Do-it-yourself greenhouse made of plastic bottles. Greenhouse from plastic bottles: master class

Home gardening at gardeners is considered not only a fascinating activity on a suburban area, but also a great way to replenish your budget. In order to grow vegetables, berries and other crops, use open ground and greenhouse constructions. Moreover, the latter option is considered the most common. For example, a greenhouse made of plastic bottles can be made independently, which will significantly save financial costs at the initial stage of doing business.

greenhouse made of plastic bottles

The advantages of this design

A greenhouse made of plastic bottles has several advantages. Firstly, it is cheap to build. Secondly, in order to do it, one does not need to have knowledge in this area. You can just consult on this issue with experienced gardeners.

Other design features

Some mistakenly believe that a greenhouse made of a plastic bottle does not have a long shelf life. This is not true. The design is several years longer than standard greenhouses, which are constructed of plastic film.

Greenhouse made of plastic bottles:

  • used for 3-5 years;
  • economical in construction;
  • can be easily mounted and dismantled;
  • does not require a solid foundation;
  • perfectly keeps heat inside;
  • has a good ability to transmit light.

It should be noted that the sun's rays will not adversely affect the plants inside the greenhouse, as they are delayed by the dense structure of the plastic.

When can I use a bottle greenhouse?

There are several options for using this design. It can be in operation not only in the summer, but also in spring and autumn. Quite successfully, a heating system is manufactured in it and additional lighting is carried out if daylight hours have already declined.

A greenhouse made of a plastic bottle will have the same strength as the construction with polyethylene.

plastic bottle greenhouse

What the design of this greenhouse consists of

Firstly, from the outset, it is worth considering that any greenhouse design cannot be installed normally without a specific reason. If a greenhouse is made of plastic bottles, then a frame must be made first. It can be constructed from a variety of materials. Today for this there are a huge number of them. Further, the entire structure is covered with a roof.

It is imperative that if you make a greenhouse of plastic bottles with your own hands, it is necessary to make vents in the design.

Functions of window leaves in a plastic bottle greenhouse

Since air masses do not circulate without a specific effect in a plastic structure, plants do not receive enough oxygen. From this they grow poorly.

Window leaves can be of any size.

Places for the arrangement of window leaves in the greenhouse:

  • on the roof;
  • on the wall above (under the roof).

Also, as a window leaf, an entrance door to the greenhouse can be used. But to open it for a long time, especially in winter, is not recommended. This can harm cultivated plants .

do-it-yourself greenhouse from plastic bottles

The principles for placing window leaves are based on the fact that air, which is well warmed up, rises up and accumulates there. To bring him outside, you need to make openings that will open in two ways:

  • manual;
  • automatic.

The manual method is clear to everyone. Automatic opening of ventilation windows is carried out by special equipment, which is installed in the greenhouse. It is also worth mounting sensors for humidity and oxygen saturation. It is from these indicators that the frequency of ventilation of the greenhouse depends.

What bottles can be used to build a greenhouse

Such a design as a greenhouse of plastic bottles always gives rise to a rather large number of disputes. How to make it and what is better? There are two options here:

  • use standard whole plastic bottles;
  • chop them and align.

The greenhouse is made quite simply from plastic bottles. Tips for the summer resident are that you need to use only 1.5-2-liter bottles. With a large volume, plastic containers will be difficult to cut and level.

greenhouse from plastic bottles how to make

How to align plastic bottles

So, if you need to align the bottles initially, then you need to cut them correctly. It is done like this:

  • the neck and bottom of the bottle are cut off;
  • the middle is cut vertically on one side.

You need to cut the bottom and neck of the bottle along the clear lines of the joints of the material. They are visible on the surface.

As a result, rectangles should form from the middle of the bottle. They are rolled into rolls of 20-40 pieces and gradually begin to straighten. You can put them under the press. We do not use the bottom and neck.

Stages of manufacturing a greenhouse design from plastic bottles

Often there are questions about how the greenhouse is made from plastic bottles. The discussion can take hours. It is worth initially to understand that it is necessary to make a design project. Based on its parameters, appropriate calculations are already carried out according to the amount of material.

greenhouse from plastic bottles tips for the summer resident

After the project, they proceed to the manufacture of the base. Then - to the frame of the structure. And at the last stage, they build a roof.

Greenhouse base

The greenhouse design of plastic bottles is lightweight. For this reason, the basis may be:

  • brick;
  • foam block;
  • wooden;
  • Capless and so on.

The last version of the foundation for the greenhouse is used to build the structure for many years or in case of its subsequent replacement with a more practical version of the greenhouse or greenhouse.

greenhouse from plastic bottles master class

The foundation is installed on the ground. You can dig a little brick, foam blocks or wooden boards. All elements of this design must be fastened together.

Brick with brick is bound with concrete mortar. The same applies to foam blocks. Wooden boards can be hammered together with nails with long legs or screwed to each other with special bolts.

Frame manufacturing

Any greenhouse made of plastic bottles is based on the frame. A master class in this matter can show that the frame is made of several types of material:

  • wood;
  • plastic pipes.

The most practical and reliable is a wooden frame. Professionals advise coating it with a layer of paint immediately after construction. This will make it possible to protect the structure of the material from moisture penetration and thereby preserve it for a long time.

plastic bottle greenhouse discussion

Plastic pipes are also durable. Only if wood can be easily found will they have to be purchased. And this is an extra cost. Some gardeners are incapable of such actions. The plastic frame is fastened using special plastic welding.

Making a greenhouse roof

The roof of the greenhouse made of plastic bottles can be:

  • single slope;
  • gable.

These are the two most common options. The roofing structure is also based on a kind of frame.

It is necessary to choose the material for the construction of the frame of the roof of the greenhouse, based on the technical characteristics of the material from which the main frame is made. That is, if the frame of the greenhouse is made of plastic, then the roof frame must also be made of plastic. Similarly with wood. So it will be easier to fasten together all the structural elements.

As the roofing material, you can use plastic bottles or plastic wrap. Professionals recommend giving preference to the latter option, since the film is easily mounted and dismantled if necessary.

The film is attached to the plastic frame using plastic clips. On wooden - with special bolts with large hats.

The construction of the walls of the greenhouse

Cut plastic bottles are fastened together quite simply. To do this, use metal tongs. They are heated on gas. Pre-overlap the rectangles of the bottles. They spend at the junction. The plastic is melted and bonded.

The resulting canvases are fastened with a simple construction stapler. Often you can meet the installation of a plastic canvas with a wooden board and nails. Each gardener chooses a more convenient method for himself.

How to build a greenhouse out of whole plastic bottles

This method is simpler than the previous one. It involves only whole plastic bottles with the same volume. They stack one on top of the other. All of them must be filled with air. The first rows of bottles are filled with sand. This will give stability to the structure.

Fasten all structural elements with special glue for plastic. The frame for such a greenhouse can not be done, but the base is still required. The roof is covered with plastic wrap. Although the bottles are so strong that cellular polycarbonate of small thickness can be used. This design will not be afraid of wind and other weather and climatic phenomena.


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