Strip on the nail, white or black dots - what does it mean?

You can find out a lot of information about your health by the appearance of your nails. It sounds a little strange, but nevertheless, as experience shows, it is true. Very often in medicine, this method is used to diagnose various diseases. And each strip on a nail of a certain color can indicate a particular disease.

The nails of a healthy person should have a uniform surface, as well as an even peach or pink color. The plate itself must be transparent and flexible. Not all of them have such a look, and each strip on the nail can tell a lot about various diseases, even the most minor ones.

Nail color

As mentioned above, a pink or peach uniform surface of the nail cover indicates normal health. If they have a reddish tint, this indicates hypertension or other diseases of the remedy. With a yellowish tint or the presence of yellow spots, liver diseases can be assumed, as well as a violation of fat metabolism in the human body. The bluish or purple color of the nail indicates anemia or congenital heart disease.

Strip on the nail

The question "What do the white spots on the nails mean ?" excites almost every second, since this phenomenon is most common. This means that your body lacks calcium, iodine, magnesium or iron. If we talk about a transverse strip of white, then this is due to intestinal diseases, and is also a sign of polyatritis. But if you find brown stripes, in this case it is a manifestation of various kidney diseases, which requires a medical examination.

Black dots on the nails

This is due to past injuries, which thus affected the nail. These points are considered traces of hemorrhage and are not a signal of any disease. But if you did not suffer any injuries, then this may indicate a disease called endocarditis, as well as various liver diseases. In this case, you must consult a doctor.

Lamination and transverse furrows

In addition to the foregoing, our nails quite often undergo other changes in the body. Their foliation, for example, may indicate a lack of vitamins or an enlarged thyroid gland. In this case, it is necessary to pass tests for hormones or consult an endocrinologist.

If we talk about the furrows on the surface of the nail, then this may be the result of poor-quality manicure. You can not very strongly press tools on the nail growth area, as this can lead to damage to its surface and even the formation of furrows. The latter can also occur after severe poisoning or various diseases that were accompanied by high fever.

In addition, the natural color of your nail is of great importance. If white or light shades prevail, you need to see a doctor, as these can be various kinds of kidney diseases, even the most serious ones.

Roughnesses in the surface of the nail can be a sign of the presence of chronic diseases, most often associated with the gastrointestinal tract.

Foma of nails also means a lot, on the basis of which you can draw conclusions about your health yourself without a medical opinion. The convex shape indicates respiratory diseases. Flat speaks of diseases of the cardiovascular system, while at the base of the nail light holes are practically not observed. Triangular shape speaks of problems with the spine.

Each strip on the nail or stain knows a lot about us. And if you notice something suspicious in their appearance, contact the clinic.


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