Cash on delivery is convenience and benefit in one bottle.

The Internet has always been fertile ground for the activities of scammers and scams. Unfortunately, this is a fact. And therefore, our already incredulous man, by his nature, was initially extremely skeptical of various online stores. However, new technologies have begun to penetrate our daily lives, and modern payment methods make it possible to protect both the buyer and the seller from the risk of loss.

cash on delivery is
One of these methods is cash on delivery. This is a payment system in which a person pays the cost of a completed purchase only after he receives the goods at the nearest post office or accepts it from the hands of the courier. For all that, the buyer has the right to refuse the order and not pay for it (it is advisable to inform the seller about a change in his decision). It would seem that sending products by cash on delivery in this case is unprofitable for the other side. However, this is not so, because the goods are returned to the seller intact, and in fact, the costs come down only to pay for courier services.

After the goods are transferred to the delivery service, the seller is notified with a declaration with an individual number. This code the seller must inform the buyer. To receive his order, the second is enough to have a passport and code.

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Cash on delivery is a modern payment method that almost completely eliminates possible risks for all parties. The courier service, one way or another, receives payment for its work. The buyer, before paying for the goods, can make sure that it is in accordance with the order, absence of marriage, etc. And even in case of refusal, the seller’s losses are minimized.

Most often, cash on delivery is used when sending expensive products. For example, it can be elite branded clothing or modern tablet computers. In this case, each side wants to be 100% confident in the reliability of the transaction.

Cash on delivery is a type of payment that is practiced by most modern domestic online stores. Clients can receive notifications about the current status of their order by e-mail or directly to a mobile phone using SMS. As soon as the package is at the intermediary, it can be picked up.

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Another important point is that the service may charge a certain percentage for mail transfer services. Traditionally, the Russian Post is used to transfer parcels. Cash on delivery here will include the cost of the goods and their delivery, as well as an additional fee in the amount of 1 to 5% of this amount. Another popular service is New Mail. Cash on delivery here also includes a fee for processing a money transfer (depending on the geographical location of the buyer and seller) and 2% for the transfer itself.

Thus, cash on delivery is a convenient modern method of payment for goods ordered via the Internet, which protects the buyer as much as possible from the risk of getting a "pig in a poke" and, at the same time, allows the seller to minimize possible losses, without relying on the integrity of the client.


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