they are divided into two parts: the “door” cards (the second name is “dungeon”) and the “treasure” cards. Distinguish them quite simply by shirt with the image of the above characters.

Munchkin is good to play in a company where there are 3-6 people. In addition to cards, each player should have ten chips, the function of which can be performed by any improvised means, such as buttons, coins.

Let's take a closer look at how to play Munchkin? The rules of this game at first seem not too simple. It consists of ten levels and involves the promotion of players from the lower class to the higher. The one who first reached the tenth level wins. Each player picks up two cards from each deck. When this or that card is eliminated from the game, it is discarded into that discard (a place for discarding a separate deck) to which it corresponds. Cards that players receive can be active and passive. Passive are in the hands of the players and do not participate in the game. However, if the player put the card on the table, then he cannot return it to his hand, they become suitable either for discarding or for sale to other players in Munchkin. The rules prescribe the beginning of the game by lot.

A player who has four cards in his hands can put one of them on the table, for example, a “race” card or a “stuff” card. The maximum number of treasure cards for players can be five, with the exception of only players who are assigned a race of gnomes. They are allowed to have six treasure cards. In addition to the dwarves, warriors, clerics and elves participate in the game. You need to start pulling cards from the deck of cards "doors". Here you will be burned by a "monster" card or a "curse" card. If everything is clear with the second, then you will either have to fight the monster yourself, or ask for help from other players, subject to the subsequent division of trophies, or just run away.

During the battle, the player can not perform any operations with things, buy, sell, steal. Having defeated the monster, the player rises to one or several levels, depending on what is indicated on the map with the Monster Munchkin. The rules provide for the fight against the monster with the help of potions or other items. However, before you enter the battle, you need to compare your levels with the enemy. Do not compete with the troll of the eighth level if your hero is only on the third. After the victory over the monster is gained, it is necessary to draw cards from the second deck - "treasures". Their number is also indicated on the monster card. If another player helped you win, then you need to share the reward received for the victory.

The most interesting part begins when you have reached a level close to victory, because other players in Munchkin can not only help you in the fight against monsters, but also intervene in a duel so that you do not get a victory. If you cannot defeat the monster and other players refuse to help you, then there is only one thing left - to run. The player runs away with a die roll. An escape is considered successful if the numbers 5 or 6 are dropped on the die.

What if you have too many Munchkin cards on hand? The rules in this case indicate to share items with players who have the lowest level. If you yourself are such a player, then the cards you just need to send to the reset. Having achieved high popularity, the game Munchkin received sequels, called "Star Munchkin" and "Munchkin Fu." If you are looking for a game that can truly amuse a friendly company, then opt for Munchkin. The rules of this game will become clear even to a beginner when he sees how others play, and absolutely everyone will enjoy the game.


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