LCD "Venice" (Novosibirsk): reviews (advantages and advantages)

Novosibirsk is the third most populated city in Russia. It is spread out on both sides of the Ob. And year by year it is increasing in all directions of the world. Since the last century, this city has established itself as perhaps the fastest growing.

And today in Novosibirsk you can see many new buildings. One of the brightest - LCD "Venice".

LCD Venice Novosibirsk reviews

Official information

LCD "Venice" in Novosibirsk (reviews about it are even in social networks) is located on the picturesque, left bank of the city, a five-minute walk from Lenin Square.

The complex is being built in the Leninsky district, next to the Dimitrovsky bridge and consists of five 17-story houses. Construction work is in the active phase. Two three-entry houses are currently being built, in which 289 apartments are planned. From their windows a stunning view of the river and the center of Novosibirsk opens, and in the evening this beauty is illuminated by bright lights. The first floors of high-rise buildings are planned to be occupied by public premises. Also designed above ground and underground parking complexes.

The design of the building facades was done by an Italian architect.

The building address is 112/4 Chulymskaya Street. Reviews from real estate investors about LCD "Venice" in Novosibirsk can already be read on many sites.

LCD Venice Novosibirsk customer reviews


This is one of the most reliable developers in the region - SDS-Finance LLC. In neighboring Kemerovo, this developer is the leader in terms of investment in housing construction.

To date, SDS-Finance LLC has commissioned nearly 700 thousand m 2 of housing. And this is more than 12,000 apartments and 100 high-rise buildings.

Construction technology

On this project, she is the most modern. Houses are built from innovative prefabricated monolithic slabs. European standard panels are produced by the local Kemerovo house-building plant. The “step” between the panels is 6.60 m, which gives a guarantee of the quality of the building and provides almost complete freedom of layout. And also, importantly, the attractive cost of new housing.

The advantages of these panels include:

  • the full readiness of the walls for wallpapering or painting (the step of plastering, filling and priming is skipped);
  • high ceilings;
  • almost perfect vertical surface (curvature is minimal);
  • parameters of heat and sound insulation at a high level;
  • high seismic stability.

Outside, the walls are insulated with a wet facade system. Thanks to the well-chosen size of the plates, the ceiling height in the apartments is 2.8 m.

LCD Venice Novosibirsk residents reviews


Customer reviews of the LCD "Venice" in Novosibirsk indicate a well-developed infrastructure of the area. Here, within walking distance are a school, hospitals, a kindergarten, chain supermarkets (Leroy Merlin, Lenta, Forma, Giant). And even there is a water park (today - the largest in Russia)!

One of the best gymnasiums in the city is a 10-minute drive from the new building.

The center is only five minutes away by car. And to the nearest metro station on any form of public transport there are three stops. At 500 meters from the new building there is a stopping area through which 11 routes pass.

According to the project, the courtyard will be closed for vehicles. A fence is planned around the perimeter of the entire complex, on which video surveillance will be installed, at the entrances - security posts. All paths are planned to be paved with decorative paving tiles.

Not far from the new building, the city administration plans to set up a large leisure park with many green spaces, including shrubs and flowers.

Object Excursions

On the site of the developer, everyone who wants to buy an apartment is invited to go to the show room and in detail, which is called, to the touch, to make sure the quality of building and decoration materials. There are floor and ceiling coverings, wallpaper, double-glazed windows, interior and exterior doors, as well as plumbing and electrics. A photo from the reviews about LCD "Venice" (Novosibirsk) is presented below.

LCD Venice reviews of real estate investors Novosibirsk


Regardless of the number of rooms, all apartments are open-plan, comfortable and ergonomic. Features can be identified as follows:

  • cost from 45,000 per square;
  • innovative German construction technology;
  • one-room apartments from 34 m 2 ;
  • one-bedroom apartments within 55.5-68 m 2 ;
  • three-room apartments from 88.1 m 2 ;
  • ceilings 2.85 m;
  • loggias have panoramic glazing;
  • OTIS high-speed elevators;
  • more than seven types of finishes.

The apartments are offered various readiness options: with rough finishing, finishing, as well as “turnkey”, that is, completely ready for living. The design of these apartments can be decorated in the Scandinavian style, or in the styles of Modern Fusion, European Classics, Cozy Classics, etc.

House territory

In the residential complex "Venice" in Novosibirsk, the reviews of the residents of the new building confirm this, they really care about children and outdoor enthusiasts. There are street games for kids and playgrounds for the younger generation. For adults, there is a separate area with benches and a covered gazebo. In addition, tennis tables and sports fields will appear. The whole yard will be well lit.

LCD Venice Novosibirsk reviews the benefits

Profitable offer

You can buy an apartment in the complex in cash, by installments (from the developer) and in a mortgage. The developer cooperates with the following financial organizations:

  • Sberbank
  • Raiffeisen Bank;
  • "VTB 24";
  • "Bank Left Bank" ;
  • "Communication Bank";
  • Russian Agricultural Bank;
  • "Bank of Moscow";
  • Promsvyazbank;
  • NOAIK;
  • Gazprombank;
  • Globex Bank;
  • TransCapitalBank.

Mortgages for buying an apartment in the residential complex "Venice" in Novosibirsk (reviews confirm this) are issued free of charge. You can take advantage of a military mortgage, a mortgage with state support, as well as maternity capital. The requirements for the borrower are standard: coming of age, an official place of work with at least three years of experience. The conditions of banks providing mortgage loans vary, but in general, the mortgage must be closed until the borrower reaches retirement age. And also: the loan amount starts from 600 000 rubles, the loan term is not more than 30 years, special conditions apply for young families, as well as for families using maternity capital.

LCD Venice Novosibirsk reviews disadvantages

And the most interesting, according to the developer, it can be taken without a down payment!

An application is considered no more than five business days.

The package of documents for an application for a mortgage in each bank varies, but the following will definitely be needed:

  • application (drawn up at the bank);
  • passport and its full copy;
  • employment record and its copy (certified in the personnel department);
  • income statement either in the form of 2-personal income tax or in the form of the borrowing bank.

No less interesting option for buying a home in the LCD "Venice" in Novosibirsk, according to residents, is the exchange of an old apartment for a new one. The program is called Trade in (or an apartment in offset) and is valid on individual conditions.

Start of sales

From this moment, the developer offers several attractive shares.

One of them is “We give repair as a gift”.

Houses 1 and 2 offer a fine finish as a gift. That is, the apartment will be completely renovated.

In house 1a, at the price of a draft apartment with a rough finish, the apartment “Rough + bathroom” is for sale. Or at the price of an apartment with a fine finish - “Finish + bathroom”.

Also, for one part of the apartments there is a promotion “Mortgage as a gift”, for the other - a discount of 1,000 rubles per square for repairs.

Shares are not cumulative.

Reviews about LCD "Venice" in Novosibirsk

There are already quite a lot of them. There are estimates of the first tenants who moved from other areas. They are more than satisfied with the price and quality of the purchased housing.

Families with children are happy with a good investment. Both adults and children were pleasantly surprised by the grounds on the inside of the house. But most of all, children are happy about the proximity of the water park.

In one of the reviews about the residential complex "Venice" in Novosibirsk, an equal number of two- and three-room apartments was assigned to the advantages. This means that the neighbors will be permanent, and, therefore, a careful attitude to their home is ensured.

LCD South Krasnogorsk reviews photos

The advantage is considered by equity holders and various stocks from the developer.

The rooms are huge, and the loggias are glazed from floor to ceiling - the view is amazingly beautiful, which residents admire. Plus two bathrooms!

The location of the complex is also good. The porches, staircases and elevator halls are large and comfortable.

In several reviews, there are reports of the imminent start of a fixed-route taxi to this area, as well as the start of the construction of a kindergarten for one hundred places.

Parking spaces, and there are more than a thousand, are planned to be taken out of the yard, which will allow parents not to worry about walking children, and save the residents of lower floors from exhaust gases.

For each turn of the complex, two entrances will be made.

The disadvantages of LCD "Venice" in Novosibirsk in the reviews include a certain distance from the city center. And this suggests that the infrastructure has yet to develop.

Buyers still have doubts about the land on which the house stands. They say that earlier there were swamps, but the construction company claims that this problem is solved.


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