What is kundalini: concept, basics, rules for beginners, mantras and meditation tips

This question is asked by beginning yoga adepts, as well as people who are simply interested in the idea of ​​controlling their kundalini energy: “What is the awakening of this energy? How safe is this? ”

It is no secret that many modern commercial yoga clubs, advertising themselves, claim that they are guaranteed to awaken it in any person who comes to their classes. However, such statements are far from the truth. Internet sites are full of articles of "experts", busily giving relevant recommendations. With all this, one often hears that a person who has been seriously interested in yoga for a decade has not been able to raise his kundalini. What is its initiation and how is it guaranteed to be achieved? This question is really relevant.

This article attempts to answer the above questions.

The concept

“Kundal” - this word is translated quite romantically: “lover's lock”. Kundalini, respectively, denotes an action to unfold energy, structured in the form of a curl. As a result, the initiation of spiritual wisdom, the opening of the layers of the mind, gaining control of thought. A person is transformed, his power of realized kundalini is combined with the soul. Yogis figuratively say that the one with whom this transformation has occurred becomes stronger than hundreds of elephants.

The concept of this primary energy today is explained exclusively from an esoteric point of view. After all, the source of knowledge in this area is the exclusively personal experience of many adherents. According to the experienced feelings, there are many interpretations by the yogis of kundalini. What is this innermost and hidden nature itself energy? The well-known yoga master Swami Muktananda quite accurately said this:

“Kundalini creates the universe from its own being, and it is she herself who becomes this universe. It becomes all the elements of the universe and enters into all the various forms that we see around ... This is the highest energy that moves and animates all creatures, from the elephant to the tiny ant. She enters into every and every creature and the things that she creates, but she never loses her self-identity or her unsullied purity. ”

This definition is worth paying attention to. After all, the mystic Muktananda fully mastered his kundalini energy, becoming a famous completed Kundalini Yogi in India.

kundalini meditation

It is important to note that the very concept of kundalini yoga, which is often mentioned by the media, etc., in fact, has two meanings. On the one hand, it means the process of awakening relict energy in a person, and on the other hand, a system of exercises that prepare the chakras for this action (in this case, initiation may not occur for the time being).

Kundalini Buddhism

Kundalini energy is one of the cornerstones of yoga tantra, a meditative practice that develops the personality virtues. Without her awakening, real spiritual progress is in principle impossible. Buddhist sutras reveal this mechanism. The first of them says: "Kundalini sa mulibhuta rinatmika." Translated, this means that kundalini is the power of fundamental negativity.

Let us explain what was said. From the point of view of yoga, the human body is limited to two centers. The first is the most crude source of energy, which is negative, that is, the primary element of any evolution. This is the muladhara chakra. There is also a center that is fundamentally positive, representing an area of ​​spirituality and a pure, impeccable mind (sahasrara chakra) that is close to absolute. Between them is the whole rest of the world, reduced to the totality of the other five chakras. Moreover, the lower the chakra, the more energy is manifested in it, and the mind is less, and vice versa.

The result of Kundalini Yoga

The process of spiritual practice, achieved through the implementation of Kundalini Yoga meditation, is the transformation of fundamentally negative energy into fundamentally positive. In this case, consciousness is freed from materialistic being and rises to spiritual consciousness.

kundalini what is

What is this expressed in? A human materialist sees the world as a set of incoherent, disparate material objects. He is not allowed to see causal relationships, he is not able to feel the unity of everything, his knowledge is limited. The essence of being is closed to him. In fact, he was mired in ignorance, unfortunately, without feeling this. Adept of Kundalini Yoga (KY), in contrast to it, evolving, acquires an all-encompassing wholeness of perception.

Kundalini implementation

Consider how KY works based on the theory of white tantra. When the kundalini rises to the svadhisthana-chakra, the adept has a state of salokiya-samadhi. He with all his soul clearly and sincerely realizes and senses the presence of the Higher Consciousness (salokia means tangibility). Peace encompasses man.

The process continues, because Kundalini Yoga is further implemented. The chakras on the path of the "snake", like flowers, open. Here it is at the level of the Manipura Chakra. Adept covers the state of sampya. A person feels that his soul is of the same nature with God, he realizes him closer than his blood relatives, realizes his main value in life and wealth, the closest being in the world. This is the unique feeling expressed by the visionary Apostle Thomas to Jesus: “You are the Lord and my God.”

At the Anahata Chakra level, the practitioner is experiencing unprecedented happiness. With each of his cells, he inextricably feels the closeness of the Higher Consciousness. He feels himself to be a spiritual being. In the field of vishudhi, the yogi enters the state of sarupya. The universe in the minds of the adept gains oneness with himself, becomes absolutely knowable and aware. The yogi is aware of the beauty and subtlety of the great purpose of the Creator.

At the level of the ajna chakra, mental, mental fusion takes place. A person is aware not only of intimacy, but the absolute identity of his soul with God.

“What next?” You ask. After all, in the way of the snake there is only one chakra, the upper one, sahrasrara. His further path - from Ajna to Sahrasrara - yoga called the royal. Why is that? The fact is that in this segment the very nature of the “snake” changes, it acquires the quality of niralambha, which means “unsupported”. At the same time, a person is reborn into a creature of another nature, his personal "I" is dissolved in the Higher Consciousness. After all, he, who had sought to understand God earlier, had already accomplished this. His thirst for meeting with the Creator, which had previously forced the “snake” to move up the sushumna, was satisfied. He no longer affects her.

Niralambha achieves sahrasrara in only one way: by responding to the call of the Almighty. At this stage, it all depends on him. The yogi enters the state of kaivalya and gains the Highest Consciousness. For comparison, in Orthodoxy, angels are endowed with such a property. It is said of them: "They always see the face of God."

History of Kundalini Yoga

Among the various types of yoga, there is an ancient specialized system that awakens the hidden internal energy of a person. The inherent energy principle given by nature is in a sleeping state in the first chakra (muladhara), located in the region of the fourth vertebra.

By default, without special efforts, we cannot use our own potential, fully enjoy our vitality. About 8 thousand years ago, ancient monks discovered a special technology, a tool to do this. For centuries, this system was a mystery and was transmitted only from the Master to the Disciple.

KY American School

This paradigm shift occurred in 1969, when the completed Kundalini Yogi Bhajan received the blessing of teacher training in California. The western school of succession, which practiced kundalini yoga, arose. Fiennes Maya, an American instructor of Macedonian descent, is one of the well-known modern popularizers of this system. She created an online version consisting of 14 basic and 5 additional classes. Let's talk about the basics. Seven of them are devoted to working with the main chakras, seven - to the mantrams of Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga Chakras

In addition to the lessons, there is a manual for individual lesson planning, which was developed by Maya Fiennes. Kundalini awakens with a systemic effect on the chakras. Beginners are recommended a training course designed for 40 days. In the future, the adherent can choose a 90-, 120- or 1000-day cycle. At the same time, you should do it daily. Skipping even one lesson violates the course, and in this case it should be started anew. Each lesson consists of three parts: warm-up, kriya (a set of special yoga exercises) and Kundalini Yoga meditation (MKY).

The Fiennes system is quite democratic. Regarding kriya, a creative approach is practiced: Maya Fiennes allows advanced students to independently add their exercises to the complex. After all, the classical KY fundamentally practices simplified, repeatedly repeated yoga exercises that moderately affect the chakras. Naturally, an advanced adept will not stop there, adding (for his own pleasure) padmasana, mayurasana, kursasana, etc.

It is also allowed to supplement KY Hatha Yoga.


A worthy place in the classes is the meditation of Kundalini Yoga (static and dynamic exercises accompanied by a mantra). This is a repeated repetition of dynamic movements, accompanied by specific music, which together brings the adept into a meditative state. The study of this aspect of KY is pleasantly surprising: hundreds of professional meditations created by the followers of the founder of the American branch are available to students.

kundalini energy

The instructor carefully selected practiced kundalini mantras. As you noticed, there are only 7 of them (according to the number of chakras). The following principle was observed: working with the first chakra, muladhara, we use only the mantra "Sat Nam"; working with the fourth chakra, anahata, the student can use the mantras 1, 2, 3, 4. The mantras are selected very powerful, they are pronounced in Sanskrit:

  1. Sat us.
  2. Har - Hari.
  3. Ong s Hang.
  4. Sat kar tar.
  5. Sa ta na ma.
  6. Ra ma da sa.
  7. Wahu Guru, Wahu Guru, Wahu Guru, Wahu Jio.

Before the start of each lesson, the mantra “Ong namo guru dev namo” is traditionally pronounced. The purpose of reading it is to adjust the divine principle present in every person to the perception of the idea of ​​occupation.

KY in the Russian version

The above is an economical version of KY classes. What is easier: download lessons and train. However, as practice shows, a face-to-face lesson in groups led by instructors gives a greater effect. One of these trainers is a successfully practicing KY for 18 years and having many realized students, Russian Alexei Merkulov. Kundalini seminars, as well as classes within the SomaDoma online yoga school, organized by him, have positive reviews. Seminars are organized in Russian capitals, in places of unique Russian nature, as well as in the "heart of yoga", India.

Kundalini Yoga Fiennes

Other KY instructors are also working on this project. However, classes are paid. The price of a monthly subscription "SomaDoma" - 1080 rubles., Annual - 10 800 rubles.

Reiki and Kundalini

As you know, Reiki is a direction in alternative medicine, in which the healer heals the patient using the energy of the Universe. Kundalini reiki is different from the classic reiki: the healer receives energy not from the Universe, but from the inside. He realizes in healing “his” energy, given to him by nature, but for the time being untapped.

The principle of kundalini initiation is conceived quite subtly: only a perfect person, that is, who has healthy chakras, can take advantage of this bonus. What is happening in this case with the energy of an adherent of the kundalini reiki?

Firstly, the “snake” cleans the sushumna channel from blockages, secondly, the power of the anahata chakra increases and, thirdly, the energy flow brought to the palms of the person increases significantly . And they, as you know, play in Reiki the role of antennas that transmit healing.

Kundalini Mantras

The peculiarity of awakening kundalini in this system is that the realized healer himself can awaken the kundalini to another person. Is it worth taking such a step? Many believe that danger is hidden here. Regarding imperfect personalities, the appropriateness of such an action is quite controversial. The practice of kundalini for beginners, not ready for its implementation, is fraught with problems for health and the psyche.

The risks of an untrained adept

For example, consider the situation with only one chakra. Imagine that the snake was forced to rise. Suppose that it reaches the level of svadhisthana-chakra. But she is not developed and not ready to accept it. Kundalini, passing the second chakra, damages it. A person begins to manically attract everything related to sex, with perversions, etc.

kundalini for beginners

In any case, classical yoga recommends working out the chakras under the guidance of an experienced guru. Indeed, in the process of such work, karmic sins of previous years, Samskaras, are often manifested. And they should be adequately met and properly worked out. The role of the Teacher is very important.

There is a rule in KJ: problems arising as a result of samskara should not exceed the disciple's safety margin. The guru is vigilantly watching this. For these reasons, the forced rise of kundalini is sometimes preferable to gradual.

Kundalini literature

As you know, the experience of mastering this secret energy is generalized by Buddhist monks. Today, a number of non-academic translated English sources by the authors of Goli Krishna's “Kundalini”, Bonnie Greenwell's “Transformation Energy”, Robert Liberty “Agora II. Kundalini Energy ”, Lee Sanella“ Kundalini. Classic and clinical approaches. ” Among Russian-speaking sources, Oleg Telemsky’s book, The History of a Analysis, can be recommended.

We recommend that you turn to the above books of theoreticians to all those who are interested in the subject of kundalini. What is the path or method of awakening the kundalini? These are primarily focused, pre-planned classes with instructors.

Conclusion Safe Kundalini Rise

Let us turn to the opinion of the most respected teachers. Buddhist monks claim that the coveted and safe rise of kundalini is provided by the Most High. It happens by itself when all the adept’s chakras are ready for when the sushumna channel is not clogged. At the same time, the kundalini meditation prevents the snake from falling asleep, and the Apprentice’s thirst to know the Higher Consciousness makes her crawl up.

In other words, the adept himself should only patiently and consistently work through the chakras. Yes, it will take more time, but a safe kundalini must wake up by itself! Connoisseurs deny the expediency of the act, when the snake is forcibly woken up and forced to rise with the help of forced pranayamas or enhanced practice of hatha yoga.

maya fiennes kundalini

Buddhists claim that in this case there is a temporary karmic gap in sushumna. The snake will take advantage of it, which may allow the inconsistent adept to achieve samadhi. However, he will pay for it: the karmic gap in Sushumna will inevitably “lock up”. As a result, an impatient yogi is forced to work out significantly increased negative aspects (Sanskaras), casting himself away years ago. Moreover, he takes on excessive suffering.

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