Which mobile internet is the most profitable? Choose an operator

Which mobile internet is the most profitable? Understanding this issue is not as easy as it seems. After all, there are a lot of mobile operators in each city. And everywhere they offer their own conditions for connecting to the Internet. There are many factors to consider. For example, how actively do you plan to use the mobile network to "surf" the Internet. Sometimes it turns out that the most advantageous offer is with the least Internet traffic. What do subscribers think about this issue? How do they connect mobile internet? Which operator is the best in the field?

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Eternal competition

In all this, it is difficult to find the answer. After all, everyone has their own requests regarding the operation of the mobile virtual web. Therefore, the choice of the subscriber will depend on the requirements put forward.

Have you thought which mobile Internet is the most profitable? Then pay attention to the most popular companies offering mobile services. They are constantly competing with each other. It:

  • Megphon
  • Beeline;
  • MTS;
  • "Tele 2".

It is among these companies that we have to choose a leader. Be sure to answer a few questions for yourself:

  1. How often will you use the Internet?
  2. What do you do most often on the net?
  3. How active do you think you are?
  4. What amount and traffic do you expect?

All this will help to make a choice. As practice shows, the ratio of price and offered Internet traffic plays a large role. But the quality of work of a particular operator also affects the choice of subscribers.

which mobile internet is the most profitable


Which mobile internet is the most profitable? Perhaps some say for themselves that Megafon offers very good conditions. Only this company is not very famous for its stability. More often than not, people indicate that while working with the network they experience various crashes and malfunctions.

In addition, Megafon does not allow you to just use the Internet all over Russia. In order to be able to do this, you will have to additionally activate the Internet in Russia service. Connection will cost 30 rubles, and the monthly fee will be from 2 to 10.

In principle, not the worst option. "Megaphone" is suitable for not too active people (most of the offers of the operator). You can connect one of the available mobile Internet packages (from XS to XL). Each offer has its own characteristics. Completely free Internet (mobile unlimited) is provided in the Internet XL package, which costs about 1290 rubles per month. The traffic here is not limited, but the cost is quite high. Only suitable for very active users.

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Thinking which mobile Internet is the most profitable? Many offer Beeline. The company has long been famous for its reliability and quality of service. It is noted that communication services are provided without constant failures. But here the cost of some tariff plans is overstated. It can push away.

Great attention should be paid to the speed of access to the World Wide Web. In large cities, it will be very small. It’s enough to work on the phone, but it’s worth inserting the SIM card into the USB modem, as you will feel that it’s not comfortable to use the network services. But in small cities with a small load on the network, you can really only enjoy the speed of the Internet.

The "ALL!" Line is very popular. from Beeline. Free internet (mobile) is available in fairly large volumes. For example, EVERYTHING FOR 300 offers 3 GB of internet. And additionally free minutes of conversation with Beeline subscribers, as well as 100 SMS messages. Not too active users are suitable for the "Vsesechka" tariff plan. 100 rubles per month - and 100 MB of Internet traffic. After spending the limit, you will give for each 1 MB of information on the ruble. Beeline has advantageous offers, but most often they are used exclusively for mobile devices. The USB modem does not work well with this operator.

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MTS Mobile Internet is very popular. This operator offers pretty favorable conditions and good network performance. With its shortcomings - the company often has overloads. And in the forest areas with a USB modem it’s comfortable not to work on the Internet. After all, the connection will be at a low speed.

At prices, MTS offers the most humane offers. If we talk about a mobile phone, then here you can use the Super BIT tariff for 150-250 rubles (depending on the region of your residence) and work comfortably throughout the whole of Russia with the Internet. A quota of 100 MB is given per day. As soon as you download information more than a limitation, the network speed drops to 64 Kb / s. It is also possible to connect a β€œBIT” for 150 rubles for work inside the home region.

But for USB modems, completely different packages are provided by MTS. Such mobile Internet pleases with its cost and speed. But, as already mentioned, either communication due to congestion is often interrupted, or the network is very slow. Here is such a mobile Internet "MTS". Many dwell on this proposal.

"Tele 2"

But in Moscow, Tele2 was recognized as the best operator. This company appeared not so long ago as everyone else, but it has already won the hearts of many. Favorable prices, as well as stable network operation - this is what the operator is famous for.

For the mobile phone, the offer "Internet for mobile" is suitable. He has a monthly fee, which is about 5.5 rubles per day. Moreover, the amount of data you download is not limited.

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But for the USB-modem, completely different offers take place. Tele2 offers a variety of rates. For example, "Internet Suitcase." With it you get for 400-500 rubles (the cost depends on your region of residence) 45 GB of Internet traffic. As soon as the limit is exhausted, access to the network is terminated.

True leader

So which operator is the best for connecting to the Internet? It’s hard to decide. It is noted that "MTS" and "Tele2" are best suited at the moment for those who do not want to overpay.

How to set up mobile Internet? All operators now allow you not to think about this issue. Simply save the settings that come to your mobile device. Or insert a SIM card into a USB modem. Everything is very easy and simple!

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